25 Coziest Gifts For Homebodies Who Love Staying In

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 25 Best, Most Cozy Gifts For Homebodies

Staying in is the new going out. And if you're a homebody like me, staying in is an art in and of itself. Lucky for you, we've compiled a few must-have items for creating the comfiest-coziest ambience possible so that you can truly embody the full homebody spirit. From candles to slippers to zip-up onesies to wine, the following is a list of items to gift that person in your life who's truly content with a blanket, Netflix, and a bowl of popcorn. (Raises hand.)

In fact, all of the following gifts can be purchased online and shipped directly to your home. Because why leave the house?

1. Reindeer Onesie

Who doesn't look good in black? This black and red fair isle reindeer onesie from Tipsy Elves is perfect for lounging around the house, staying comfortable and cool at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party or opening presents on Christmas morning. Also: You're never too old for a onesie — ever.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

2. Bubble Bath

Baths are such a comfy, cozy luxury,  especially in cold months. This one from Lucy's Market smells like a dream — also: is this not the prettiest bubble bath you've ever seen? A decadent addition to any steamy bath. Pair with a glass of wine and good book.

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3. PJ Set

Stay in your Pjs all day, why not? These Lucky Brand classic flannel pajama panst paired with 3/4 sleeve henley-style top? Comfy + comfy = COMFY. Basic math.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

4. Sheet Masks

A solid sheetmask is key to comfort. Plus: you can put one while watching TV. (Productivity!) Try these ones from Rael. The pineapple extract hydrates and moisturizes your skin and the orange extracts brighten by fighting free radicals and helping to tighten pore. Put one on while you're indulging in a bath (see #2) for a squeaky-clean face.

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5. Comfy Pants

Whether you're lounging on the couch or relaxing by the fire, these Icebreaker women's crush pants are the ultimate in down-time comfort. Made with an incredibly soft Merino wool terry fabric with a touch of lycra for stretch, the crush pants are cozy, defined.

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6. Hot Cocoa

Tis the season for hot cocoa! Don't wait until Christmas; this stuff is yummy and cozy all year round.

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7. Coffee Mug

A perfect accompanient to the hot cocoa, these Haand mugs were modeled after a beloved tin camping mug and done in cloudware finish — meant to mimic the blue cloud streaked sky of a North Carolina afternoon. Every piece captures a unique moment frozen in time — and no two mugs are ever alike. A truly unique gift idea.

(Haand, $31)

8. Slippers

Indoor slippers are a must for homebodies. These MeMoi classic slide style mules get a luxurious update with a wide, faux-fur band and open toe look. The chicest slippers around.

(Me Moi, $48)

9. Moroccan Rose Candle

Scent has so much to do with creating a cozy ambience and cheap candlles often don't melt properly and leave a dark residue after burning. Not this one from Linnea's Lights. Each of their candles are handcrafted in small batches to maximize scent/wax concentration to ensure the ultimate in cold and hot fragrance throw — plus the scent is divine.

(Linnea's Lights, $34)

10. Candle Tray

Candle trays are so in! I have one on my ottoman, filled with yummy-smelling candles (see above)  both as a decorative piece and for ambience. You'll get tons of compliments from guests — just don't light all your candles at once. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

11. Comfy socks

Keep your feet warm, comfortable, and stylish. Cozy socks are a must — and this pair from Tavi Noir is perfect for wearing around the house.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

12. Blanket

This ultra-soft Barefoot Dreams throw is a fusion of comfort and style, so much you’ll never want to get out of your bed. Made from high-quality fabric, it won’t shrink, pill, or wrinkle ever after many wash. Turn your bedroom (or couch) (or wherever you lounge) into a cozy paradise.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. Sheepskin Slippers

Take your self-care seriously with this slipper. As soft as they are versatile, the UGG coquette slipper features soft sheepskin and a lightweight sole that travels both indoors and out with ease. It's like walking in a cloud.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. Popcorn Bowl

Cozy movie nights call for popcorn — duh. We love this one from Kate Spade. This stoneware bowl is designed to look like an old-fashioned movie ticket.

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15. Canned Wine

Know what also goes with movie night? Rosé! (Pairs great with popcorn...) And one of the best inventions to come out of 2019 is ... rosé in can! This one from Nomikai is a lightly sparkling California wine gushing with cherries and crisp grapefruit flavors.

(Nomikai, prices vary)

16. Maxi Dress

This buttery soft stretchy cotton blend fabric maxi dress from June & January is the ultimate level of comfort, while still being stylish. Plus, you probs don't have to wear a bra so win/win.

(June & January, $33)

18. Lambswool Slippers

The bestselling women's L.L. Bean wicked good slippers are lined with genuine Australian lambswool, known for its ability to wick moisture and provide exceptional warmth and comfort.

(L.L. Bean, $89)

18. Hoody & Jogger Set

These ultra-soft joggers are perfect for anyone who loves to Netflix and chill, curl up with a good book, and basically just hang at home. Crafted from the softest brushed knits, this set from B Collection by Bobeau were made for staying in.

(Bloomingdale's, $46 for hoodie; $58 for pants)

19. Probiotic Mask

This mask is perfect for the bath and trust us: you'll seriously be tempted to eat it while applying because it smells soooo yummy. The Elina Organics mask contains probiotics, a synergetic blend of friendly bacteria which is proven to help restore your skin’s natural balance. Plus, it'll deeply hydrate, brighten, and firm your skin giving you an instant glow. 

(Elina Organics, $55)

20. Comforter

Half the fun of being a homebody is (occasionally) never leaving your bed — which is why this organic bamboo quilt from Ettitude is a must. The all-natural comforter is covered with a silky smooth superfine bamboo fabric, making it perfect for you to cozy up to for a better night's sleep.

(Ettitude, $180)

21. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are bae. We repeat: Yoga pants are bae. Even if you don't have a bae. Try these from Sriachas.

(Sriachas, $70)

22. Soft T-shirt

This vintage T-shirt from California Retrowear achieves its authentic look and feel through special dye and mineral wash processes, which create unique and natural variances in texture, distress, and shade. Order a size up for a loose feel and pair with #5.

(California Retrowear, $24.95)

23. A relaxing scent

Dab a bit of these gem juice rollerballs to your wrist to find your zen. Each mini-elixir is supercharged for specific intentions and contains tumbled crystal chips for extra-calming purposes.

(Love by Luna$24)

24. Bath Pillow

If you're like me, you love to read in the bath (Get thee a waterproof Kindle!) but the porcelain isn't exactly comfortable for your head. Enter: bath pillow. It sticks to your bathttub and makes it so much comfier to rest your head  while you read, relax, meditate, whatever. It's also washable.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

25. Cat Bed

Oh, you thought you're the only one who deserves to be comfy? Wrong! Spoil your kitty (who's also a homebody, like you, duh) with this heated cat bad. Just plug in ... and watch your cat never leave their little bed again — except to eat wet food, of course.

(Chewy, $48.99)

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