Rapper Young Dro Arrested For Attacking Girlfriend With Banana Pudding — For Real

We can't make this stuff up, folks.

Who Is Young Dro? New Details On The Rapper Arrested For Attacking Girlfriend With Banana Pudding — For Real Instagram

We cannot make this stuff up! Rapper Young Dro was arrested on July 5th for allegedly throwing a plate of banana pudding at his girlfriend at the Atlanta home. According to TMZthe couple had been fighting over money when Dro decided to throw the pudding at her. What does he have against banana pudding? It's delicious! He was arrested even though his girlfriend didn't want to press charges. He is facing two counts of misdemeanor battery/family violence for the pudding incident. Who is Young Dro?


1. He's from Atlanta

Young Dro was born D'Juan Montrel Hart on January 15, 1979 in the Bankhead neighborhood on the west side of Atlanta. He was inspired to become a rapper due to the success of one of his best friends, Chris "Daddy Mack" Smith, better known as one half of Kriss Kross. Dro began his career as a rapper in 1999 when he signed to Raheem the Dream's local Atlanta label Tight 4 Life. He released the single "Yes Sir" and the album I Got That Dro, which were regional hits. 



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2. Breakthrough

In 2004, Young Dro signed a recording contract with T.I. label imprint Grand Hustle. The two rappers had known each other since the early 1990s. Dro released his major label debut single "Shoulder Lean" in 2006. The song got heavy rotation on BET and MTV2. The cell ringtone of the song sold over 500,000. The single was part of his major label debut Best Thang Smoking, which was debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 chart when it was released on August 29, 2006. Dro won the BET Mobile Hot Ring Award in 2006 for "Shoulder Lean."



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3. The fight

Young Dro and his girlfriend were reportedly fighting about money when he picked up the plate (who eats pudding off a plate, anyway?) of banana pudding and threw it at her. As the fight escalated, the couple started throwing whatever they could get their hands on — mostly food — at each other. 

4. This is not his first arrest

This is not Young Dro's first arrest. Back in January 2016, he was arrested for violating the Georgia controlled substance act. The type of drug or drugs he was caught with was not noted at the time.



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5. This isn't even his second arrest

Young Dro was arrested in March 2015 for theft. In February of that year he borrowed a Cadillac CTS from local Atlanta hip-hop artist Robyn Fly. He was supposed to be borrowing the car for just a few hours. However, he failed to return the car and Fly reported her car stolen. Police tracked the car through the GPS system to an apartment complex. Dro was arrested March 29, 2015. He posted $2,000 bond and was released the next day. However, he failed to appear for his arraignment and an arrest warrant was issued for him with bond set at $15,000. That was tossed out when he showed up to court four hours late. 


6. He's still in jail

Young Dro is still in jail as after he was arrested, authorities he owes his baby mama, who is not his current girlfriend, $41,000 in back child support. In order to even get out of jail, the rapper must come up with $10,000. He is stil claiming he's all paid up and it's a clerical issue. But here's the thing — if that was really the case, wouldn't that have been resolved by now?



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