What The Full Moon In Aquarius And The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

To be blunt, this is not a romantic time.

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Lunatic is another fun word that ties the moon with insanity. And it's understandable in a way. You've likely noticed how so many phrases of having to deal with losing your marbles tend to be lunar related.

Considering that the pretty silver satellite is linked with the primal and instinctual, that's not much of a stretch. It governs memories, the psyche and what attracts as well as repels us. If the sun controls how we act, the moon presides over how we react


On August 15th, our zodiac signs will harness the energy of the full moon in Aquarius. All of that emotional, instinctive, protective, clingy, psychic lunar energy will be mixing it up with the eccentric, independent, abstract, detached, cold, experimental, intelligent, scientific sign of the water bearer.

Man, talk about a match made in mismatched heaven! But this seemingly whacky placement is related to the tarot card, The Seven of Swords.

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The traditional image of this card is a man sneaking away from a military camp. He's got five swords in his arms while two are left behind, and he's watching his back, looking all kinds of shifty. But this guy seems to know what he's about. And he's feeling pretty good about himself. Unlike the outright ugly conflict of the Five of Swords, he was sneaky in disarming his opponents. Save for the two swords he left behind.

This card is called The Lord of Unstable Effort. That doesn't sound very promising, but the emotional and mental are never stable, balanced energies when you blend them together. Even more so when we have two energies as different as the two we're dealing with during these next couple of days. The “Unstable” comes from blending Aquarian out of the box thinking to the lunar need for security and connection.

The dude who was running off with all of those swords? He might've had an easier time if he had one confidant help grab the other two. But he just had to go and do it alone.

While the seven energy brings challenges and individuality, this card suggest overestimating yourself. It's natural. We all get a case of Big Head Syndrome from time to time. And Aquarius has a tendency towards mental arrogance, while the moon can be secretive and mistrusting.


What does this mean emotionally? Well, plainly put, this is a time of detachment, yet not. We're going to feel pretty alive with mental energy, but emotionally we're a bit off. The same old, same old just isn't enough right now.

Sharing thoughts and feelings is going to feel like a chore. And it doesn't help that our thoughts are a little more erratic during this time.

We're going to want alone time, even when it isn't available. And this likely results in that shifty behavior I was talking about. Calling in sick just so we can hit the mall, or stay in when we know we're needed at work seems like an okay idea at the time. Telling loved ones we have work just so we can get out of spending time with them.

This works the other way around, too. We can end up on the receiving end of an outright lie. Also, there's the danger of handling information irresponsibly. Swords represent thought and communication, after all. Gossip mongering and general diarrhea of the mouth is a problem.


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This Aquarius full moon can also bring friction to relationships, especially when it comes to suspicion. The need to be alone can make partners suspicious of our actual motives, and the feeling of not having to justify anything makes this even worse.

While the moon represents intuition, it can also make for an overactive imagination as well as fear. Maybe that fear is warranted. Maybe it isn't. There's a high chance of someone trying to move in on romantic relationships during this time. It can be a romantic rival, or a disapproving family member or friend. They just won't be obvious about it. However, since the intuition is highlighted, the disturbing part is noticeable.

But instead of an outright confrontation over concerns, this moon brings the urge to shove it down, let things fester, and then handle it with misdirection and gaslighting. And that's never the way to go. The best thing to do here is to examine and confront what (or who) is causing the problems. Then a solution can be found.


The main advice here is to carefully look at your relationships right now. Keep your head on, your wits about you, and make certain your thoughts and feelings aren't out of touch with reality.

Does this mean this full moon is lousy with lying, sneaking, freaking out and general shadiness? No. Often times, it is good to keep certain things to ourselves. We just need to make certain we're not holding in too much, and from the wrong people.

However, a thing to watch out for is mental arrogance. The mind is pretty active right now, and all sorts of ideas are popping out at the seams. But others might not really be on that wavelength. That's fine. But this brings about a feeling of impatience with others.

We need to be careful about putting our foot in our mouths trying to prove a point. We could end up hurting someone, then receiving a prompt one-fingered salute the next time we encounter that person.


The altruistic energy of Aquarius and the nurturing energy of the moon make this the perfect time to help others when they need it. Heck, you might be able to see something going on that others missed!

As far as romantic relationships, conversations won't be very deep and emotional, but can tend to be on more cerebral and abstract topics. To be blunt, this is not a romantic time. During an Aquarius moon, the relationships that are most highlighted are friendships. But romance will get better once the moon enters Pisces.

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