20 Best Wedding Candle Centerpieces To Make Your Reception Glow

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Candle centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are a small detail, but one that is noticed. And candle centerpieces are a great way to make an elegant, unique, or fun statement without being expensive or a big time investment.

Whether going with votives, tea candles, string lights, or pairing them with wine glasses, flowers or fresh herbs, these candle holders can go in many directions. And guess what? All will look fabulous and beautiful on the big day.

1. Waves of candles

Sometimes the way the candles are set up, like a cascading wave in this example, matter more than the candles themselves. And this design gives the lights a surreal, dream-like quality.

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2. Glassware

Putting the candles into various forms of glassware can give height, texture and dimension, especially if you use various types of glasses.

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3. Lanterns

Using the lantern as a way to encase the candle makes the centerpiece even more romantic. Surround it with flowers to add more passion to the look.

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4. Flavors of fall

Add some fresh fall flowers or herbs around the candle to add color and depth to the centerpiece and tell the story of the season.

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5. Champagne flute

What’s more festive and elegant than candles in a champagne flute? Keep it classy!

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6. Tea lights

Tea lights are a romantic and understated way to light a candle. It's also perfect for an intimate moonlit evening wedding.

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7. Wrapped in leaves

Fresh earthy and leafy greens offer beautiful contrast with white candles, making the result fresh and pretty. Just wrap two-tone leaves around each candle for a fun DIY project.

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8. Wood backdrop

While we’re not normally imagining wood and fire as being best buds, this walnut backdrop is divine with the candles, and it's a fun idea for a rustic wedding.

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9. Customize with names

Everything else at the wedding will be custom, so why not get the bride and groom’s names or wedding date engraved on the candles, too?

(Etsy, $10)

10. Martinis

Do you both love a dry martini? Put your candles in martini glasses. It looks so fun and elegant.

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11. Fish bowl

Maybe you met at an aquarium or maybe you both just love your pet goldfish. Still candles in a fish bowl are fun and full of whimsy.

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12. Campfire

This glowing woodsy tea candle holder looks totally like a campfire and will be perfect for an outdoor wedding.

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13. Butterflies

Butterflies are magical and beautiful, as are these rhinestone butterfly candle holders.

(Etsy, $8)

14. Pottery art

This pottery art looks something like stones one would find on a beach. But it also feels homespun and natural, like love and your life together (hopefully).

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15. Abstract art

Have a favorite pattern? Why not work it into the candles, be it color, theme, or just something that is uniquely you?

(Etsy, $18.96)

16. Bed of flowers

Just lke that Bon Jovi song about bed of roses. Putting your candles in a bed of flowers can be gorgeous and fragrant.

(Walmart, $18.89)

17. Pink and gold

Nothing is more feminine than pink, and nothing is more elegant than gold. These candles play off the regal gold and the pretty pink for a feel that is royal and elegant.

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18. Crystal candelabras 

It’s a bit gothic but still rather fabulous, and candelabras are a guaranteed win.

(Walmart, $69.99)

19. Pink crackle glass

What fun is this? It's perfect for the artisinal couple trying to make a statement.

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20. Photo finish

Is that the Roman Colosseum? If you have a picture or a memory that is especially meaningful, work it into your candle centerpiece.

(Etsy, $50.50)

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