20 Best Rustic Wedding Centerpieces Of All Time

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20 Stunning Rustic Wedding Centerpieces That’ll Have Guests Swooning

No matter the season, a rustic themed wedding always seems to be a great go-to. From muted florals to ample greenery to an assortment of wood, metal, and glass, it offers an undeniably beautiful palette.

But another big part of your big day is picking the perfect wedding centerpieces. And if you’re in the midst of planning, consider adding one of these rustic wedding centerpieces.

1. Tarnished Metal & Pure White Blooms

Pure white hydrangea and roses offer a pristine spin on the rustic wedding. The tall and tarnished metal vases really bring it home, though.  

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2. Minimalist Baby’s Breath

A mason jar, twine, and spray of baby’s breath can make for a standout rustic wedding centerpiece.

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3. Moody Tones

Opt for rich and moody hues like velvety red and inky black when picking out florals for your centerpiece.

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4. Pillar Candles

Another way to go pure minimalist-meets-rustic is to line up thick pillar candles down the length of the table.

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5. Flowers Atop Wood Slices

For the slightest rustic touch, incorporate real wood into your tablescape. For example, you can place an arrangement on top of a birch or pinewood slab.

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6. Wooden Flower Box

In addition to metal, a wooden vessel for your floral arrangement adds the perfect rustic touch.

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7. Ivy and Tealights

An inexpensive way to incorporate rustic beauty into your wedding is to line up sprawling ivy and tealights down a communal table or at the center of a round table.

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8. Wooden Stick Centerpieces

Also inexpensive: sticks! This stick-y arrangement feels earthy and charming, and the twine ties it all together (literally).

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9. Branches Dripping with Tealights

Take the stick idea one step further by incorporating actual branches into your décor. Elevate them with elegant hanging tealights, or even consider spray painting the branches gold or white.

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10. Fresh Flowers in Mason Jar

Another way to incorporate mason jars — a quintessential rustic wedding element — is to place fresh buds inside with crystal clear water. The wooden slab and pinecone bring it home.

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11. Florals-Meet-Metal

Soft peach, pink, and white come together beautifully in this centerpiece. The wide metal tin holding it all together really adds the rustic element.

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12. Farm Fresh & Outdoorsy

Opt for a fresh take (literally) on the rustic wedding trend with a living, breathing garden box centerpiece.

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13. Lantern & Ivy Wreath

Lantern centerpieces are rustic-chic, and you can find them in metal, glass, or wood. The ivy wreath adds a breath of freshness.

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14. Cowboy Boot Floral Arrangement

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Calling all cowboys and cowgirls for this rustic wedding centerpiece! A boot filled with florals feels very appropriate.

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15. Metal Watering Can

Not digging the boot idea and over mason jars? A watering can that’s been naturally dulled with time makes a beautiful rustic wedding centerpiece, as well.

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16. Antlers

Perhaps one rustic element that doesn’t get enough wedding play is antlers. These look beautiful among pink roses, soft greenery, and tall candles. (Fact: antlers are naturally shed and are collected in the woods. Animals aren’t harmed.)

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17. Pinecones

Another way to use what the earth has provided is to incorporate pinecones into your centerpiece. Try them in a full arrangement or scattered along the table with other greenery.

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18. Copper Vessels

We see a lot of metal and wood in rustic weddings, but don’t forget about copper. It feels elegant and regal in almost any application.

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19. Spray-Painted Mason Jars

It can be expensive to buy copper centerpieces, so fake it with some spray-painted mason jars in copper, gold, or rose gold. You can DIY it or buy them premade.

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20. Floral Hoop

A floral hoop feels wedding-appropriate for several reasons. First, it’s esthetically elegant and offers an air of rustic charm. Second, it nods to eternal love.

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