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Exes Clay Harbor And Angela Amezcua Face Off On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

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Who Is Angela Amezcua? New Details On Clay Harbor's Ex On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

One of the greatest things about ABC's Bachelor In Paradise is getting a chance to see some of our favorite Bachelor Nation stars emerge from hiding to play in the sun, and getting to know some people who for one reason or another we didn't get a chance to spend much time with on their first rodeo with finding love on national television. This season in Paradise is just beginning and it's already offering more drama than I know what to do with. Take, for example, Angela Amezcua. Who is Angela Amezcua? Why, she was a contestant on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor and dated multiple folks on the show both on screen and off. Now she's back, and her love life is taking center stage. 

1. Her Famous Ex 

So who will be appearing alongside Angela Amezcua on this season of Bachelor In Paradise? Why none other than her ex Clay Harbor! You probably remember Clay from his appearance on Becca's season of The Bachelorette, even though he wasn't around for very long. Clay stands out because he actually got injured during a group date. In a twist of fate, the injury happened while essentially, playing football! This is a twist because Clay himself is a professional football player. Becca gave him the group date rose, but after that happened, Clay made the decision to leave the show so that he could focus on healing so that he would be able to continue his career. Fair!  

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2. Meet Angela Amezcua 

Although Clay left without having found love on Becca's season, he didn't even have to leave the world of the Bachelor to find love, at least, not for a little while. Eventually, he began dating Angela Amezcua who was a contestant on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. Fans of Bachelor Nation got a chance to get to know Angela better, however, when she appeared on season five of Bachelor In Paradise. She originally cozied up to Eric Bigger but he left her heartbroken and in a lurch when he realized that he wasn't able to offer her the kind of commitment that she wanted. Angela didn't seem to have to wait long for love, she and Clay announced that they were dating just after the show ended for the season.

3. Opening Up More And More 

Angela didn't get to spend much time on Nick Viall's season, she didn't even get to know Nick: she was sent home on the very first night. Thankfully, she's stayed in the Bachelor Nation orbit romantically and professionally, and this means that fans have gotten to know her more. The more comfortable Angela gets, the more she opens up. In fact, she recently spoke on a podcast about her feelings regarding that first night with Nick. “That night is just such a blur and it’s so much going on and you’re talking to all these new people and you’re trying to get time. And after you talk to him, if you’re lucky enough to talk to the person, it’s kind of out of your control. I was a little bit surprised but then I kind of felt it too," she said. 

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4. Trouble In Paradise 

For Angela, not being picked by Nick and then being dumped by Eric were tough pills to swallow, but ultimately she took them in stride because they all led up to her meeting Clay and the couple forging their relationship. Of course, there were a lot of factors at play between her and Clay. Primary among them was Clay's uncertain life as a professional football player. On Ashley Iaconetti's podcast, Angela said: “If he gets picked up, then I can kind of go wherever he gets picked up or whatever...So it’s kind of a perfect time. Like, I feel like timing is always very important in a relationship, and I feel like the timing is right for us right now.” Unfortunately, the couple broke up in April of this year after seven months of dating. 

5. When She's Not In Paradise 

When Angela isn't sashaying from one Bachelor franchise to another, she prides herself on being a Southern girl and a family-based person. Heck, even her Instagram account mentions that she's an auntie (aunties represent!). In case you've forgotten (or you just never plain knew to begin with) Angela is originally from Greenville, South Carolina. She works as a model when she isn't trying to find love on TV, and she isn't just a woman on Instagram who SAYS she's a model either. Angela has representation in Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. A quick peek at some of her work is all it takes to know that this is a woman with a gift for serving face. 

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6. What's Clay Been Up To? 

While Clay will also be appearing on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, Angela won't have to worry too much about getting hung up on her ex, since countless interesting characters will be on the show, eager to make her acquaintance. And what's up with Clay himself and his career these days? While he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft and has played with the Patriots, the Jaguars, the Lions and The Saints, he is currently working as a free agent, giving him plenty of time to play in Paradise. Who knows, maybe these two will find a way back to each other throughout the course of the season. 

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