The 15 Best Comedies On Netflix You're Probably Not Watching — But Totally Should

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The 15 Best Comedies On Netflix That You're Probably Not Watching

Netflix really is a storehouse of gems. For those of us who made the choice to release ourselves from the ridiculous debt of having regular ol' TV with the ten zillion dud channels, things like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are our go-to platforms for television entertainment. Especially when you're looking for the best comedies on Netflix in terms of television shows, or the best comedy movies on Netflix.

Unless you're a serious TV junkie who needs the input of hundreds of news channels and any other assorted mind-wasting programs, choosing to go 'Roku' is not only a better way to consciously watch TV, it's incredibly economical. When you Netflix, you do it because you want to, not just "because it's on." Netflix is a choice, and what they offer is just about perfect for the person who is not addicted to TV, but does enjoy a bit of entertainment — at their own discretion.

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Once again, we do not review based on timeliness, we review based on what's available on Netflix — those hidden gems we may have missed. And in this case, we're going to go over the best comedies on Netflix that you may have missed — but shouldn't!

1. Deathgasm

Heavy metal Aussie film about raising Hell, body parts, blood, gore, long haired headbangers and oh so much fun. Like a blast from the past, but classic in its ability to do right by the "stupid Satanic metalhead fun" genre. Watch it when you have absolutely nothing else to do.

2. Sausage Party

I didn't think I'd even crack a smile over this one, but I have to admit, I was a bit charmed. Already a fan of animation, this goofball adventure film is just fun with nothing really offensive. A clever film about a bunch of idiots is always worth while in my book.

3. Amelie

I refused to see this film when it first came out because I believed I was going to be manipulated into loving Audrey Tatou, due to her over the top gooey cuteness. Then I watched it and now I'm her biggest fan. It's an impossible love story, much like The Shape of Water, but it's adorable, sweet, French AF, and worth watching.

4. Men In Black

Let's just say if you haven't seen Men in Black, I'm pretty sure you're a dead person, because this hilarious comedy is pretty dang famous. Still, it's worth another push because it's so worth watching special agents fight off intergalactic pranks and body snatching. Plus, a very cool theme song by Will Smith, one of the stars.

5. Finding Dory

If you are charmed and amused by Finding Nemo, then you'll be smitten with Finding Dory as they do well by this sequel. The Nemo franchise is fabulous and rich; there are lessons to be learned, laughs to be had, and it's such a pretty, pretty cartoon film that it will soon become an all time favorite.

6. Antz

Just in case you don't know, I raised a kid and that's why I've seen all these cool and groovy animation films. Antz is superb — funny, clever, wise and beautiful to look at. Seems the Ant life is pretty tough, and they go through the same crap as we humans do. Whoda thunk it?

7. Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

If you can get up there on that stage and make me laugh, then you've done a divine thing. I watch comedy specials — stand-up comics — expecting to die of laughter with my sides splitting. Ali Wong delivers those pains, and leaves you wondering where she's been all your life.

8. Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

While she's not everyone's cup of tea, Amy Schumer definitely knows how to deliver a joke and she also does not give a rat's ass if you like her or not. I'd say, even if you don't like the Schumer style, watch this special for the intelligent messages she brings. She's a winner, this one.

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9. Kevin James, Never Don't Give Up

He's been making us die of laughter for years now in such films as Mall Cop, Chuck and Larry, and whatever that TV series was that he was in (FUNNY!)... and as a stand-up, he's still the same: the unassuming victim, the foolish dope with a heart of gold. Kevin is a funny, funny man and I hope he keeps making comedy specials forever.

10. Tropic Thunder

Listen, this is a laughing scream riot of a film. We've mentioned the Tom Cruise bit — he's insane, and actually very good in this. But faux-African American Robert Downey Jr. teamed up with Jack Black and crew is like a dream come true... if your dream is to watch a wartime spoof acted by maniacs.

11. Chris Rock: Tamborine

Chris Rock is one of those thinkers that has changed my life. He's impactful, funny as an MF, he's equally as poignant, abrasive and on the ball as ever, and Tamborine doesn't hold back. Rock is a talent, a guru, a funny man through and through, but he's got a good conscience and a heart of gold.

12. She's Gotta Have It

An older film, this one really captured the world's attention when it came out. Spike Lee creates warm, enjoyable films with heart and soul. And it's always good to see his location choices. I'm not referring to the new version — the one you need to see is the 1986 version, on Netflix right now.

13. Moonrise Kingdom

This movie that stars Bruce Willis and Edward Norton is described as "deadpan, imaginative and quirky." What more does one need? I'll tell you, with a description like that, the only thing missing is Bill Murray. Oh wait — he's in it! Win win!

14. Meet the Parents

If you ever wanted a break in Robert DeNiro's constant stream of tough dudes and bad guy roles, this is your film. Oh sure, he's still a rough man in this, but he's outright, gut-bustlingly hilarious. And he's got his eye on you. Watch this for the unabashed laughs, for Ben Stiller's ultimate goofiness, and for the moment when you know DeNiro's "got his eye on you."

15. Midnight in Paris

OK, guilty pleasure confession: this is one of my favorite movies of all time and I've seen it several times. It's a fantasy that turns into a time traveler movie. It's quaint, lovely, romantic, hilarious, shy and perfect. Only problem is... Owen Wilson. I don't mind him, but I know there are people who flee in terror knowing he's in a movie.

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