25 Quotes About Staying Humble And Learning How To Be A Good Person

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There is something about being humble and staying humble. You know those people who you wish you didn't have to be around because their ego is the size of a hot air balloon? A person with a superego does not care what others feel or want, they are very self-centered and they are only concerned about their own well-being.

When you are humble and are willing to help others when they are struggling or are in need, it makes you someone that is easy for others to reach out to. This is because when you are more approachable, then others won't be afraid to ask you for help or advice. If you are the one that puts off the persona of a superego, then people will be less likely to ask you for assistance.

Being humble doesn't always come with perks. Sometimes in life we find that the more humble we are, the more we get overlooked. Being humble sometimes means that others with bigger and larger personalities may overpower your own in a job interview, or when being recognized for your accomplishments — but staying true to yourself and practicing humility is something that does get noticed in the long run. People look for you to be humble because it means you can work well with others.

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Modesty is an elusive trait we can aspire to but never actual admit to achieving. The second we feel we have truly accomplished it, we are in fact proving the opposite to be true.

When attempting to only appear humble and modest to others while actually trying to get people to notice our accomplishments, we fail to learn how to be truly humble. The function of humility isn't just about improving upon our manners — it is a way to focus on the good in other people. Staying humble will help us all to live our best lives by helping us to become better people. So hopefully we can all stay humble and kind.

Here are some humble quotes that will help you to learn how to be a good person, to be grateful and to be modest.

1. It's important to make an impact on other people's lives.

"Being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others."Gordon B. Hinckley

2. Love always.

"Be kind, work hard, stay humble, smile often, stay loyal, be honest, travel when possible, never stop learning, love always." Unknown

3. Being vulnerable doesn't mean you are weak, it means you are strong.

"To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength."Criss Jami

4. There is no place for ego here.

"The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk."Unknown

5. Truth and humility go hand in hand.

"Stay true in the dark & humble in the spotlight." Harold B. Lee

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6. Stay humble.

"Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted." Matthew 24:12

7. When you are humble, you are just like everyone else.

"I am ... humble enough to know I'm not better than anyone else, but wise enough to know I am different."Unknown

8. Being humble will bring you the greatest rewards.

"Keep putting out good. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways." Unknown

9. Learn from your mistakes.

"A mistake that makes us humble is better than an achievement that makes us arrogant."Unknown

10. Everyone craves love.

"Stay humble and never think that you are better than anyone else. We are all humans and crave acceptance and love." Unknown

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11. Always stay true to yourself.

"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less."Rick Warren

12. The best people are those who are remembered.

"No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind."Unknown

13. Embrace the truth.

"A humble person is more concerned about what is right than about being right, what is right than about being right, about acting on good ideas than having good ideas, about embracing new truth than defending outdated position, about building the team than exalting self, about recognizing contribution, than being recognized for making it."Stephen M.R. Covey

14. Always learn from your mistakes.

"Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble."Shah Rukh Khan

15. Stay open to learning.

"Every person that you meet knows something you don't; learn from them." H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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16. Base your foundations on your humility.

"If you plan to build a tall house of virtues, you must first lay deep foundations of humility."Augustine

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17. Humble is the new beautiful.

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing."Camille Pissarro

18. Don't let your pride get in the way of your humility.

"Don't discount the importance of being humble. There's a value there far greater than pride can ever provide." Kristen Butler

19. Stay close to God and you will be humble.

"Humble yourselves before God. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you. Come close to God, and God will come close to you."Unknown

20. To be loved, you have to relate to everyone.

"To lead the people, walk behind them." Lao Tzu

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21. Always do what is right.

"Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right."Ezra T. Benson

22. Stay kind.

"It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations."Unknown

23. Be humble from within.

"Being humble is to be felt, it's not something that you show off." Naya

24. Embrace constructive criticism.

"True humility is being able to accept criticisms as graciously as we accept compliments." Sabrina Newby

25. When you are humble, you know exactly who you are.

"If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are." Mother Teresa

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