Robin Williams' Son Cody Gets Married On Late Father's Birthday And Pays Beautiful Tribute To Him

Congrats to the happy couple!

Who Is Cody Williams? New Details On Robin Williams' Son And The Beautiful Tribute He Made To His Late Father At His Wedding Getty 

Cody Williams, youngest son of Robin Williams married his girlfriend Maria Flores last weekend. They celebrated their love in front of family and friends. Cody and Maria tied the knot on his late father's birthday. What do we know about Cody Williams? The third child of the late Robin Williams is something of a mystery to a lot of us. I think we are all wondering the same thing. Who is Cody Williams?


1. He is the youngest child of Robin Williams

Robin Williams, a beloved comedian and actor, had three children before he took his life in 2014. His oldest son, Zachary from his first marriage to Valerie Velardi, is "dedicated to bringing financial literacy education to at-risk communities primarily in prisons." Robin's daughter Zelda is an actress and the  product of William's second marriage to Marsha Gaces Williams. He had a second child with Marsha Gaces Williams, Cody. Cody is the youngest child of Robin Williams. He loved his father dearly. Robin Williams once said of fatherhood: "There are days when I look at my kids playing and I think, ‘This is heaven’ It’s not just contentment, but a power surge in your heart."



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2. The wedding took place on Robin Williams' birthday.

Williams and Flores were married on July 21, 2019 on his late father's birthday. The wedding took place at the home Robin Williams shared with ex-wife Marsha Garces Williams while they were raising their two children, Cody and Zelda. Williams' eldest child, Zachary just welcomed a son back in may with his fiancé Olivia Joy.) The wedding included a tribute to the late Williams.



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3. There was also a tribute to other members of the family. 

The wedding also paid tribute to the other losses the families has faced including all of their family members who have passed on. Flores's grandfather Daniel Flores, her aunt Carol Bowling, and Williams' cousin Todd Elsner. They lit a candle with three wicks to commemorate those that had passed on. They played a recording of Flores singing Never Enough. All of the guests held up yellow roses to remember their lost loved ones. It seems like a truly beautiful way to remember those that have died.



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4. Sister Zelda writes emotional tribute

After the wedding, Cody's sister Zelda wrote an emotional tribute to the couple and her late father, on Instagram. The post read: "The 21st of July has meant many things to me over the years. It’s the birthday of one of my favorite souls still on this earth, @junotemple. It’s the day Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon (as a space nerd, that’s pretty damn important). And it was the day my Dad was born, and the last day I got to see him. That last one had begun to usurp the joy of the first two in recent years... that is, until two days ago, when it became something new. On the 21st of July, 2019, it became the day I officially gained a new sister! To @mariaaafloresssswilliams and Cody, you are a light in all of our lives. I’m so grateful to have paid witness to your love over the years, to have watched you grow and care for each other in ways we should all be so lucky to experience. You were already part of the family in my eyes, but now there’s an official slip of paper somewhere that agrees! Zak, Mom and I love you both dearly, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BRIDE AND GROOM!!!"



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5. After his father's death

After his father's death, the world morned the loss of Robin Williams. The loss was obviously hardest on his three children. Cody was quoted saying: "There are no words strong enough to describe the love and respect I have for my father. The world will never be the same without him. I will miss him and take him with me everywhere I go for the rest of my life, and will look forward, forever, to the moment when I get to see him again. "


6. Williams is an assistant director

Williams, like his father, loves the movie industry. He is an assistant director. He worked as an assistant director on the movies American Reunion and Trouble with the Curve. According to his IMDB page he is also now part of the Marvel world, having assistant directed quite a few from the franchise, including work on the Ant Man movies as well as Capitan Marvel and many others. This seems like a jump for the young Williams as he studied music production. This would have come in handy as his new wife is a singer. In fact she is the lead singer of the band Bone Nest. 



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