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Meet Charlotte Pence — Vice President Mike Pence's Newly-Engaged Daughter

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New Details on Vice President Pence's Daughter And Her Engagement

Charlotte Pence was born on June 25, 1993. She is the first born of the three children of Vice President Pence. She is a graduate of DePaul university, and is now attending Harvard Divinity School. She has published three books—two  children's books and one book called Where You Go, Lessons From My Father. Most recently she has been in headlines due to her recent engagement to Henry Bond. But even still how well do we really know Charlotte Pence? Let's dive in and ask ourselves, who is Charlotte Pence?

1. She has two degrees

Charlotte Pence graduated from DePaul University with a double major in English and Digital Cinema. For one of her classes she was required to make a short film. In the making of that short film, the crew decided that they needed a bunny rabbit. Pence led the crew off campus and they bought the rabbit, now know as Marlon Bundo, to star in the film. Marlon Bundo— a play on words with Marlon Brando— and Charlotte Pence ended up loving each other too much to separate and he lived in her dorm for all four years of college. Bundo now lives on Number One Observatory Circle, with the Vice President and the whole Pence clan.


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2. What is the big deal with Marlon Bundo?

Why did I pontificate so about a silly little rabbit with a funny little name? Well this rabbit is not only a beloved pet for the Pence family but also a source of profit. Charlotte Pence and her mother Karen, got together and wanted to write a children's book. Karen is a water color painter and Charlotte has an English degree and a love of children's literature. They decided to write a book from the perspective of Marlon Bundo, about a day in the life of Vice President Pence. The story is told through Bundo's eyes as he watches the Vice President go through his day. 


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3. A Bundo Burlesque

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver writer Jill Twiss heard about the Marlon Bundo book release and decided to have a little fun of her own. She released a competing book called A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo. In the book Marlon falls in love with another boy rabbit, and a character not dissimilar to Vice President Pence will not allow them to do so. Both books are Amazon best sellers with the former at number four and the latter at number one. 


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4. She's engaged!

She recently accepted the marriage proposal of Henry Bond. She took to her Instagram to say, "I said 'yes,' and then I said 'thanks' a lot because I didn’t know what else to say. I love you. Let’s do this." Her new fiancé Henry is a recent grad of the Naval academy. She credits her brother's wife Sarah with setting them up.


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5. She is the second Pence girl to get engaged.

Her younger sister Audrey was the first Pence sister to seal the deal. She was proposed to by college boyfriend Daniel Tomanelli. They were caught in a rainstorm and it seemed to make the moment even more romantic. When her older sister got engaged five or so months later, she posted a sweet message to her sisters new fiancé on Instagram. "Being born 14 months after Charlotte means I’ve always known what it is to be wholly loved and completely cared for. Henry, you’re the luckiest man in the world. Thank you for putting that smile on my big sister’s face". And the Pence family keeps on growing!


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