'Grand Hotel's' Bryan Craig Spills All The Juicy Details On Javi And Ingrid's Relationship

He spilled it all.

Who Is Bryan Craig? New Details On The 'Grand Hotel' Star And What He Knows About Javi and Ingrid's Relationship Instagram 

Every summer it's the same damn thing. All of your favorite stories are off for summer vacation and you're reduced things like watching American Ninja Warrior or various other programs where people are knocked down into liquids and crowds clap. Ah Wipeout, the fact that you exist continues to both baffle and delight me more than I could ever possibly express. 

But if you aren't a fan of these poor subsitutes for the good stuff than you need to check out Grand Hotel on Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC. The show is smart, compelling, romantic, and juuuuuicy! If you're already on board then chances are you've spent more than your fair share of time oggling star Bryan Craig who plays Javi on the show. Here's a bit more about the actor and some of the juicy spoilers he's free to reveal about the new season. Who is Bryan Craig?


1. Meet Bryan Craig

In the role of Javi in ABC's Grand Hotel, Bryan Craig is certainly turning heads, but this isn't the first time he's caught the attention of small screen viewers. In fact, the Florida native is perhaps most famous (to date) for playing Morgan Corinthos on another ABC show, General Hospital. It didn't just make him famous, playing Morgan actually helped the actor win two Daytime Emmies! But Craig doesn't just work on ABC shows, or just in TV for that matter! The actor was recently spotted on CW's show Valor and he's been making appearances in feature films like American Fighter and Ride. Now, the actor is opening up about the captivating mysteries at the heart of Grand Hotel and what he's got to say is sure to delight fans. 



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2. More to Javi

When we first meet Javi, we're presented with a lot of questions and very few answers, and if you're frustrated about that you certainly aren't alone. Also, if you're frustrated, Javi says he's got good news for you. This season on Grand Hotel you're going to get all kinds of questions about Javi's life before the show began, and yes, that means you'll finally find out what the eff happened to his leg. "We spend a lot of time flashing back to what happened and his process. You know, going forward and getting older with the disability and all that," said Javi while discussing upcoming episodes of the show (Javi-heads should NOT miss episode 8, if Bryan is to be believed. And like, why should the guy lie, right? 



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3. Are they a match?

Oh the webs we weave on primetime dramas that air during the summer monrths! And Grand Hotel is certainly no exception to that rule. So far on the first four episodes of the season, Ingrid has dropped the baby bomb on Javi and he is for sure reeling. Just imagine how he's gonna feel when he finds out what Ingrid already knows: Mateo is the true baby daddy of it all! If anything is gonna be a damper on a couple's future it's lying about paternity. While the couple could spark, as a match Bryan thinks that they don't exactly have a lot going for them. "I think Javi and Ingrid would do well together if it didn’t start off the way it started off. You know what I mean? They have a lot of similarities. They’re both kinda mischievous, and I think they would fit. But I don’t see how it would work out after all this unfolds," said Bryan. 



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4. More Of Eva

On a TV show like Grand Hotel, there are always multiple questions burning in the brains of audience members who are quickly wrapped up in the mysteries that the show provides. Of course, the central story is about the strange disappearance of Sky, Danny's sister and a former employee at the hotel. But there are also mysteries aplenty in Javi's life and it turns out that they are going to take centerstage too! Javi's mother Beatriz is played by Eva Longoria and she's a woman with a huge secret. It's one that Bryan's apparently super excited about too, saying: “You’re going to get a lot of flashbacks of Eva, too, as the season goes on. Her part is quite big.”



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5. Gigi and Javi 

On the show, Beatriz dies, and that's when her buddy Gigi steps up to the plate and marries Santiago, Javi's dad. Clearly this wasn't exactly a marriage that Javi celebrated about. In fact, it added a ridiculous amount of tension to the family dynamic not just for Javi and Gigi, but for Gigi's kids and Santiago's entire family too. So does Bryan wanna reveal what his relationship with Gigi is going to look like in the future?  “I can say before Javi’s father and Gigi got together, Javi and Gigi were very close. I can also say that by the end of the season, they may not hate each other so much anymore," said Bryan. God, this guy is good! They should hire him to market all of their episodes! 


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6. The Rest Of The Season 

While he might not actually be the father of Ingrid's baby, Javi doesn't know that yet! So he's been busy grappling with the idea that he's going to be a dad and for his newly developing feelings for Ingrid. “You’re going to see Javi step up more and be more responsible,” Bryan said. “He starts to fall for Ingrid more and more as time goes on, and she falls more for him.” But as for the big question, what the heck happened to Sky and why, Bryan is staying mum other than revealing that by the end of the season, all will be revealed. “Everyone’s involved in everyone’s storyline in one way or another,” Bryan said. “Even characters right now you might think are so not important, they’re very important. I can confidently say that no one will be able to guess what happened. I remember when we all went to the last table read for the season finale, and no one got it right.” 



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