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30 Love Quotes To Keep You Going While You Wait For The Right Partner To Come Along

Waiting for the right man quotes

There are great places to find your ideal person. If you’re religious the best place could be a church. If you’re a gamer, maybe the best place is MegaCon. Whatever it may be for you there are important steps and factors to take in when choosing — and waiting for — the right person for you.

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The best kind of partner is one who is caring and cooperative, it’s simple but true. Having a long lasting relationship needs those two qualities. What if you two fall into a fight, being care and cooperative will lead you to fixing any issue. We may fall victim to the person who causes a lot of drama, but it’s important to get back on your horse and see what do you have to find to start again.

Finding someone who you can talk to sounds simple yet some of us fall flat on it. We tend to go for physical traits rather than internal values and similar likes.

Avoid people who cross your lines. If you’re someone who has religious values than it’s a lot tougher being with someone who doesn’t have those values and vise versa. It’s more likely that a fight or argument will break out again and again so it’s better to find someone with similar values.

It may be tough to find that person, but if you do, don’t rush into a relationship. Take time to build up that connection and see if this person is truly what he/she says he/she is. Good relationships take time, especially when you're waiting for the right person to come along. If you’re cooking, you wouldn’t open up the oven every second to see if the chicken is ready, righ? That's precisely why it's so important to be patient. To wait and let things be what they are. Let the ingredients soak in, and warm it up so it’s tasty. Treat your circumstance like waiting for a cooked chicken.

While you're still waiting for the right man or woman to come along, take a look at these sweet love quotes about waiting for the right partner, so you can have a forever relationship. 

1. Love never runs out.

"Never rush in love for it never runs out. Let love be the one to knock on your door so that by the time you start to feel, you'll know it's real." -unknown

2. Don’t rush things

"Never rush into a relationship. True love is bound to reveal itself sooner or later." -Jayden Hayes

3. Say it when you mean it.

"If we're waiting for the most convenient time to say I LOVE YOU, we may never find one. "-Terry Mark

4. Try to move on if you have to.

It's hard being left behind. (...) It's hard to be the one who stays." -Audrey Niffenegger

5. Be patient for the right one.

"I've learned that waiting is the most difficult bit, and I want to get used to the feeling, knowing that you're with me, even when you're not by my side."-Paulo Coelho

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6. Be willing to wait as long as possible.

"'For a while' is a phrase whose length can't be measured.At least by the person who's waiting."-Haruki Murakami

7. Love is imperfect.

"The course of true love never did run smooth."-William Shakespeare

8. Deal with the pain.

"Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering." -Paulo Coelho

9. It’s worth fighting.

"Love is everything it's cracked up to be It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for."-Erica Jong

10. Value the people that are brought into your life.

"The right person will come,, once you have suffered enough to deserve her"-Juvenal Lopez

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11. Make sacrifices to find the right one.

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."-Joseph Campbell

12. Don’t be afraid.

"I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid. I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you a thousand more."-Christina Perri

13. Just keep waiting.

"Sometimes waiting is the hardest thing of all."-Luanne Rice

14. Two people will become one.

"Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one."-John Keats

15. Be open to waiting all your life.

"If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life. "-Oscar Wilde

16. Just at the right time.

"The right man comes at the right time. "-Proverb

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17. I’ll be back.

"If I am really a part of your dream, you'll come back one day."-Paulo Coelho

18. Try to find that special someone.

"Good things come to those who wait, Better things come to those who try."-Nishan Panwar

19. You can’t force an opinion.

"You cant force someone to care, you can only sit and wait till everything catches up to them and when it finally does maybe then they'll realize what they lost. "-Nishan Panwar

20. Find your partner, but be patient.

"How much of human life is lost in waiting."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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21. Find your reason.

"Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don't count."-Dr. Robert Anthony

22. Love is worth waiting for.

"People count up the faults of those who keep them waiting"-French Proverb

23. The rust of the soul.

"Waiting is the rust of the soul. "-Carlos Ruiz Zafon

24. Be excited for your future partner.

"Delay is a bitter tonic, but it increases appetite."-Austin O'Malley

25. Being patient is all that matters.

"If you wait, you grow old, nothing more."- Unkown

26. Be willing to wait.

"Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on what we're waiting for "-Charles Stanley

26. Great things are worth sacrificing for.

"There is no great achievement that is not the result of patient working and waiting." -J. G. Holland

27. Wait for the right person.

"All things come to him who waits- provided he knows what he is waiting for."-Woodrow Wilson

28. It’s meant to be.

I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours forever.” ― Robert Browning

29. Don’t look for perfection.

If you can't ignore imperfections, then your imaginary ideal soulmate will always remain pending till you grow old and die.”Michael Bassey Johnson

30. Have enough patience.

“I have enough patience to wait for the fulfillment of my wishes.” Lailah Gifty Akita

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