15 Cheap DIY Wedding Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (That Won’t Break The Bank)

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Add a personal touch to your wedding decorations.

Planning a wedding can get pretty pricey, really fast. But, DIY-ing some of the table decorations for your big day can take off some of the financial pressure.

While you probably won’t be sewing your own dress anytime soon, you may want to create beautiful (and cheap!) DIY wedding day centerpieces by hand. A beautiful centerpiece really brings the room together, and wedding guests are always happy to bring them home after the event.

Plus, making your own wedding centerpieces can be fun, and you won’t have to do it alone. Grab your bridesmaids, bring along a few bottles of wine, and make it a bonding event. Together, you can DIY some pretty stunning wedding day centerpieces that will impress your guests and give you a chance to put a personal touch on your wedding — and keep you well within your budget, too!

Here are 15 of the best cheap DIY wedding centerpiece ideas that are just as easy to make, as they are affordable:

1. A succulent centerpiece for nature-lovers.

What you'll need:

If you want to bring a more natural vibe to your wedding, this succulent centerpiece will do the trick. You’ll need a ceramic pot, a dish for underneath, and some potting soil. Don’t forget the succulents! Just pot and place in the center of the table.

2. Vintage books and mason jars centerpiece for a rustic look.

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What you'll need:

For all of the bookworms and vintage shoppers out there, this is the perfect centerpiece. It’s classy, fun, and a little bit inspirational too. Aside from books and mason jars, you’ll just need a few splatters of paint and some fresh flowers. Super easy!

3. A glass ball candle holder to evoke a sense of romance.

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What you'll need:

Want to bring a little magic to your wedding? These centerpieces create the romantic atmosphere that you’re after. This is a super-simple DIY centerpiece that will make a big impact on the room. Just hot-glue glass gems around each candle holder, and voila!

4. Glitter flower vases for a wedding that screams "fabulous!"

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What you'll need: 

A little glitter can go a long way — especially as part of your centerpiece style. These are simple, easy to make, and only involves a few items. Change up the glitter color and the fresh flower selection to fit your theme.

5. A succulent "table runner" for a fairy tale wedding.

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What you'll need:

These au naturel DIY table runners are definitely statement pieces. They’ll turn your wedding tables into a scene straight from a woodland fairy tale. The leaves can be real or fake, but make sure to buy succulents that are the real deal. You can paint on the gold and add bits of flowers or glitter as you see fit.

6. Wine cork vase for a rustic touch, inspired by your favorite drink.

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What you'll need:

These rustic centerpieces are perfect for all you wine lovers out there. It might be a little difficult to drink all that wine before the wedding, but you sure can try. If you can’t handle all of the vino, you can just buy them in bulk. Just glue the corks to the vase and add your favorite flowers inside.

7. Sand art terrarium for brides who are in touch with their inner child.

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What you'll need:

What’s better than making sand art? Using it as a beautiful wedding centerpiece! Here’s your chance to create a fun task for your bridesmaids too! Put the sand in the vase in a design that you love.

8. Wine glass candle holders that are simply elegant.

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What you'll need:

This simple centerpiece allows you to use wine glasses in a whole new way. Simply flip it upside down, and put a candle on top. You can put anything inside the wine glass, so choose something pretty that goes with your theme. Get creative with this one.

9. Vintage, flower-filled bird cage for a delicate touch.

via Bridal Guide

What you'll need:

A fairytale wedding needs centerpieces that fit the bill. These vintage birdcages will really set the scene when you fill them colorful flowers. Paint them a color that matches your theme and choose either fresh or fake flowers for inside.

10. Golden candles in woodland vases for a hint of drama.

via DIY Network

What you'll need:

These elegant centerpieces create the perfect woodland theme. They’re beautiful, yet sophisticated, and are absolutely painless to make. Your guests won’t be able to stop talking about them!

11. Eco-friendly on a budget for brides with classic style.

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What you'll need:

Get your future Mr. to help with this look that's elegant, pretty, and won’t require tons of flowers either. Plus, it’s a centerpiece that’s unique enough to grab attention without taking everyone’s eyes off of you. Your man will need a hand saw to cut the wood, and a few nails and hammer to form them into a square frame. Then, drill some holes at the top so the glass bottles can fit through. 

12. A hanging garden for a whimsical wedding.

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What you'll need:

These hanging gardens are easy to make and turn each table into an enchanted forest. Some floral wire and fresh flowers turn these hoops into a centerpiece truly fit for a whimsical wedding. Use the floral tape and wire to attach the dusty miller and fresh flowers around the hoop. Hang it from clear fishing line in your event space.

13. A bowl of seashells for couples who love the beach.

via DIY Wedding Boutique

What you'll need:

This romantic centerpiece is perfect for any bride and groom who want to bring beachy vibes to their wedding. They are extremely simple to make and set a romantic mood at the table. Whether you're celebrating seaside or are landlocked in Missouri, bring the beach to you. Just put the shells in the bowl and fill with water. Top it all off with a floating candle.

14. Bottle carrier with flowers for a farmhouse look.

via Country Living

What you'll need:

For a rustic touch, try this bottle carrier flower arrangement. You can choose any color and size tumblers you want, just make sure to accent it with some beautiful fresh flowers. It’s an interesting take on a traditional flower vase centerpiece.

15. Teacup gardens for a dainty bride.

via Intimate Weddings

What you'll need:

For anyone who loves tea or Alice and Wonderland, these centerpieces will be perfect. You can get creative with both the teacup designs and the flowers you put in them. Choose herbs, succulents, or something with a little more color.

Creating your own wedding centerpieces instead of buying can make wedding planning fun again. Ask your bridesmaids for help or turn it into part of your bachelorette party. Make something you’ll be proud of!

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