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Former 'National Enquirer' Editor Writing Explosive Tell-All Book About Donald Trump

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Who Is Barry Levine? New Details On 'National Enquirer' Editor Writing Explosive Tell All Book About Donald Trump

Oh boy this is going to be good! Barry Levine, former executive editor of the National Enquirer is writing a tell-all book about Donald Trump. But not just any tell all book — he's going to dish on Trump's relationships with women. Levine singed a deal with Hachette for the book last fall but at the time the angle of the book wasn't clear. Now we know the title: All The President's Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator. Levine is going after Trump with no holds barred. The book is going to take "an extensive new look at Donald Trump’s relationships with women, revealing new accusations of sexual misconduct [and] exploring the roots of his alleged predatory behavior.” It’s said to be based on “groundbreaking original reporting.” Who is Barry Levine?

1. His National Enquirer days

Barry Levine was formerly the executive editor of the tabloid. In fact, he was the executive editor during the years the National Enquirer's then-chairman David Pecker was burying negative stories about Donald Trump. Pecker bought information from women that Trump had affairs with, but Pecker never had any intention of publishing the stories. This practice is known as "catch and kill." Levine left the tabloid in 2016 after 17 years. 

2. He broke the Tiger Woods cheating scandal

Barry Levine was at the National Enquirer from 1999 to 2016. While there he broke the 2009 Tiger Woods story. Woods was cheating on then-wife Elin Nordgren with Rachel Uchitel. That, of course, led to the revelation of Woods' many affairs and the infamous Thanksgiving Day car crash. 

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3. He broke the John Edward's love child scandal

Levine received a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize for his 2007 coverage of the affair of then-Senator John Edwards and his aide Rielle Hunter and the love child they attempted to hide. 

4. He wanted the Enquirer to have a D.C. office

Back in 2010, Levine had aspirations to set up a Washington D.C. office of the National Enquirer. After his groundbreaking story on John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, he appeared on ColbertThe View and Huckabee. He spoke at the Columbia Journalism School about the Edwards investigation. He was already chasing down stories about the 2012 elections and dreamed of a D.C. office where the aides of senators and congressmen would drop by to tell him their stories. 

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5. He's now the homepage editor at Heavy

After his 17 years running the National Enquirer, Levine took some time off. When he resurfaced, it was to announce that he'd accepted a job as the homepage editor of the website Heavy.com He's been at Heavy since May 2017. At the time, he said: “I’m honored they asked me to bring my news sense to their operation." 

Barry Levine's tell all book about Donald Trump is due out on October 22.

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