50 Ways To Celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Week In February

There are lots of ways to show love.

Random Acts Of Kindness Week February 2018 Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash

Random Acts of Kindness Week takes place this year from February 11th - 17th, 2018.

It's a time when people can show the world that there's a lot of good people out there who not only care about people, but love them. 

Everyone needs a pick me up now and then, a simple smile can go miles when someone is having a bad day.

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Whether you have five minutes or five hours, show someone you care on this special day.


From a home cooked meal to helping someone in need there are lots of ways to celebrate random acts of kindness. 

Kindness is so important. We can change our world one small act at a time. It's the little things that add when life's journey is difficult.

From a simple hello or smile to a stranger, to holding a door or donating a penny to a the cashier for someone to use, you can show your charitable side.

Your ability to be kinder not only improves the world around you, it improves you from the inside out, too. 


While you may not be able to cure a disease or end world hunger, spreading love will always make a big difference.

Here are 50 loving ways to make the most of Random Acts of Kindness Week!

1. Buy a friend coffee.

Caffeine is my love language, so my day is always made whenever a friend surprises me with my favorite drink. Run down to your local coffee shop and make your friend smile.


2. Give a stranger a compliment.

So simple yet so powerful. Make a stranger's day by telling them how cute they're outfit is or that they're smile is killer.

3. Free hugs!

Okay, maybe don't do this one with strangers. But a comforting hug is a super easy way to let your friend know you're there for them. Remember to ask first!

4. Pick some flowers and give them away.

Store bought or hand-picked, surprising someone with some beautiful flowers is a sure way to brighten their day.


Give single flowers out to strangers or send a bouquet to your long distance pal.

5. Home-cooked happiness.

Surprise your honey or family with a delicious home-cooked meal. Bonus- do the dishes afterward!

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6. Flash those pearly whites to people you don't know. 



Never underestimate the power of a friendly smile. Take a few seconds while walking down the street to smile at a stranger and watch their face light up.

7. Treat your friend to a shopping spree.

Don't break your bank with this one, but getting a gift card to a friend's favorite store is a great surprise to lift their spirits and build their wardrobe.


8. Hold that elevator for the person who is rushing to catch it!

Waiting an extra ten seconds can seem like an annoyance, especially if you're running late. But this random act of kindness is a perfect way to show you value another's time.

9. Leave little love notes.



Breakout the your stationary for this easy way to make a friend's day. Write down their best qualities and leave it on their desk, or hand deliver it for an extra personal touch.

10. Put some coins in the meter.

Dig up some loose coins and save someone a lot of money on a parking ticket.

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11. Shovel snow.

It might not be your favorite chore, but during the winter months this is an excellent way to be a great neighbor. 

12. Snap a pic for someone.



Stopping to help some tourists or that cute couple take a picture will help them remember their day and your kindness. Throw in some compliments for a double whamie.

13. Donate your hair.

Need a trim? Donate your extra inches to an organization like Wigs for Kids. They'll turn your hair into wigs for children suffering hair loss from any medical condition.


14. Cut down your carbon footprint.

Help the earth with this easy act of kindness and beat the traffic. Try riding your bike, walking, or taking public transportation to work!

15. Have a book drive.



I have a hard time parting with my books, but clearing out your bookshelf is an amazing way to give back. Donate to your local children's hospital or shelter to make a kiddo a bookworm for life.

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16. Buy groceries for the person behind you. 

This one may be pricer but the impact is huge. You'll get to see your random act of kindness in action and really help a stranger out. 

17. Babysit for free.



We all know how stressed parents can get, so help out your family or friends and offer your babysitting services for the night. Make some suggestions for a date night!

18. Leave change at a wishing well.

Be someone's genie and leave some pennies for a wish. Trust me, a little kid or a grown-up dreamer will thank you for it!


20. Call your grandparents.

This one works with any relatives you haven't talked to in a while. Hearing from loved ones is always a lovely surprise, so chat it up with your grandparents.

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21. Donate your birthday.



Ask your friends and family to donate to your favorite charity instead of getting gifts. You might lose out on some birthday loot, but having a positive impact is a celebration itself.

22. Be someone's bone marrow match.

This act of kindness is simple, get registered through a program like Be The Match and add your name to the database. You never know, you could save someone's life one day.

23. Hide dollars in the Dollar Store.

Get creative and place some easy to find dollar bills around your local dollar store. Its a really cheap way to make someone's day!


24. Buy your waiter/waitress dessert.

Working in the food industry is tough. Sweeten your waiter/waitress' day with some free dessert! If they're still on shift, order it to go so they can enjoy it later.

25. Give up your seat on the bus.



See that lady with all the grocery bags or that man with his kids? Give them your seat so they can relax on their way home.

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26. Return a rouge shopping cart.

Pushing a cart back to its home takes five seconds but can save an employee a lot of frustration. 


27. Write a letter overseas.

Our troops are risking their lives to keep us safe, express your gratitude with a letter to let them know that we love them back home. Use an organization like Operation Gratitude to send your thanks.

28. Be a designated driver.

Keep your friends safe with this easy act of kindness. Let them know before they go out that if they need a ride to let you know and be prepared to stop for food!

29. Read to kids at a library.



Most libraries have a story time for kids, so breakout your best character voices and introduce some children to the wonderful world of reading!

30. Leave a nice comment online.

Everyone needs a confidence boost sometimes, especially if they're not sure about the selfie they just posted. Let them know they are beautiful inside and out with a heart felt comment.


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31. Participate in a charity walk/run.

Get your daily dose of kindness and exercise all in one! Find someone to sponsor you as you race to a better world.

32. Donate blood.



Head down to your local Red Cross or other blood bank and donate blood. Its easy and doesn't take a lot of time, and your donation can save lives in the future!

33. Clean up your streets.

Be kind to the environment and pick up some trash! Your street will look nicer and the world will be a little cleaner because of you.


34. Sign a petition.

Websites like change.org offer an easy way to lend your voice to something you are passionate about. Promote the cause even more by sharing it to social media.

35. Bake cookies for work.



You'll definitely make employee of the month with some home made treats for your coworkers. Couple this with appreciation notes for all the hard work they do.

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36. Visit a nursing home.

Bring a board game or a good book and show some older folks how much you care about their wellbeing.

37. Put positive affirmations on public mirrors.

Everyone knows how nice it feels to be complimented, so leave a few positive affirmations on a public bathroom mirror to remind people just how great they are.

38. Bring treats to your local DMV.

This idea works for any hard working public service. These employees do so much for their communities, show your appreciation with a sweet treat.


39. Spread the caffeine.

I already mentioned my love for coffee, especially in the mornings. Take some time out of your daily routine to give people waiting for a bus some coffee to perk up their day.

40. Put together lunches for the homeless.

Homeless shelters often accept donated lunches for the homeless. Do some research to find what they're looking for, grab some friends, and make some lunches for those in need.


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41. Leave the mailman something sweet.

They work hard to bring you all those letters, so return the favor with this act of kindness. Leave some chocolate bars or other candy with a nice note for them to pick up next time they drop by.


42. Leave coupons at the store.

Have coupons lying around? Put them to use by leaving them on top of their corresponding product at the store. 

43. Write thank you letters.



Let your teacher, coworker, or anyone who's been extra helpful lately know how much you appreciate it with a handwritten thank you note.

44. Tip a little more.

People working in the service industry usually rely on tips to make ends meet. Spare more money than usual and leave a nice note for this act of kindness.

45. Clean someone's windshield.



Winter can be hard on windshields. If you notice a car that could use a bit of shining, take a moment to help out. Leave a can of de-icer for a lasting effect.

46. Send a care package.

Know anyone in college? This is a great way to send your love across the world. Include some good food, books, or something to remind them of you.


47. Tell someone's boss how great they're employee is.

Bosses tend to get a lot of negative feedback, especially in the service industry. Ask to see a manager just to tell them how fantastic your server has been, it'll make their day and the server's.

48. Make a photo album.

This one is a little labor intensive, but putting together a book of precious memories for your friend or family member is a perfect way to show how much they mean to you.


49. Help someone move.

While it can be frustrating, the other person will really appreciate you helping them with a stressful move. Buy them a house warming gift for an added act of kindness.

50. Be kind to yourself.



Remember to always be kind to yourself! Treat yourself to a spa day or a special dessert. Whatever it is, self-love is extremely important to practice everyday.