'Bachelor' Runner-Up Bibiana Julian Heads To Mexico For 'Bachelor In Paradise' — What She's Been Up To

Let's dive in and learn about this Cheerleader turned Bachelorette hopeful!

Who is Bibiana Julian? New Details On The Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Heading To Mexico For 'Bachelor In Paradise' Instagram

Bibiana Julian was born on September 2, 1987 in Miami Florida. This Virgo and former MTV Miami worker is a lover of dance, reading, and all things The Bachelor. She first appeared on The Bachelor scene in 2018 season 22 of The Bachelor, when Arie was looking for love. She appeared in many other Bachelor formats and will be appearing this summer in Bachelor in Paradise for the second time. There is a lot we will learn about Julian in the weeks to come, but lets lengthen our scope of knowledge before that happens. Who is Bibiana Julian? 


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1. She was a cheerleader

Bibiana is just your average girl next door. If the average girl next door was a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins! She joined the team when she was just 19-years-old. This was a big year for her because she also became the co-captain of the team. She was able to lead a group of professional woman at such a young age. What leadership skills she must have. She was also voted Rookie of the Year! Apparently she really knows how to dazzle the voters. But one of her more famed accomplishments that year was that she was voted America's Sexiest Cheerleader in an online poll in 2006. When asked about it she said that if any of the Dolphins girls would have been nominated they would have won. It's a Dolphin thing. The funniest thing about her being a professional cheerleader is that she says that American football is her least favorite sport! Get it together girl! Just kidding Bibiana, we love you!



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2. She is very family-oriented

Bibiana Julian loves her family! She and her sister are especially close. She has a tattoo on her left wrist of interlocking hearts that also have her sisters initials embedded in them. I wonder if her sister will ever join the bachelor franchise. When asked if she could only pick one animal, which animal would she be, she listed an Orca Whale, saying that they, "move around and remain in a tight knit family." That's saying a lot because she is deathly afraid of sharks! That is someone who really and truly values family. That is a great quality to have in a partner.



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3. She LOVES being a part of Bachelor Nation!

Julian first appeared on The Bachelor back in 2018 competing for the heart of Arie Luyendyk Jr. in season 22. Unfortunately, she failed to impress him quickly enough, and was eliminated in week three. Immediately following that she joined the Bachelor Winter Games! Another bout of bad luck for the 30-year-old stunner, she was eliminated in episode four after she split with her partner Jordan Mauger. She also appeared in Bachelor in Paradise season five but was eliminated faster than ever in week two! Poor girl! I imagine she's got the hang of it now, and this is going to be her season! We're rooting for you, girl!



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4. She is a lover of the Arts

Bibiana loves anything that has to do with art, be it performing, dramatic, visual, or global... she's all about it. She was raised a dancer and it is one of her greatest passions in life. She was quoted saying: "I wish I could be art." She is also a very avid reader. Her Instagram is full of books that she has read or is currently reading. Often times she will include passages that she finds especially meaningful. She recently posted about reading Chloe Benjamin's book The Immortalists, which I also happen to love, saying: "I wanted to hate this book, but I couldn't. Taking breaks from it allowed me to appreciate Benjamin's message. It made me question the way I am living. Do I operate from a point of fear? Am I taking my time with my sisters and family for granted? If I knew the day I was to die, would I live my life fearlessly or even hold grudges?" This is a girl who just gets it.


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