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Emily Simpson's Stirring Things Up On New Season Of RHOC — And We're Here For All Of It

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Who Is Emily Simpson? New Details On RHOC Star's Troubled Marriage And Plastic Surgery

One of the best things about the Real Housewives franchises is the opportunity the shows give to provide screen time to a constantly shifting aray of women. That's my nice way of saying that these betches are so cray they can usually only handle even being on the show for so long before they have to retire or before Bravo decides to give them the ol' heave ho. Emily Simpson is on her second season of Real Housewives of Orange County and many of us are still asking who is Emily Simpson? It turns out this season she's sharing more of her life than ever before, and I for one, couldn't be more excited.

1. Emily's Second Season

This season (numero 14 for those counting), a relative newbie to the Real Housewives of Orange County Emily Simpson is back for her second season on the show and it sounds like her marriage is going to take center stage! Last season, Emily's dry and sarcastic husband Shane raised a lot of eyebrows, and he's not stopping this season either. Emily admits, that their union is a point of focus throughout the season and doesn't deny reports that they are troubled. “I would say it’s probably a combination of [happy, strong, and troubled]. I mean, I’m not speculating that there’s any divorce in the future but we definitely have our ups and downs and I think you’ll see a lot of that this season, especially with the pressures we’re dealing with as a married couple.”

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2. Is Their Marriage Troubled?

According to Emily, the couple is just like any other, it's just that being on the show can heighten the tension and really underline the areas of your marriage that may need attention and focus.  “It’s like taking a highlighter and highlighting everything bad that happens in your life. It’s like putting a neon flag on for it for everyone to comment and judge. Shane does a much better job of dealing with it. He laughs at a lot of things and when people make derogatory comments about him he thinks it’s funny but a lot of times it’s not funny and I get really affected by it.”


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3. No Time For Shame 

One reason I adore Emily (in addition to all of the other reasons, like the fact that she was born rich) is that she has handled the body-shaming trolls on the internet like a champ. She's not a size nothing and she's using her newfound platform to talk about self-love and to promote body acceptance. But that's not to say that it isn't hard for her, especially when filming with some of the more petite women on the show. “It’s hurtful but I don’t let it affect me, I mean it stings to read all the horrible things about yourself, but at the end of the day I have a lot of confidence. I still think I have a great body. I still think that men love curves. I still think that I look healthy. It is hard sometimes, filming with such petite women sometimes I feel like the Jolly Green Giant next to them. But it’s just who I am and it makes me unique,” she said. 

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4. Plastic Surgery Secrets 

On the Real Housewives, there's always someone getting a nip a tuck or some freshening fillers. Emily isn't afraid of plastic surgery, and unlike some of the wives, she isn't embarrassed to reveal just what she's done. She's revealed that over the years she's had a breast reduction, breast lift, and breast implants and she even shared that she wouldn't hesitate to get more work done if she felt like she needed to do in the future. “I’ve had three breast surgeries and I’ll probably do it again at some point, whenever I feel the need. When I turned 40, I did a reduction and a lift. So, that was the last one but that was the third one that I’ve had. I have no shame in the plastic surgery game.”

5. How Much Is She Worth?

According to TrendCelebs.com, Emily is worth $800,000! Damn, that's not chump change. Though admittedly, that kind of salary makes sense when you work as hard as Emily does. In addition to working full-time as a copyright attorney, Emily has a second gig working as a party planner. In fact, that was her first introduction on the show: the party planner and friend of Tamra Judge who helped organized a fete for Tamra. Emily's husband Shane also aspires to being a lawyer, his journey to pass the bar exam is being chronicled on this season of the show and seems to be a source of friction between the couple. 


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6. Making It All Work 

Somehow, in spite of her show, her marriage, and both of her jobs, Emily manages to make it all work. But it isn't easy, something she's spoken about before at length: “I found a way to work part-time, even though I took the summer off work to be with my kids, so that I can be a professional but also have time to still be with my children. Honestly, I feel guilty when I work, and I don’t think any mom who works will ever completely get rid of the ‘mom guilt.’ I just feel that if you are a mother and you work, the main priority is spending quality time with your kids when you are home. They really don’t care about fancy things. They just want your time. So reading a book together or playing a game together may only take one hour, but it will have a lifelong impression on them.”

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