Which Of These 3 Different Types Of Girlfriends You Are, Based On How You Answer These 15 Relationship Questions

A fun way to figure out why you are the type of girlfriend you are.

What type of girlfriend are you according to your personality preferences Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

What kind of girlfriend are you? Maybe you are the super adventurous, never truly satisfied type? The super jealous must-rummage-through-his-phone type? The relaxed, chill type?

You may find yourself thinking, "Ugh, why am I always so jealous when I see him with another girl?" Or, maybe you always see this alter-ego version of yourself that is always ready for a spontaneous road trip with your partner? You probably already have a sense of the type of girlfriend you are and the type of girlfriend you want to be.


Before you take this quiz, remember it is totally normal to be jealous from time to time. It is totally normal to be super protective over your boyfriend and it is also totally normal to express your feelings when necessary.

It is also normal to be really relaxed and laid back towards your boyfriend and his needs; you do not always have to be responsible for his life. You probably are a mixture of all of these girlfriend types, but this quiz will help you determine which traits are more dominant in your relationship.

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Girlfriends don't get enough credit when it comes to all we have to put up with: Boys can really suck sometimes. So, whichever girlfriend category you fall under, remember that you're still a boss woman who holds it down when she needs to.

Sneaky or sleepy, calm or wired, he probably doesn't deserve you anyway! If he is truly a great boyfriend, he will love every part of you — flaws and all!

Of course it's important to note that this quiz is all in the name of fun. We have all had our fair share of crazy exes that made us the jealous type (for good reason!). I think we have all probably fallen under every category there is when it comes to girlfriend characteristics.

This is how the quiz works: Each answer is worth either one, two, or three points. Count up your points as you go along and then add them up at the very end. Use your final score number as a guide to see which girlfriend category you fall under. There are 15 questions equallying a total of 45 points you can earn.


So, are you ready to see what your girlfriend type is?

1. What is your ideal date night?

  • Grabbing some takeout and watching Netflix. (1 point)
  • A fancy dinner, duh. If I can't order lobster or steak I am NOT going! (2 points)
  • Uhhhh, can we go hiking and watch the stars? (3 points)

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2. How would you describe your perfect boyfriend?

  • Someone who is super funny and laid back. (1 point)
  • Super handsome and lives a lavish lifestyle. (2 points)
  • A , wild motorcyclist – think John Travolta in Greece! (3 points)

3. You see a name pop up on your boyfriends phone. Do you ...

  • Ignore it! She is probably just a friend. (1 point)
  • Get annoyed and ask him about it, making him show you his texts as proof. (2 points)
  • Get even and start texting your other guy friends in front of him to make him jealous. (3 points)

4. Your boyfriend cancels plans on the last minute because he doesn't feel good. You ...

  • Say you understand and give him space. The man needs his rest! (1 point)
  • Make him chicken noodle soup and bring it to his place. You need to see for yourself just how ill he is! (2 points)
  • Demand he go out because you have had these plans for weeks and are too excited. (3 points)

5. Your boyfriend really wants a night out with the guys. You ...

  • Completely understand and decide to have a quiet night in. (1 point)
  • Get angry and demand he texts you throughout the night so you know hes okay. (2 points)
  • Decide to crash him night with a bunch of your friends, looking super hot. (3 points)

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6. What is your go-to date night outfit of choice?

  • Sweatpants and a hoodie, duh! I need to be comfortable. (1 point)
  • Probably jeans, a nice blouse, and some black heels! (2 points)
  • The hottest, tightest dress in my closet, for sure! (3 points)

7. Which TV girlfriend do you look up to the most?

  • Jane, from Jane The Virgin. She is so sweet and romantic! (1 point)
  • Jess, from New Girl. She is a little spazzy but super adorable! (2 points)
  • Blair Waldorf, from Gossip Girl. A powerful woman who always gets what she wants! (3 points)

8. You're in an argument with your boyfriend. You ...

  • Apologize first and try to just forget the whole thing ever happened. (1 point)
  • Stay angry and wait for him to apologize first. You are one to hold a little grudge. (2 points)
  • Make him beg for your forgiveness, after all it was his fault! (3 points)

9. You find out from one of your best friends that your boyfriend cheated on you. You ...

  • Don't want to believe her, so you ask your boyfriend and pray he is honest. (1 point)
  • Of course you believe her, she is your best friend! You decide to break up with him right away. (2 points)
  • Ask her to come with you to egg his entire house and slash his tires! (3 points)

10. What is the worst possible thing that could happen on a first date?

  • He isn't as nice or funny in person as he is over text. (1 point)
  • He forgets his wallet and you have to pay for everything. (2 points)
  • You find out he still lives at home with his parents and never plans on moving out. (3 points)

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11. What would you say is the biggest source of stress in your life?

  • Lack of love and romance. (1 point)
  • Lack of money and stability. (2 points)
  • Lack of adventure and fun. (3 points)

12. How would you describe yourself?

  • Pretty chill and relaxed. (1 point)
  • A little wild, but still down to stay in every once in a while. (2 points)
  • Always ready for a wild night out! (3 points)

13. What is your biggest pet peeve?

  • Loud chewers and people who eat with their mouth open! (1 point)
  • Someone who is always texting or on their phone when we're together. (2 points)
  • When someone is too timid to do anything exciting in life. (3 points)

14. How would you describe your love life right now?

  • Just kind of going with the flow. I'm not seeing anyone serious right now. (1 point)
  • In a relationship and it is really complicated. (2 points)
  • In a crazy, wild relationship that is super exciting and keeps me on my toes. (3 points)

15. Lastly, how are you feeling right now?

  • Pretty content. (1 point)
  • Super stressed. (2 points)
  • Bored out of my mind!!!!! (3 points)

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If you scored between 15 – 25 points, you are a the super relaxed girlfriend.

If you found yourself primarily choosing answers one and two, you are for sure a relaxed girlfriend. You have no problem with staying in every night and keeping your relationship low key. You hate confrontation and never really stir up trouble. You have complete trust in your boyfriend and have the most fun when you two are napping together or binging your favorite Netflix show!

If you scored between 25 – 35 points, you are a bit of a jealous girlfriend.

If you found yourself primarily choosing answers two and three, you are a bit of a jealous girlfriend. You don't always trust what your boyfriend has to say and always need validation. It is normal to sometimes feel like you aren't appreciated enough and you deserve a boyfriend who will take those insecure thoughts away. You are down for a chilled night, but also crave a luxury dinner or spa day every once in a while.


If you scored 35 points of higher, you are the adventurous, never satisfied girlfriend.

If you found yourself primarily choosing answer three, you are for sure an outgoing and wild girlfriend. You like your boyfriend to match your crazy energy and would much rather go skydiving or travel than stay at home. You are never truly satisfied with the relationship, so if you can find a way out, you will. If he isn't matching your energy one hundred percent and seems a bit suspicious, you will kick him to the curb and move on!

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