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'Pink Lady Bandit' Circe Baez And Accomplice Arrested After Four Bank Robberies In Three States

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'Pink Lady Bandit' Circe Baez And Accomplice Arrested After Four Bank Robberies In Three States

When you think about bank robberies your mind probably goes straight to Bonnie and Clyde, or maybe to some big heist movie you saw back in the day. Wherever your mind may take you, guarantee you one thing: you think of robbing banks as being a very much old-fashioned type of crime. Friends, it turns out that is not the case, at least, not in certain parts of the country! A woman known as the Pink Lady Bandit and her accomplice went on a veritable bank robbing spree, stealig money in three different states. She's been caught by the FBI, and here's what we know. Who is Circe Baez?

1. The Arrest Of A Bank Robber 

On July 28th 35-year-old Circe Baez was arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina according to several reports. The FBI announced on July 29th that Circe and Alexis Morales, her 38-year-old suspected accomplice were apprehended at a local Charlotte Speedway Inn & Suites. They were arrested without incident and were then transported to Pitt County (still North Carolina) where they were booked into the Pitt County Detention Center. So what did Circe and her partner in crime actually do that they had the FBI involved hunting them down? The duo is suspected of a string of bank robberies along the East Coast. 

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2. The Pink Lady Bandit 

Circe's bank robberies alone probably wouldn't have been enough to spark the national level of attention had it not been for the hilarious nickname that's been given to her: The Pink Lady Bandit. Why are they calling her this? Because at two of the four robberies in which she has been implicated she was spotted with a big, brightly hued pink purse. The tiny thief was described by witnesses at the crime scenes as standing at about 5'4" and weighing in at about 130 pounds. Concerned that her string of robberies would continue unhampered, the authorities offered a reward of $10,000 to anyone who came forward with information that led to her arrest. 

3. Held On Bond 

Currently, Circe and her supposed partner in crime are being held on $4 million bond and have been charged with just two of the robberies they are believed to have spearheaded, the two within the state of North Carolina. According to reports, Circe's method of getting money from each of the banks was something she managed to do by simply passing a note over the counter to the bank teller who was serving her. Right now, it is unclear if she or her accomplice were carrying guns when they made their moves at each bank, but multiple witnesses have come forward to say that no gun was actually used during any of the robberies. 

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4. Locations Of The Robberies 

Circe's first robbery was not in North Carolina. The authorities believe that her first heist was in Carlisle, Pennsylvania at the Orrtown Bank. She only waited three days before she struck again, this time crossing state lines once more to rob an M&T Bank in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. On July 24th she moved to North Carolina, robbing Southern Bank in Ayden and then a BB&T Bank in the neighboring town of Hamlet. Authorities have revealed that in at least three of those robberies the suspect followed the Pink Lady Bandit's typical M.O., asking for money via a handwritten note. 

5. Not A Victimless Crime 

Bank robberies may sound old fashioned, but they very much still take place and contrary to popular opinion, they aren't victimless crimes, either. Sure, major banks are insured, but you can't take out insurance on a person's mental health and having to go face to face with a bank robber who is potentially very dangerous is something these tellers will have to carry with them for a long time. Speaking of carrying stuff with you, Baez and her accomplice will face the crimes in Delaware and Pennsylvania at a future date. Obviously, those state officials aren't worried since North Carolina has her firmly in hand. 

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6. Unusual Wardrobe Choices 

When the FBI issued their "WANTED" flier regarding Circe, much was made of not just her nickname, but also what she wore  when she robbed these banks. Witnesses said she donned baseball hats, tank tops and  yoga pants. For some reason, this is surprising to me—but it really shouldn't be. Think about it, if you're trying to go under the radar, what better ensemble to wear? Tragically this outfit was not enough to keep her identity a secret forever. The shocking thing here isn't that she wore yoga pants while robbing a bank, it's that she let herself get caught

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