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Paris Jackson And Gabriel Glenn Got Matching Rings — Did They Get Hitched?

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Is Paris Jackson Married? New Details On Michael Jackson's Daughter And Her Relationship With Gabriel Glenn

Whenever Paris Jackson — daughter of the late, great Michael Jackson — goes out and about on the town, she's always bound to create a sensation. Recently, however, the press was abuzz because they'd noticed that she and her longtime boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, were wearing matching rings. That led many in the blogosphere to speculate: is Paris Jackson married?

Here's what we know about this latest rumor. 

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1. Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn are noted for their matching styles. 

According to Vogue Magazine, Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn frequently make headlines because they have matching bohemian styles. 

"Paris Jackson and her musician boyfriend Gabriel Glenn have found their couples style signature: they often coordinate outfits that point to the ’70s, favoring groovy pieces in denim, silk, and suede. And that applies to their red carpet appearances, too: yesterday, the duo hit the screening of The Peanut Butter Falcon in Hollywood, California in their most hippy-chic outfits yet," reported the outlet, who added that the fashion-forward couple is keeping in tune with the re-emerging 1970's style. 


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Paris Jackson is dating Gabriel Glenn.

2. They have been dating for more than a year. 

Though Paris Jackson has been rumored to be dating a variety of different people in the Hollywood world (including Cara Delevigne), she's actually been dating Gabriel Glenn for more than a year. In fact, according to People Magazine, she shared a heartfelt message on Instagram on their one year anniversary not long ago. 

"Thank you for making me the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. happy anniversary baby,” she wrote in the caption, adding a heart emoji. “Can’t wait for another trip around the sun," she said, according to the outlet.


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The couple is noted for their matching styles. 

3. Gabriel Glenn is a musician. 

According to Pop Culture, Gabriel Glenn — like the late Michael Jackson — is a musician in his own right. 

"Glenn is very in tune with music. While he sings and plays acoustic guitar with The Soundflowers, he also performs with the Los Angeles-based rock band Trash Dogs," reported the outlet.

The outlet also reports that he's in "the world's mangiest band," and that he plays gigs all over Los Angeles, including at the Whisky A Go-Go and The Viper Room. 


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Paris Jackson is a very unique spirit.

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4. First, the rumors came out about their engagement. 

According to Refinery 29, the rumors about Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn's relationship started with allegations of their engagement. The "matching rings" controversy was, first, thought of as being a sign of their pre-marital bliss.

"Despite publicly wearing matching gold bands on fingers traditionally designated for such purposes, Jackson is not engaged to her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn. It’s just their heavily-accessorized boho style, you see!" reported the outlet.


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Did Paris Jackson get secretly engaged?

5. Did Gabriel Glenn & Paris Jackson secretly get married?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the "matching rings" were actually a sign that the two young lovebirds were married, not just engaged. 

"Insiders worried that Paris was headed for an overdose, a meltdown, or some other personal tragedy. Things seem to have stabilized for Jackson these days, and Glenn — who stood by her side throughout — seems to have had a stabilizing influence. Often, tough times test our bonds and bring us closer to those we love -- which might be part of the reason so many are convinced that Paris and Glenn secretly got married sometime in the past few weeks," reported the outlet.


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Rumors abounded that Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn got married.

6. Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn did not get engaged and they are not married. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, shortly after speculation began, Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn confirmed that they did not get engaged, and they are not married. 

"Despite wearing matching gold bands at the Peanut Butter Falcon premiere at the ArcLight in Hollywood on Thursday night, a source close to the late Michael Jackson's daughter exclusively tells ET that the actress and her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, are not engaged or married. "They are very serious but they're young and just enjoying each other’s time as girlfriend and boyfriend right now," the source said to the outlet.

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