Son Of Former NFL Player Barry Bennett Extradited From Mexico To Face Charges Of Murdering His Parents

He was the son of former NFL player, Barry Bennett.

Who Is Dylan Bennett? New Details On Man Accused Of Killing Parents Todd County Minnesota Sheriff's Office

While scrolling through the social media abyss on your morning commute, I bet you've seen a headline on Dylan Bennett — the 22-year-old murder suspect arrested in connection to the death of his parents. His father was an ex-NFL defense lineman for the New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, and New Orleans Saints. If you've been following this case for the past week, or are new, you probably don't know much about him. So, the collective question, at this point, we're all asking is, who is Dylan Bennett?


Here's all the information we have on him so far.

1. Dylan Bennett, the son of football legend, Barry Bennett.

Dylan Bennett grew up under the roof of the now slain Carol Bennett and Barry Bennett, in Long Prairie, Minnesota. His 63-year-old parents were found on August 21st with gunshot wounds. The medical examiner concluded the gunshot wounds were the result of a homicide. According to probable cause statement cited in People, Barry was found near the entrance of home, while Carol was in the kitchen. Their bodies were discovered after a family friend, who had not heard from the pair since August 20th, went to check on them, only to be greeted by the grisly scene.  


2. Where Dylan Bennett was found.

Dylan Bennett was found at a hotel in Cancun, Mexico, where he was taken into police custody. Bennett left a paper trail of cell phone, credit card and ATM activity, which was used by Minnesota investigators to track his location. Bennett has since been repatriated and booked into Todd County Jail.

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3. The motive.

As of now, we don't know much about the motive; however, Bennett has a history of mental illness and previously expressed homicidal thoughts while in a treatment facility. Barry Bennett informed the sheriff's office late last year while Bennett was still there. We'll know more for sure as the case progresses.

4. What Dylan Bennett is facing.

According to a complaint warrant, Bennett will be arraigned and is facing two counts of second-degree murder without premeditation, meaning he intended to proceed in the moment, but up until that moment, had zero plans of doing so. By Minnesota law, Bennett may spend 10-30 years in prison, or life (minimum 30 years).


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5. Has Dylan Bennett been previously convicted?

No, authorities do not believe Dylan Bennett has previous felony convictions. Could this affect Bennett's sentence? Possibly. 

6. The aftermath of Dylan Bennett's actions.

Family, friends and the community are reeling over the magnitude of this loss. There have been multiple statements issued, which commiserate and mourn their legacy. A physical education teacher at Long Prairie High School, Barry Bennett was described as kind and caring by staff and students alike. Like her husband, Carol was also very active in the community, contributing in any way possible. Ultimately, this is a tragedy with no justice nor favorable outcome, because at the end of the day, a family has been forever ruined by the most heinous offense. 

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