4 Zodiac Signs Who (Always) Have The Best Love Life During Aquarius Season

Some just have it better than others.

Zodiac Signs With The Best Love Life During Aquarius Season pexels

When January 20 rolls around, it’ll officially be Aquarius season.

So for all of you that fall under that sign, congrats! It’s your time to shine!

But even if you’re one of the other 11 signs, that doesn’t mean you don’t get anything out of this either.

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All a certain sign being in season means is certain parts of yourself are enhanced.

In Aquarius, that means transitioning into a more imaginative and maybe even rebellious state of mind.

The energy that comes from this season is also weird. It can make you innovative, but it’s also the same energy that makes people want to be hippies.

But regardless of any weirdness, you’ll want to push on in your own unique way.

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That drive that you get from Aquarius season can be used for many pursuits, but the one I’d like to look at is love.


Now, unfortunately, out of the 12 signs, only four get to have the best love life.

No matter what, romance will always come easy to them and they won’t have any struggles.

For the rest of you, I know this can be frustrating (and believe me I understand, I’m not one of the four either).

Keep your chin up, because one day love will find you too.

As for the four best zodiac signs to be in Aquarius season to have the best love life, here they are.


So yeah, this is kind of a given. Of course you’re going to do well in your season, right? And with the tenacity that you gain, plus the desire to keep changing things up, you make for a pretty good date too!


You know how to not let things get stale. Your partner will love that weird side of you too, so own it! And if you haven’t found someone yet, just keep being you and they’ll come to you.

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2. LEO

When you’re in Aquarius’s season, your already dominant personality shines through to everyone. When a more rebellious nature gets added into the mix, you can also become quite daring.

You can already be like a magnet, as people are drawn to your charisma, and your imagination will only become bigger during this time. Putting that all together, who wouldn’t want to be with you? Love will be easy to find and keep for you.


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As a Gemini, you already hate being alone, so when Aquarius season messes with your social life, you want to find that person that you can have deep conversations with.

And with your luck being one of the best and being the social butterfly that you are, the person you’re looking for will appear in no time! Once you find them, the two of you will have plenty of fun, as you never want to stay in one place for too long.


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The last one is probably the oddest, as you aren’t really the go-get-'em type. But with Aquarius in season, it makes you more adventurous. You don’t need total peace and in fact, would prefer to try something new.

As long as you feel it’s within your capabilities, why not? And while your partner may fall in love with that docile side of you, they have curiosity as well, making this a perfect fit.

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Jesse Oakley is a writer who writes about love, relationships, self-care and spirituality/astrology.