The 10 Best Electric Kettles Of 2020

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The 10 Best Electric Kettles

I’m not going to lie: I get grouchy without my green tea. I drink a lot of it, especially of the sweet powdered variety. It’s great hot and cold, but really, nothing beats the wonderful warmth of a hot cup of green tea.

The problem with getting hot tea is that it’s a bit time consuming, at least if you’re traditional about it. Boiling an iron kettle on a stovetop is a time suck, so I prefer going the electric kettle route. 

The best electric kettle can make tea prep a breeze, which is why I got so particular about them when I started shopping for my next one. These picks, for example, really stand out in a crowd. 

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1. Portable Hot Water Kettle by Amazon Basics

Let’s face it. If we all were wealthy and capable of splurging, a $300 kettle wouldn’t be too insane. But we do have budgets to consider and other bills to pay. That’s why it’s good to consider getting a basic, yet well-made kettle that sticks to your budget. 

Amazon Basics makes a great kettle that gets the job done for under $20. You’ll love its stainless steel finish, 1500 watts of heating power, and surprisingly speedy results. Though it’s not too fancy, it definitely will work for your basic heating needs. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

2. PerfecTemp by CuisinArt

CuisinArt is a favorite among home chefs who want to have functionality and price, all wrapped up into one neat little bundle. Their electric kettles are no exception, especially the 1.7-liter PerfecTemp Electric Kettle. 

Along with a pretty stainless steel build, this kettle comes with six different tea settings you can choose from. A 30-minute warming time and a two-minute memory mean you won’t have to worry about forgetting your kettle as it gets cold ever again.

(Walmart, $99.95)

3. Fast Boil 7-Cup Kettle by Odette

This electric kettle was literally made for the office, but it works just as well at home. The reason you will love it is because it’s all about heating things up at a high speed. A rapid heater of 1500 watts will make your water boil instantly, all while keeping hands cool with its insulated handle. 

Worried about having a kettle boil dry? It won’t happen with this one. This has a sensor that shuts off the kettle as warning signs of overheating or overboiling happen. 

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4. 2019 Model Water Heater by Mueller

Austrian engineering is always efficient and impressive, but Mueller really outdid design expectations with this electric kettle. This seemingly normal kettle comes with SpeedBoil tech, an LED backlight, temperature sensing, and a safety shut-off in the event of a dry boil. 

Electric kettles have never been as foolproof as this one. You will be thankful for its incredible design as soon as you try it, and will love its BPA-free safety features. 

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5. Cool Touch Kettle by Miroco

Miroco is another up and coming kitchenware brand, and they are known for their ultra-modern design aesthetic. The futuristic look of this electric kettle isn’t just for show. It has a double walled interior that keeps your hands cool while heating up your water perfectly. 

The BPA-free interior is capable of heating up a total of 1.5 liters of water in as little as six minutes. It also comes with temperature sensing technology complete with an automatic shut-off function to help you keep your kettle safe and energy use low. 

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6. 1.25 Liter Electric Kettle by KitchenAid

Sometimes, you don’t want an electric kettle that looks like a pitcher. Sometimes, you just want a kettle that has that classic aesthetic of a charming, old school, British kettle. That’s what makes this number from KitchenAid so delightful. 

This isn’t an overly techy model. Rather, it’s about keeping things easy to maneuver. Its brushed stainless steel body, simple on/off switch, and quick heating functions are proof that the simple things are often the best ones out there. 

(Walmart, $79.99)

7. 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle by Bella

Aesthetes who want a rustic touch to their techy kitchen equipment are going to love this model. Bella’s electric kettle offers fast heating, an automatic shutoff switch, and a swivel base that makes serving easy as pie. 

When you pair that with its stylish copper exterior, it’s easy to see why this ends up on so many wedding registries. It’s just so pretty, isn’t it?

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

8. EKG Temperature Variable Kettle from Stagg

At first glance, this doesn’t even look like an electric kettle. Don’t be fooled! It is one, and it’s one of the most unique on this list. This kettle works well for both coffee and water, and even comes with temperature sensing tech for both. 

If you are a “waiter,” don’t pass this kettle up. The kettle will hold whatever temperature you want for up to 60 minutes, and even senses to see when your liquid needs to have its heating pattern adjusted.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

9. Retro Electric Kettle by Russell Hobbs

Who doesn’t like a little bit of retro flair in the kitchen? This cute number by Russell Hobbs harkens back to the 50s with its uniquely adorable splash of color and functional readable meter on the front. 

Though the look is retro, the tech inside is not. It comes with a water temperature gauge, quick boil indicator, and a drip-free pour. In other words, it’s the perfect gift for the person you know that loves a little functional kitchen kitsch!

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

10. Electric Tea Kettle by Secura

This pretty pink thing isn’t just a looker, but a serious heater too. Capable of holding 1.2 liters and heating up water within a matter of minutes, Secura’s BPA-free offering will be an ideal way to cozy up to tea, oatmeal, or soups faster than ever before. 

This tea kettle is also super-safe, thanks to its auto shutoff features, its sturdy handle, and the cool touch technology we all know and love. You’ll be hard pressed to find a prettier number for your kitchen. 

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