3 Full Moon In Pisces Rituals To Do September 14th To Get Your Love Life And Relationships On Track

History needs to stop repeating itself.

3 Full Moon In Pisces Rituals To Do This September 14th To Transcend Your Old Love Stories getty

The full moon in Pisces on September 14th falls under the most transcendental and spiritual zodiac sign in astrology. It's a sign that's more comfortable connecting with the spiritual plane than being grounded in the here and now.

And that means now is the perfect time to release the old stories and patterns that keep cropping up in your life, over and over again. Because who's got the time to date the same ol' Dave, your first boyfriend, even if he's called Larry now. Get it?


So here are three full moon rituals you can do on September 14th (and up to one week after that) to release the old love stories plaguing your life, even now.

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1. The bedtime bath ritual

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet named after the Roman God of the Sea. So this is a great ritual to kick off this Pisces full moon.


You will need a jug of warm water, essential oils of your choice, dried herbs and flowers of your choice, and a teaspoon of Himalayan salt. Please removeany ingredients that you are not comfortable using or which give you allergic reactions.

Since this full moon cycle is focused on letting go of toxic patterns from the past so a new love story can start in the space created by it, we recommend using the following essential oils for this ritual. Choose the ones that are aligned with your intentions and feel right to you. You can choose one or all. It's up to you.

  • Basil for cleansing and breaking patterns
  • Orange for energizing your spirit
  • Rose for opening your heart chakra
  • Lavender for those who desperately need a good night's sleep
  • Ylang Ylang for boosting self-love

Start by lighting some sage incense and letting the smoke whirl around you. Breathe in the smoke to cleanse yourself from the inside (but skip this step if you have lung problems). Then prepare your bath water by adding 1-2 drops of the chosen essential oils into the jug of warm water along with the salt and dried herbs. Mix well.

If you have a bathtub, add this ritual water to regular water and swirl it well before sinking in for a good half an hour. If you don't have a bathtub, fill a bucket with bathwater and add this jug of ritual water to it. Swirl the contents and take a bath with it.


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Thank the ingredients for helping you make magic once you have taken your bath. (You can discard the non-watery waste in nature later.) Then say out loud, "I will remember the dreams I have tonight and I will write them down first thing when I wake up."

Once you have finished this bedtime ritual, keep a journal and pen on your nightstand and go to sleep. And when you wake up the next day, write down what you saw in your dreams immediately, even if your scrawls are barely legible (because of the fading effects of sleep paralysis). You can even draw pictures if that's easier for you.

Then decode the message of these dreams whenever you are free. These will be potent, so do not take these messages lightly.


2. Feed ducks or fish

It's a weird ritual, to be honest. But it's a relaxing way for you to commune with nature on the day of this Pisces full moon. Plus, it gets you close to water, the natural element of Pisces.

Also, you don't have to trek all the way to a pond to do this (although that will be best). You can feed the fishes in an aquarium too.

3. Automatic writing in a journal

You can combine this ritual with the bedtime bath ritual mentioned above. Or, simply take a relaxing bath and then write in a journal for 15–20 minutes straight.


The only rules are, you must not censor yourself when you write, and don't edit or fix spellings. Just let the words flow out of you, and once you are done, reread the passages and absorb the important messages in them.

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Valeria Black is a freelance writer who reads Tarot cards in her free time.