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Instagram Star Belle Delphine Banned From Instagram After Selling Used Bathwater

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Why Was Belle Delphine Banned From Instagram? New Details On Why The X Rated Instagram Star's Account Was Deleted

Thanks to the internet, it's easier than ever before for practically anyone to achieve their 15 minutes of fame. What they do with that fame, however, is entirely up to them and sometimes the choices famous folks make can be pretty darn baffling. The recent antics of Instagram star and cosplay queen Belle Delphine fall into that category for sure. 

The 19-year-old Instagram star is known for provoking responses from her fans and her critics alike, but after her latest ploy (selling her own used bath water online) she may have finally gone too far. Here's what we know about the Instagram star, her followers, why she's so darn famous, and why Instagram finally decided to shutter her account for breaking their rules. Why did Belle Delphine get banned from Instagram?

1. Bye Bye Belle 

If you've been on the internet for the past couple of weeks at all, chances are you've already heard about the scuttlebutt about Belle Delphine and the shocking things going down on her Instagram account. The star is known for her viral, over-the-top antics that help her gain followers and lots of extra cheddar, but now it's looking like she's hit a bit of a roadblock, at least, on one social media platform. Currently, if you try to check out her pictures on Instagram, you'll be met with a sad reality: her entire account has been shut down for violating the platform's rules. There was a coordinated attack on her account with users scrambling to report her and get her shutdown, but Instagram has revealed that such a campaign alone wouldn't be enough to get an account shutdown.  

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2. Biggest Stunts

Belle Delphine has been reaching out to fans on the web for ages now, but it was only with two big stunts that she tried to pull this year that really pushed her into the stratosphere. She sold her own bathwater for $30 bucks a pop and she fooled her Instagram followers into thinking that she was going to make and distribute porn films on PornHub. While she has yet to actually perform as a sex worker in any capacity (that we know of) her photoshoots for Instagram are usually pretty NSFW, which has been a huge part of their appeal to her fans. She's also really well known for her use of "ahegao" faces, an expression often found in Japanese anime and manga to denote sexual ecstasy. Good luck googling that one. I did and I'm pretty sure I'm on a bunch of weird lists now. 

3. Death Rumors

The porn and the bathwater stunts are far from being the only things Belle's done to get attention on the web. On February 19th of 2019, she launched a different kind of rumor— one of her own death! In a post (which has since been deleted) Belle was dressed in one of her usual Japanese inspired cosplay ensembles and she was singing a song: this was no upbeat ditty, this was a song about suicide. To really hammer the message home, she also appeared to be holding what looked like a very real gun, though no one knows for sure whether it was or not. At that time she had nearly 3 million followers and many of them who saw this video seemed to briefly believe that their beloved Belle took her own life after making that post. 

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4. Money Moves 

Thankfully, Belle's attention-grabbing suicide-themed antics weren't true, but they did help add to her numbers, though commenters began to critize her for doing stuff like making light of suicide (fair). If there's one thing that Belle is very good at doing, it's gaining followers and adding to her likely already stuffed coffers. When she started selling her own bathwater, she herself was among the most surprised when she actually sold out of her first batch.  xplaining where she got the idea to Metro.co.uk, Belle said: "So, there is a joke in the community among gamers where they will comment on a post saying 'let me drink your bathwater' and although it’s a joke I just kind of found the idea of turning it into a reality and actually letting people own my bathwater funny."

5. The Real Belle 

While Belle Delphine might sound like some super-world wise phenom, the truth of the matter is a little bit different. In fact, her real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, and she's actually just 19-years-old! How bananas is that? On her Patreon she wrote: "I live in the rainy, windy and sometimes sunny UK with my lovely little family of hamsters which I look after. I love painting, drawing, ice-skating and just being creative and designing things! I would love to own all of my dream outfits, create cosplays and cute and sexy looks to share. So thank you so much for helping me achieve this dream. I’m currently setting up a studio, where I’m going to be creating outfits and cosplays this year.”

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6. Her Patreon 

If you're bummed that you can't access Belle's content on Instagram, don't worry, she's still active on other forms of social media and what's more, she's got an active Patreon account where patrons can support artists they admire. Belle's got more than 4000 patrons supporting her and they pay between $1 a month or up to $2,500 for different perks and benefits. "If you’re into weird elf kitty girls who try too hard then you have come to the right place <3. On this page, you will find all of my lewd, NSFW and other content which isn't on any of my other pages. All especially for you. Please read through this page before you decide to pledge," she shares on her account page. 

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