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Adult Film Star Karla Amador Was Mac Miller's Prostitute In His Final Days And Delivered Drugs To Him

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Who Is Karla Amador? New Details On Sex Worker Who Provided Services To Mac Miller In Final Days

The death of Mac Miller continues to haunt the Hip Hop community to this day. And, as more details about his death emerge, more questions are raised, and more heartache is felt. But this latest bit of news raises so many questions, and these questions demand answers. Who is Karla Amador, a/k/a Carolina Cortez? 

Let's look at what we know about this adult film star. 

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1. She delivered the tainted drugs that killed Mac Miller.

According to The Smoking Gun, Mac Miller was killed by tainted pills. The outlet reports that DEA agents believe that it was Karla Amador, a/k/a Carolina Cortez, who delivered the drugs to Mac Miller's door. 

2. Mia Johansson, Karla Amador a/k/a Carolina Cortez's madame, was also involved in the alleged killing. 

"The criminal complaint does not mention how Fung believes Amador became involved with Johansson or Pettit. However, Fung does describe Johansson as Amador’s “madam”; he describes Johansson as an “associate of Pettit,” and says that she had worked with Pettit in the past “to sell drugs to [Miller]," reported Heavy.com. 

3. At the heart of it all is Cameron Pettit. 

The New York Daily News reports that, at the heart of all of this drama is Cameron Pettit. The outlet reports that he was the supplier of the fentanyl-laced drugs that killed Mac Miller. However, this was not the first time that Mac Miller had taken these drugs...but it was, unfortunately, the last. 

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4. Karla Amador, a/k/a Carolina Cortez, delivered a lot more than suspicious pills. 

"Miller texted an order to Johansson for cocaine, Adderall, Norco painkillers, Xanax and Oxycodone. Johansson offered to comp Miller a gram of cocaine if he also booked a prostitute. “what about 2 gs?” Miller countered. Johansson agreed to doubling the cocaine, writing, “Deal lol," reported Gossip on This

5. Although Cameron Pettit was charged with the murder of Mac Miller, Karla Amador, a/k/a Carolina Cortez, hasn't been charged — yet.

The Mirror reports that Cameron Pettit was charged with distribution of a controlled substance, which is basically a drug trafficking charge. That charge carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison, if convicted. However, even though Cameron Pettit was charged with a crime in connection to Mac Miller's death, Karla Amador, a/k/a Carolina Cortez, hasn't been charged yet. 

6. Cameron Pettit may have admitted to his role in Mac Miller's death. 

"The deadly drugs were then delivered to the rapper by Karla Amador AKA Carolina Cortez, a porn star home Mac Miller was patronizing. On September 7, Mac Miller was dead inside his Los Angeles home. On September 8th, just one day after Mac Miller's death, Cameron Pettit seemed to acknowledge his responsibility in delivering the drugs that killed Mac. And Cameron Pettit revealed he was contemplating fleeing the United States to live under an assumed identity," reported All Hip Hop. 

7. Amador AKA Cortez has tweeted messages of support

Her Twitter is full of X-rated photos and videos. Peruse at your own risk.

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