Minnie Driver Is Engaged! Get To Know Her New Fiancé Addison O'Dea

Congratulations, Minnie!

Who Is Addison O'Dea? New Details On Minnie Driver's Fiancé Instagram

Minnie Driver is someone whose love life left much to be desired. Sure, she was once linked to some of the most beautiful men in Hollywood — including actor Matt Damon — but she, unfortunately, suffered a string of broken relationships, including a broken engagement to actor Josh Brolin. 

But now, all these years later, she's finally on the right path, and she showed up at the Emmys with a man who seems nothing if not smitten with her. 


So who is Addison O'Dea? Let's meet Minnie Driver's fiancé:

Let's look at what we know about this gorgeous man. 

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1. We first became aware of him at the Emmys this year. 

According to People Magazine, amidst a sea of messy fashions and Los Angeles weather realness, Minnie Driver emerged at the Emmys with something even more valuable than a golden statue: a sweet piece of bling on her finger! That's when we became all aware of Addison O'Dea.


2. Addison O'Dea squired Minnie Driver to several Emmys after-parties. 

Speechless actress Minnie Driver confirmed she’s engaged to the filmmaker last night at the Amazon Emmy awards afterparty at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. The lovebirds revealed the exciting news in style. All eyes were on Minnie rocking a one-shoulder leather mini dress and sparkly diamond ring on her wedding finger while her beau looked dapper in a black tux and bowtie," reported Access Hollywood.

3. He's been seeing Minnie Driver for a while.

According to JustJared, Addison O'Dea has been seeing Minnie Driver for a while. Back in February, he escorted her to several Oscar parties, where famous folks like Margot Robie were in attendance. So, this isn't a yesterday and today thing!


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4. Addison O'Dea describes himself as an "anthropology junkie."

According to his official website, Addison O'Dea describes himself as "an adventurer and anthropology junkie who has been to the furthest reaches of human civilization. His passion for all things human and uncovering unknown or forgotten truths means he is at home at the epicenter of the world’s least known corners and most dangerous places. Addison has spent a lifetime forging bonds across the globe allowing him access to treasures, tribes, and rituals rarely, if ever, seen."

5. She was previously linked to Harrison Ford. 

According to MSN, in addition to her failed relationship with Matt Damon, Minnie Driver was once linked to Harrison Ford. She also suffered a broken engagement from Josh Brolin, and has an 11-year-old son from a fling with a Hollywood writer. 

6. Addison O'Dea and Minnie Driver recently made it Instagram official.

"The actress stepped out at a 2019 Emmy Awards after-party with her new boyfriend, filmmaker Addison O’Dea. Driver posted a photo from the party, held at the Chateau Marmont, on her Instagram page, along with a shout-out to Trace Lysette’s “incredible derrière,” which is spotted in a reflection in the pic," reported Entertainment Tonight. 


Congratulations are in order for the happy couple!

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