Is Serial Modelizer Leo DiCaprio Finally Ready To Settle Down With 22-Year-Old Model Camila Morrone?

Are wedding bells in their future?

Are Leonardo DiCaprio And Camila Morrone Engaged? New Details On Whether Or Not He Is Finally Ready To Settle Down Instagram

Leonardo DiCaprio is not the marrying kind. The 44-year old actor has been linked to dozens of women over the course of his career but he’s never put a ring on any of them. Now, however, sources close to the Oscar winner say he might be ready to settle down with girlfriend Camila Morrone.

DiCaprio has been dating the 22-year old model since the end of 2017. Now, a friend tells People: “They seem pretty serious.”  They certainly haven’t been shy about appearing in public together and rumor is that she has met his family.


Are Leo and Cami headed for happily ever after? Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone engaged? Read on for all the details.

1. Leo, the original modelizer

Leo DiCaprio is known as not only a heartthrob but also a powerhouse actor. He started his career in commercials and moved up to sitcoms with roles on Growing Pains and in the series Parenthood. By the 1990s, he was acting in films, including This Boy’s Life opposite Robert De Niro. In 1993, he scored his first Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for his tour-de-force performance as a disabled boy in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. By 1997, he was starring in Titanic and solidified his position as one of the biggest stars of his generation. He’s gone on to star in Catch Me If You Can, Django Unchained, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, and The Revenant. He's appearing in the upcoming film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, coming out this summer.


Along the way, Elle reports, he has been romantically linked to multiple women. In fact, by the numbers he's dated 16 models, 15 blondes, 4 actresses and one pop star —incuding Gisele Bundchen, Bar Rafaeli, Kelly Rohrbach, Helena Christiansen, Natasha Henstridge, Juliette Lewis, Amber Valletta, Bijou Phillips, and Blake Lively. 



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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood comes out this week.


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2. Cami

Camila Morone is the daughter of male supermodel Maximo Morrone and actress Lucila Solá, The Heavy notes. Her parents have since split and Solá has been in a relationship with Al Pacino since 2009. While they are not married, Morrone refers to Pacino as her stepfather. She started modeling in 2016 with catalogue work for Victoria’s Secret. Since then, she has been featured on the runway for Moschino’s 2017 resort collection, the cover of Vogue Turkey, and in the LOVE annual advent calendar. She hangs out with other top models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Morrone also has some acting credits to her name, including the films Never Goin’ Back and Death Wish. She played Mickey Peck in the recent film Mickey and the Bear.



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Her father is also a model.


3. Family friend

In 2017, rumors about a hook up between the model and the actor started flying after they were spotted together in public. However, US Weekly reported at the time that friends of Morrone said nothing was happening except some friendly shopping trips and other outings. The two were “family friends,” introduced to one another by Morrone’s stepfather Al Pacino, who is a friend of DiCaprio’s. The source said the two had known each other for ten years at that time—which would make Camila 10 when Leo met her.



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They have known each other for years.


4. Dating

By 2018, however, the couple was spotted together in Aspen and there was no more denying that they were a pair. Since then, they have traveled all over the world together and appeared on red carpets and in paparazzi pics. In 2018, a source told E!: “They've been inseparable for the last year and are crazy about one another. They’ve gotten to know each other's families, and they love being together.”

Another source close to the couple confirms their seriousness as a couple, telling People: “Camila is long known as Leo’s girlfriend," the source said. "And Leo introduced her to both of his parents long ago.”



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The travel frequently.


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5. Engagement?

The length of the relationship and the gushing stories about the pair from sources in their lives have a lot of people speculating as to whether or not they’re going to make the relationship legal any time soon. A source told US Weekly: "They're very serious and in love. They’ve talked about getting engaged. He's never loved a girl like this.”

6. Not so fast

Others who claim to know the model and her serial-monogamist boyfriend are less convinced that they’ll be walking down the aisle any time soon. One source has said: “Marriage is definitely not a discussion yet. He is very serious with Cami and has been for a while now, but marriage is not something that is on the horizon.”



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Marriage may not be in the cards.

For now, DiCaprio is busy promoting Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, which opens on July 26. The highly anticipated film by Quentin Tarantino also stars Brad Pitt, Austin Butler, Margot Robbie, and Dakota Fanning.

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