NBA All-Star Kawhi Leonard's Sister Charged With Murder Of 84-Year-Old Woman

Kimesha Monae Williams is now facing serious jail time.

Who Is Kimesha Monae Williams? New Details On LA Laker Kawhi Leonard's Sister Who's Charged With Murder Instagram

Recently, the sister of NBA all-star Kawhi Leonard has been arrested for the murder of 84-year-old, Alaf Anis Assad. Leonard’s sister, Kimesha Monae Williams, allegedly attacked and robbed Assad, who was subsequently hospitalized and later died of her injuries on September 4th. Assad’s family and friends are mourning the sudden tragedy, while Williams awaits her fate at the hands of the court. Though their sibling relationship has been confirmed by family, it’s believed that Leonard had no involvement in the crime.


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So, who’s Kimesha Monae Williams, you ask? Keep reading to learn all the details. 

1. Kimesha Monae Williams did not act alone.

Her alleged accomplice, Candace Tai Townsel, is also facing charges, and rightfully so. The duo has been charged with murder, robbery, elder abuse and a special circumstance of committing a robbery during a murder. For these charges, they could potentially be facing life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty — that has yet to be decided.


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2. They were about to leave the casino, but then spotted Assad’s purse.

As Williams and Townsel were making a swift exit, they noticed Assad’s pink purse, which contained around $1,000. Assad and her husband had planned on spending the day at the casino, while their daughter, Mary, would visit Julian in San Diego County with her family. Mary Assad had dropped the couple off at the casino early in the morning.

3. Authorities say the duo then attacked Assad in the casino bathroom.

Video surveillance identified that Williams and Townsel trailed behind Assad, who was en route to the casino bathroom at 7:28 a.m. From there, Townsel entered to make her move, with Williams eventually following suit. Townsel then briefly left the restroom, only to be met by a custodian whose presence prompted their quick exit. By the time the women had left, the custodian immediately found the badly injured Assad, who was transported to a nearby hospital.

4. When it comes to robbery and crime, this certainly isn’t their first rodeo.

It's no surprise that the pair have had their run-ins with the law in the past. Williams has been charged with petty theft, grand theft, misappropriating lost property, grand theft auto, and attempted robbery, while Townsel has a prior petty theft conviction.


5. Investigators have asked the judge to hold Williams without bail

Authorities have requested that Williams be held without bail, citing that her family is wealthy enough to make bail, and she is a flight risk. Currently, both women remain in police custody and will be arraigned on September 19th. 

6. What’s next for Williams?

Williams faces a slew of charges and based on her violent history, things aren’t looking too bright for her. We’ll have to see what happens at the initial court proceeding, and how Williams and her legal counsel weigh the potential outcome.

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