5 Tips For Having A Great Night Out On The Town


How to have a great night out on the town with your girlfriends!

You’re going out. The girls are getting ready and you are going to have a well-deserved night on the town. Whether you go out every weekend or haven’t been out in ages, the same rules apply: have fun and look cute doing it.

But what does cute mean? It doesn’t only mean what you’re wearing, though that’s part of it. It also means your aura and the way you carry yourself. Here are five tips that are essential for a great night out on the town:

Dress to Impress
We all know that if we look nice other people will notice us. But there is more to that than meets the eye. Feeling good makes you look good too. If you all are dressed to the nines, wearing cute tops, slim jeans, and heels, but are upset about something and carry frowns on your faces the whole evening, all of the time you took to get ready was wasted. Dress not only your body but also your attitude. Go out with the intention of having fun and work towards making that happen. You’ll never know if they are looking at that cute top you bought for the occasion or the beautiful smile you’re wearing on your face, but rest assured, they wouldn’t be looking at all if that smile were a frown.

Don’t Go Overboard
Having a drink while you’re out is perfectly fine – there’s something to be said about sipping a cocktail and hanging out with your girls. But there’s no need to get inebriated. Getting drunk changes things. No longer are you enjoying an evening with friends, laughing, people watching, and dishing. Now you are touching people inappropriately, falling all over yourself, and calling attention to your drunkenness. What’s worse is that you might not even remember what happened in the morning, and if that happens, what was the point in going out in the first place?

Keep It Down
Talking is funny. Laughing, even better. But keep it down. Not everyone is part of your girls’ night out. Some people are trying to enjoy a quiet dinner or are out on a date. Don’t ruin their experience with obnoxious behavior – you wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to you.

Remember Your Purse
It would be terrible to go out, have a good time, and then come home to find you don’t know where you keys are. Keep a modest purse on you at all times and store your keys there, where they’ll be safe.

Be Mindful of Tomorrow
Enjoy the night, but don’t let it impact the next day. You might have work or other responsibilities in the morning that will be compromised. If you can’t stay up late and get up early, don’t. Call it a night at a time that will not destroy the plans you set for the following morning.

Girls’ night out is one of the most fun things you can do for yourself. Have fun and do it right