How To Survive Infidelity As A Couple, By Leaning On Your Faith

Cheating and infidelity don't always mean it's the end of your relationship.

How To Survive Infidelity As A Couple, By Leaning On Your Faith Min An via @pexels

Many people have experienced cheating in their relationship, but with faith, they overcame the infidelity that destroyed the trust in the relationship.

How do you survive infidelity when someone's cheated?

Whether you were the cheater or you have been the one that was cheated on. Either way, it's not the best feeling. Even people who believe in God or have faith in a power greater than themselves.

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When there is cheating involved in the relationship, the first thing people might think is to immediately end everything right at that moment.

Well, what if ending your relationship wasn't your only option? If you are doing the cheating or you have been the one that's been cheated on, but would like to save your relationship, then you don't have to.

Why does infidelity happen?

Infidelity can and has happened for many reasons. As crazy as that might sound, it is true and as even crazier as this may sound, there are couples that have actually grown even stronger together!

How can you overcome infidelity in your relationship as a couple?

All it takes is just a little time, patience, and space. If you have been the one that was cheated on or even the one that went outside of the relationship but wants to still fix the relationship, then listen up!


Infidelity can make or break a relationship. Oftentimes it does break a relationship, but other times it doesn't.

We all already know how it can make a relationship crumble down to the ground, but I want to tell you why it can also make a relationship flourish even after such heartbreak.

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Infidelity can make your relationship stronger.

The main reason is that usually after an argument or a really tense situation between two people, everything is all out in the open. Meaning, no one is no longer holding their tongues.

Let's face it, we all tend to avoid or forget about any issues when everything is going great between you and your partner. If you're guilty of this, don't worry because I know I did that too, once upon a time.


Who wants to ruin such a happy and genuine moment with their loved one? Who wants to bring up old emotions? what if things can suddenly change? I don't want to be a buzzkill by bringing up my feelings. Etc.

These are all questions/thoughts that run through our minds, thinking it will help, but in reality, it won't. It's better just to speak up before things get out of hand.

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If your partner really loves and cares for you, he/she will listen carefully to see where you're coming from, why you feel the way you feel, and be able to take constructive criticism from you.


However, when things start going downhill, like in this case when cheating is involved, that all changes.

People tend to be more honest in situations like these, so when this happens, real emotions and feelings start to come out.

Feelings that were once kept in the dark finally come to light, which causes one partner to stop and ask questions to try and figure out why their GF/BF is feeling the way they do. Eventually, this creates some clarity and understanding.

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What once was a heated argument, turns out to be just a conversation between two people trying to see what really went wrong and how to fix it from there. When both partners confess their feelings to one another, this creates a stronger bond.


It's like being naked in front of each other...not literally! but from an emotional standpoint because nothing is behind closed doors anymore.

That is the main reason why infidelity isn't the end of your relationship but in fact the beginning of your relationship.

A tense, heartbreaking, frustrating, upsetting, and unbelievable situation can help turn into a confessions hour, helping the two of you become emotionally naked with each other.

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Giving both of you a fresh start to be open with each other, preventing anything like this from happening again.

One of the main reasons why cheating happens in the first place is because usually, one partner feels like there is something missing, but refuses to speak up.

So instead of talking, they seek what's missing in their relationship and find it with someone else. Remember, communication is key and can help in all aspects of a relationship.

P.S. No, I am not saying that cheating is okay because it is very hurtful, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel for both you and your partner.

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