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Jake Hazell Pays Tribute To Late Girlfriend Emily Hartridge Just Days After Her Death In Bizarre Electric Scooter Accident

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Who Is Jake Hazell? New Details On The Boyfriend Of Dead YouTube Star Emily Hartridge

Just days after Emily Hartridge's death from a freak electric scooter accident, her boyfriend paid tribute to her in an emotional video. Who is Jake Hazell?

Let's look at what we know about this unfortunate tragedy — and the man the late YouTuber left behind.

1. Emily Hartridge died in a freak motor scooter accident. 

According to The Sun, the 35-year-old YouTube star died in what is being called Britain's first-ever motor scooter accident. She was killed less than a mile outside of her London home. 

"A statement on Emily's Instagram page on Saturday said: "Emily was involved in an accident yesterday and passed away. We all loved her to bits and she will never be forgotten. She has touched so many lives it's hard to imagine things without her. She was a very special person xxx." Fans and fellow celebrities paid tribute to Emily, originally from Waterlooville, Hants, on social media," reported the outlet, who added that the personal trainer interviewed all sorts of celebrities while she was alive.


A post shared by JAKE HAZELL (@jacob_hazell) on Jul 15, 2019 at 12:26am PDT

Jake Hazell shared his grief over the tragic loss of his girlfriend, Emily Hartridge, on Instagram.

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2. Even though Jake Hazell was eight years younger than Emily, he loved her dearly. 

In an Instagram post shared just before the duo moved in together, Jake talked about how much of a positive influence Emily was on his life. Their May-December romance was frequently chronicled on social media, too. 

"She walked up and introduced herself in a really confident way, and I can honestly say I was blown away. Getting to know her has been absolutely incredible. Emily has extremely similar experiences with mental health, and has been an amazing support through my struggles with it all,” he wrote on his Instagram post, which you can see below. He also, like any good boyfriend, gave her some good-natured ribbing, joking that he liked it when he "Dutch ovened" her in while they were in bed, and admitting that he "liked the smell of her farts."

Bittersweet, in hindsight.


A post shared by JAKE HAZELL (@jacob_hazell) on Jun 23, 2019 at 10:22pm PDT

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3. Jake Hazell, who is also a YouTuber, admitted that their relationship wasn't perfect, but he wouldn't trade it for the world.

According to People Magazine, Jake Hazell admitted that his relationship with Emily Hartridge was far from perfect. However, he said, he wouldn' trade her for anything — or anyone — in the world. 

"Obviously we argue, get in strops, and all the rest of it, but when you dutch oven me in bed, because I’m a weirdo it only draws me closer to you,” he wrote. “I can’t wait to become your next flatmate, get ready for that loo seat being left up ALL THE TIME — love you. I had got used to going through the ups and downs of life on my own, and was pretty much ready to continue to do that for good. What a nice change it’s been having someone to share it all with,” he said.


A post shared by Emily Hartridge (@emilyhartridge) on Jul 13, 2019 at 2:05am PDT

News of Emily Hartridge's death was shared with her friends and fans on Instagram.

4. He said  he was "devastated" about her death, but had kept his head up because of the outpouring of support. 

According to Us Weekly, after Emily's tragic death, Jake took to Instagram to let people know that he appreciated the outpouring of support from her fans. He also said that while he was devastated by her death, he was getting through it thanks to the support of Emily's family, who have been nothing but supportive. 

“Emily was the person who encouraged me to talk about how I was feeling,” he continued, as his eyes welled with tears. “So I just wanted to put a video out here because it seems the easiest way to say thank you and let people know that I’m OK.” Hazell went on to note that Hartridge has an “amazing” family who have been there for him throughout this devastating time and for all who loved her, adding that he “appreciates” all of the support he’s received," reported the outlet. 

5. Most tragically of all, Emily Hartridge was scheduled to meet up with her fans before she'd died. 

According to Heavy, Emily Hartridge had planned a meetup with her fans on July 13th — which turned out to be the day after she'd tragically passed away. The event was supposed to be called "Brain Buddies," and the focus was going to be on mental health. 

"Emily was slated to host a mental health meetup called “brain buddies” for women at Green Park in London on Saturday at 2 p.m. Instead of meeting up with Emily to talk about anxiety, depression and mental health, her followers saw the message on Instagram about her tragic passing," reported the outlet.

Our thoughts are with Emily Hartridge, Jake Hazell, and their families during this obviously difficult time. 

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