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'Styling Hollywood' Netflix Star Jason Bolden Is #FashionGoals — Get To Know Him!

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Who Is Jason Bolden? New Details On The Co-Star Of Netflix's Hit Show 'Styling Hollywood'

Before he was a star on a hit Netflix show, he was a fashion maven, an entrepreneur, and a devoted husband. Now, he's everyone's favorite fashion guru, and he's nothing but #FashionGoals. Who is Jason Bolden, the star of Netflix's hit show Styling Hollywood?

Here's what we know about the other half of the amazing duo. 

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1. His best friend, florist Itika Oldwine, is frequently featured on Styling Hollywood

According to a press release advertising the show, Itika Oldwine is Jason Bolden's best friend, and she frequently appears on the show. "Jason and I have known each other since 2007," said Oldwine, who founded Oldvine Florals in 2017. "We share a passion for anything that looks fabulous."

2. Jason Bolden said that he felt "strange" working with women on camera. 

"The comfort zone is comfortable, but for you to grow, you have to step out of it. It is not easy as Jason realized. Being a gay man, he revealed that it was a strange feeling working with women on camera. However, after the third shoot, he became comfortable, and in the new show, he even refers to the women as the ideal example of black girl magic. Still, even with being comfortable, Jason finds working with the women challenging. He has, however, come to be so good at what he does that even his female clients praise him on Twitter," reported TV Over Mind.

3. He, like his husband Adair Curtis, is getting nothing but rave reviews for his work on Styling Hollywood.

According to Mamma Mia, Jason Bolden is getting nothing but rave reviews for his work on Styling Hollywood, which he stars in alongside his husband, Adair Curtis. In fact, the Australian magazine says that they're "obsessed" with the show!

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4. Jason Bolden said that he wants to help elevate black creatives with his presence on the show. 

"More importantly, Styling Hollywood highlights a section of the fashion industry that is often in high demand or a blatant source of inspiration (or straight up appropriated at times), and yet, as mentioned in the trailer, “we’ve never really heard about black interior decorators and celebrity stylists.” No matter what’s in store, this has the potential to satisfy the growing market of people who like to recreationally hate everything they own," reported The A.V. Club.

5. He has a who's-who of a celebrity client list. 

According to The Blast, like his husband Adair Curtis, Jason Bolden has a who's-who of a celebrity client list. His clients include Taraji P. Henson, Yara Shahidi, Zazie Beetz, Janet Mock, Storm Reid, Sabrina Carpenter, Eve and Ava DuVernay.

6. But Jason Bolden says there are some people he'd never work for. 

Jason Bolden told NewNowNext that he'd never work with Donald Trump (and who can blame him), but that he'd love to work with Ellen DeGeneres.

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