12 Things We Reallllllly Wish Guys Knew About Our Periods

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12 Things We Really Wish Guys Knew About Our Periods

Guys, we get it. We understand, so very well, that you do not like discussing a woman's time of the month. It is gross. It is, in fact, pretty weird if you think about it. However, it shouldn't be as misunderstood and as scary as you make it out to be.

You're really, really uneducated about what's going on there and it's time to fix that. On behalf of all women, we really wish you knew these twelve things about our periods.

1. It isn't the cause of all of our emotions.


Please, please stop accusing us of being "on the rag" every time we get angry or upset with you. Though PMS is definitely possible, it's not usually the reason we're angry. Stop. Downplaying. Our. Legit. Concerns. Is it really that hard for you guys to think that we could actually be angry at you for being douchey?

2. It really wouldn't kill you to have sex while we're menstruating.

Period blood isn't cyanide. It may require a little cleanup, but you know what? That's fine. Think of it as extra, tinted lubrication. Really, we are OK with this!

3. I'm just saying, we typically get hornier during this time.

You may as well take advantage of the fact. We won't judge. Please?

4. With some women, periods can seriously hurt.

Back when I had mine on a semi-regular basis, I would occasionally bleed to the point that I would faint, be unable to walk, or even pass out. My friend has endometriosis, and that often means that she's bedridden with crippling pain. If we're saying that we have serious cramps or are in pain, believe us ... and pass us a mug with hot tea.

5. Stop being afraid of picking up tampons for us.


Don't worry, we'll tell you what kind.

6. Some of us also do crave chocolate when we have our periods.

That being said, keeping chocolate on hand may actually help you score brownie points with us. (Pun intended.)

7. Yes, we can still get pregnant on our period.

Please stop telling us that we can't. Science and actual real-life examples have proven otherwise. We still want you to wear the condom, and you will need to be OK with that.

8. Even though it isn't the cause of all our emotions, PMS is totally real.


As a result, we might be weepy or bitchy during and slightly before Aunt Flo's visit. It can make us a bit crazy, but it's usually nothing a sad movie or an hour alone with a punching bag can't cure. Also, it's worth noting that not all women get PMS, so if your girl is perennially mellow, you both lucked out.

9. We often feel like we're fat whales during this time of the month.

We're bloated. We're lazy. We're having temperature issues. Please tell us we're pretty during this time. It helps, and we'll love you for it.

10. Tampons are pricey.

They cost about the same as a burrito from Chipotle. Throwaway menstrual cups are about the price of a bottle of wine. Organic menstrual products? Well, you better be ready to cough up as much as $20 for that privilege. I don't think most guys realize that a girl who has a period has expenses they don't ever have to worry about.

11. No, it doesn't feel like peeing blood nor does it come out of our pee holes.

I can't believe I actually have to say that...

12. It is as much of a struggle as it sounds like.


Be thankful you're a boy, if only for this reason.