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Why Instagram Model Amber Rose Tyson Deliberately Rammed Into Other Cars With Her Mercedes

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Who Is Amber Rose Tyson? New Details On Instagram Model Accused Of Deliberately Ramming Into Cars In Hollywood With Her Mercedes

Getting angry behind the wheel is normal enough. Who among us hasn't cursed out someone for cutting us off, or given the bird to someone who ran a red light?  It's normal to get frustrated and lash out. But there's lashing out and then there's...really lashing out! Who is Amber Rose Tyson? She's a woman with a serious case of road rage and if the stories about her are true, then no car in her immediate proximity is safe. 

1. Meet Amber Rose Tyson 

People on Instagram do a lot of weird things to get attention, but this one might take the cake. Instagrammer Amber Rose Tyson has been implicated in bashing cars in Hollywood with her own Mercedes! She's got a bit of a history with vehicular crimes, which we will get to, but first, let's cover this most recent adventure. In the early morning hours of August 27th, the wanna-be model threw a fit when she arrived at her car to discover that countless people were parked and gathered around her car in order to enjoy the offerings of a local taco truck. This meant that Amber was blocked in, and nobody puts Amber in a corner, apparently! 

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2. The Bystanders Are Still In Shock 

Amber began to yell, demanding that the owner of a Ford Mustang parked behind her car get in it and move sooner rather than later. According to one witness: "She was screaming at all my friends, ‘Move the car, Move the car.’ So I tossed the keys to another one of my friends who was getting in the car to move.” But they didn't move fast enough. The owner of the Mustang is still in shock: “It was honestly terrifying, I don’t think it’s fully hit me yet. It’s insane, it’s nothing you’d ever expect to happen to you. It’s like, oh, you hear about that on the news, oh, you hear about that on TV, and then you’re sitting there, and you’re watching this car get rammed over and over again. It’s just this blatant disregard for any sort of human life in the way of that.”

3. Coming Back For More 

When Tyson fled the scene after unleashing total mayhem, someone at the scene finally had the good sense to call 911. But unfortunately, Tyson moved faster than responding authorities. Before the police could get things under control she came back for a second attack, and this time she didn't need a car. “She ended up coming back on foot and assaulting two people, slapping one girl and then punching another in the back of the head," said a witness. Though not yet in custody, Tyson could be charged with battery and felony vandalism.

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4. This Isn't Her First Offense

Believe it or not, this isn't the only time Amber's lost it behind the wheel. In January 2018 she made headlines when she was the subject of a police car chase. As if the news coverage of the event wasn't good enough, Amber made sure to LIVE-STREAM HER ENTIRE FLIGHT FROM THE POLICE ON INSTAGRAM AS SHE FLED. I'm sorry. Caps were necessary. Amber, who at the time had about 90,000 followers on Instagram, was eventually detained, charged with vandalism, evading an officer and she managed to get a DUI out of the whole ordeal too. Class act, friends. 

5. What Happened That Night 

According to the police who arrested Amber back then, she was driving a white BMW (because it is a fact universally known that all crazy people must drive very nice cars). The police were first notified of a car matching her description driving erratically which is how the police were tipped off to Amber's antics.  “A traffic stop was initiated, with the deputy activating the red lights and siren on his marked patrol unit. However, the suspect failed to yield.” This so-called failure to yield eventually turned into a 40-mile chase that ended in police apprehending Amber. 

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6. Amber Rose's Tricky Future 

Because of that arrest, she was held in jail and eventually pled guilty and served 180 days in the local jail to be served over weekends. If I had known this was all that would happen for leading the police on a high-speed chase while drunk I would've started doing it years ago. JK, mom. She also had to be on probation for three years and had to go to AA meetings. Outside of her criminal life, her personal life over the past two years seems to have been just as eventful, or nearly as eventful: she gave birth to a son back in 2018, so fingers crossed she gets it together

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