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25 Funny Quotes About Womanhood Everyone Who's Ever Had A Period Can Relate To

25 Funny Quotes About Periods Every Woman Can Relate To

It is no secret that women are powerful beings.

We carry a whole person in our bodies for nine months, endure extremely painful menstrual cramps, deal with lumps swinging from our chest as we try to run down the stairs and undergo harassment from men way too often.

Women are not to be messed with – We are way too strong to deal with any negativity. When the world throws curve balls at us, we stick together and laugh through the hard times.

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I think I can speak for all the ladies out there when I say we deal with a lot of crap. Sometimes, the best way to brush off the burdens placed upon us is to make jokes about them. Yeah, we bleed and constantly worry about getting pregnant and have to take annoying birth control pills. Yeah, we also have to deal with not being portrayed fairly in the media sometimes. Yeah, we have to deal with stupid standards society places on us daily. But, we have the power to laugh at the negatives and turn them into light hearted positives.

Am I right ladies?

Here are 25 quotes about all the struggles women face. Some good, some bad – women have really been through it and we deserve all the credit!

1. Hi , maybe be nice to me ... please?

"Dear , I clean you, I give you hair cuts, I let you wear lace, I give you daily massages ... and you return the favors by bleeding for 5 days. Screw you." – Unknown

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2. When you aren't a part of the itty bitty committee

"I'd jump up and down for joy, but my are just way too big for that nonsense." – Unknown

3. If only getting our period was the equivalent to a Soul Cycle class

"Maybe if period pain burned calories it'd be worth it." – Unknown

4. Dessert would easily become my favorite meal of the day

"I wish cake went straight to my ." – Unknown

5. Shout out to all the Moms ... We appreciate and love you

"Just when I think I cannot handle anymore, I remember that I had a kid via natural childbirth, thus I am a certifiable unstoppable badass." – Unknown

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6. Hath have no fury like a woman scorned

"The most dangerous animal in the world is a silent smiling woman." – Unknown

7. We really can't be trusted with hair ties or bobby pins

"Life status: Currently holding it all together with one bobby pin." – Unknown

8. When he thinks you're crazy but you know you're totally not crazy

"*Is single* Still clicks on every article titled," Is he cheating on you." – Unknown

9. No challenge is too tough for a woman

"A strong woman looks at a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink." – Gina Carey

10. How did Blair Waldorf keep it together so well?

"Being a sleepy girl with a busy life is hard." – Unknown

11. Accepting applications for other girl bosses only

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back." – Unknown

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12. When night turns into a night you can't remember

"Life is not a fairy tale. If you lose your shoes at midnight, you're drunk." – Unknown

13. When he breaks your friends heart and instantly transport yourself into an episode of NCIS

"A jealous woman does better research than the FBI." – Unknown

14. And there is a wage gap because ...?

"Of course women don't work as hard as men ... They get it right the first time." – Unknown

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15. Shouldn't we all follow our hearts?

"I followed my heart and it led me to the fridge." – Unknown

16. Whoever invented the concept of dieting ... we just want to talk

"My heart says chocolate and wine but my jeans say, for the love of God woman, eat a salad." – Unknown

17. The ultimate betrayal

"When you miss a spot shaving and you just sit there and wonder why bad things happen to good people." – Unknown

18. Every woman has that one designated chair in their room

"Clothes too dirty for the closet, but too clean for the laundry. Welcome to : The Chair." – Unknown

19. It is officially legging and sweatpant season, ladies

"The only reason I am shaving my legs today is because the hairs are poking through my leggings." – Unknown

20. Oh, the irony

"Jokes about menstrual cycles are not funny. Period." – Unknown

21. Ain't that the truth

"Periods are ridiculous. I shouldn't be punished for not being pregnant." – Unknown

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22. That awkward moment when you go to the gyno for the first time

"Why do you bother hiding your underwear at the gyno's office? She's gonna be looking right up your hoo-hah. She can handle seeing your

23. Yes, pads and tampons should be free!

"When you're on your period but don't want to spend money on a box of Tampax so you consider just bleeding through your pants. Relatable." – Unknown

24. With or without makeup, women slay

"When guys say, "you look good without makeup on", Like I know!? My look great without a shirt on but I'm still wearing one. Xoxo." Unknown

25. The best compliment

"I can see your bra ... thanks it was expensive!" – Unknown

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