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David Hale Is Sitting In Jail Because He Claims Andy Dick Grabbed His Private Area — And He Punched The Actor

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Who Is David Hale? New Details On Man Who Punched Andy Dick Outside New Orleans Nightclub

Andy Dick has a reputation for being a jerk, who somehow thinks it's funny to be annoying and to violate people's private spaces. Yet, somehow, he's surprised that he got his jaw rocked when he proved to be annoying yet again. Still, the guy who rocked his jaw is currently sitting behind bars for doing what we've all wanted to do since time immemorial.

Who is David Hale? 

Here's what we know about Andy Dick's latest dick move. Literally. 

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It was all caught on video. 

The attack on Andy Dick was all caught on videotape. The outlet reports that after the comedian and actor performed at the One-Eyed Jack bar in New Orleans, Hale approached him and sucker-punched him. Dick subsequently "crumpled" to the ground. 

David Hale was subsequently arrested. 

"New Orleans police spokesman Aaron Looney said 46-year-old David Hale was arrested early Wednesday and booked into jail on suspicion of second-degree battery and simple battery. Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman Philip Stelly said he did not know whether Hale had an attorney," according to a statement.

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Andy Dick said he was "passed out" for 15 minutes. 

Andy Dick allegedly told police that the "sucker-punch" landed on him by David Hale knocked him out for a full 15 minutes. (That's a hell of a punch, sir!) A representative for Andy Dick also said that David Hale can't keep his stories straight, and that he's told several different stories since getting arrested for the punch. 

But David Hale says he had a good reason for socking Andy Dick. 

David Hale said that he punched Andy Dick because Dick "fondled" his genitals. And it was this unwanted physical attention that caused Hale to punch Dick out. A witness to the event also said that Hale punched out another comedy show attendee. 

David Hale was at the event because he was a guest of Andy Dick's opening band.

David Hale was there because he was invited by the opening band, The Unnaturals, who bill themselves as a surf rock band. A successful businessman, Hale is also allegedly a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. 

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Culinary Institute of America reached out to YourTango.com and said that Hale's previous claims of being a Culinary Institute of America graduate are false. 

Video evidence supports Andy Dick's claims. 

"Emergency medical services received a call around 2:20 a.m. about an unconscious man at 615 Toulouse Street, the address of the club, said EMS spokesman Lt. Jonathan Fourcade. An ambulance took a 53-year-old man to a hospital, he said. Police Department spokesman Gary Scheets said Tuesday that detectives have tried to meet with the victim but have not yet been able to speak with him," reported WDSU-TV, the New Orleans NBC affiliate.

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