Alabama Grandmother On Run From Police After Grandson Dies From Methadone Ingestion

Don't do drugs.

Who Is Michelle Lee Light? New Details On The Alabama Grandmother Wanted For Killing Grandson Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

A 44-year-old grandmother in Alabama is in hot water for letting her 19-month-old grandson ingest methadone. Michelle Lee Light was babysitting her grandson Journey Dorman on July 21, 2018 when the child ingested the methadone and died. Who is Michelle Lee Light?

1. When he got sick, she didn't tell anyone

Journey Dorman got his hands on the methadone somehow. It could have been an accident; toddlers can be wily, afterall. However, when it was clear that the child was ill, Michelle Lee Light never told doctors that he may have ingested the substance. In a press release from the Jefferson County Sherriff's Office: “Journey Dorman suffered a tragic death due to the recklessness of the person who was supposed to protect him from danger. This death did not have to happen."


2. He could have been saved

Even though Journey ingested (or was given) the methadone, he could have been saved with Narcan or other anti-overdose medicines and treatments. But his grandmother didn't mention it to the doctors. "What we’re saying to drug users: You might put yourself at risk, but you will not put children at risk. If you do, you can expect to be arrested and charged.”

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3. Her husband says there were no narcotics of any kind in his house

Jerry Pugh, the husband of Michelle Lee Light, gave an interview to WVTM-TV during which he said that both his wife and Journey Dorman's mother were on methadone. But, he said, methadone is administered at a clinic where the addict has to go to a window and be handed the dosage and take it in front of the medical professional. He said that his wife did not have that privilege. He also said that police searched the house and no narcotics were found.


4. Journey's mother

Jerry Pugh also says that Journey's mother, who is homeless and has three children, had been trying to give Journey away. He believes that Journey had taken or been forced to take the methadone before he was dropped off at Light's house. He said Journey's mother didn't attend the funeral or burial of her son. 

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5. The husband thinks Journey's mom did it

According to Jerry Pugh, when Journey's mother arrived on the scene to find ambulances and fire trucks, she showed no emotion. She didn't even ask which child was sick. Pugh wished that Child Protective Services would have stepped in and taken the children away from his wife's daughter. 

6. Grandma's been on the run for a month

Journey's tragic death kicked off a yearlong investigation. Detectives eventually gathered enough evidence to obtain a warrant for Light. The police spent a month looking for her. When she was found, she was charged with chemical endangerment of a child resulting in death. This is a Class-A felony. She is currently in jail and being held on $500,000 bond. 


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