YouTube Stars Summer McKeen And Hannah Meloche Catching Heat For Their Racist Commentary

They really crapped the bed on this one.

Who Are Summer McKeen And Hannah Meloche? New Details On The YouTube Stars And Their Racist Commentary Instagram 

So, who are Summer McKeen and Hannah Meloche? We know that both women are YouTube stars. We also know that both women are prominent social media Influencers with impressive followings. We know that they are best friend and we also know that thanks to some videos making the rounds on the site that made them famous, they are both in very hot water for making inappropriate and cruel comments. Here's the latest on the drama that's blowing up YouTube. 


1. Who Are Summer McKeen And Hannah Meloche

YouTubers and Influencers Summer McKeen and Hannah Meloche are coming under fire now that they have been caught indulging in inappropriate and thoughtless words and actions, if videos on the site are to be believed. The prominent influencers have been close friends for some time and now both are being called out by their fans on YouTube:  “summer mckeen and hannah meloche are both gross and toxic,” a fan wrote. “not only was summer just exposed as being racist but they were both laughing at other youtubers & bringing them down while watching an instagram edit of emma chamberlain, the dolan twins, antonio garza, etc.”


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2. The News 

The news broke with a video that was posted by YouTube user, Cartier Tea and it has already been viewed by more than 430,000 people. In the video Summer and Hannah engage in a lot of upsetting behavior: they mock their fans and even other YouTubers that "talk like black people" and they vape. Summer joined YouTube back in 2012 and she is a regular poster, sharing videos every Friday. Her dedication has paid off and she now has 2.4 million YouTube followers. Hannah started posting the following year, 2013, and she shares her videos every Monday. She's a little less popular than Summer with 1.8 million YouTube followers.

3. The Speedy Apologies

As soon as the news of their bad behavior hit the airwaves, both Hannah and Summer commented on the debacle, but not with YouTube videos: with Instagram stories. Summer said: “I’m not asking for immediate forgiveness, nor am I denying the things that happened in those videos. I just think it’s only fair that you all give me a chance to speak on everything and I hope you can try to understand the extremely difficult position I have been put in." Hannah said, "Not everyone is going to understand and forgive me and I know that I will have to work hard to regain your trust and the trust of my friends, but it is important to me to do so and repair the relationships this has broken. I’m sorry.”


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4. Jewelry Collections

Both Summer and Hannah have worked over the years to establish their own individual jewelry collections. Hannah's line is called Starlite Village. She has countless different items available for sale, include the Sea and the Galaxy collections, with nothing costing more than $40. Summer's line is less established, but it's more affordable than Hannah's. While she only offers a necklace and a ring for purchase, the highest price point is still under $20. It might seem like something small, but many influencers try to use their celebrity to fund ventures just like these. If they lose subscribers they can lose everything which might explain the speedy apologies. 

5. Plans For The Future 

Hannah might be famous, but she's also still really young. She actually only just graduated from high school this spring. She posted about the experience on Instagram saying: “8 years ago i watched hannah montana graduate… now here i am. Thanks for the diploma mom! and thanks to everyone who was apart of this unforgettable high school experience <3” Hannah hasn't announced any plans for college, but that doesn't mean she doesn't also have plans for the future. When asked what she'd be doing with the rest of her life, she shared a link that redirected to her jewelry, so there ya go. 


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6. How They Met

As for Summer, well, she's a bit older than Hannah, having just turned 20.  On her birthday she shared these words on Instagram: “thank you sooOoOo much for all the birthday wishes, crazy I’m officially a real ADULT,” she said. The two women are very close friends, but the reality is that they have not known each other for very long at all. They met when they were both attending Coachella (because of course they did) in 2018, and their comraderie quickly translated into success. 

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