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The Meaning Behind Different Color Semicolon Tattoos And What It Means If They Are Combined With Other Symbols

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43 Semicolon Tattoo Ideas And The Different Meanings Behind Each Color And Symbol

If you see someone who has a semicolon tattoo, whether large, small, colorful, elaborate, basic, etc. Chances are, if this person has a semicolon tattoo, that person might be struggling with mental illness.

These semicolon tattoos are seen as a badge of courage, a battle scar if you will. It shows how strong someone is because they chose to continue living instead of choosing to end it. There is a metaphor for continuing to live your life. Like an author who has the choice to either end the sentence or keep going. If the author uses a semicolon instead means that the story keeps going.

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Project semicolon was established to aid in the prevention of suicide. Project semicolon is trying to draw attention to the causes of self-harm. The project works with the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention and Surgeon Generals Call to Action to Prevent Suicide.

This is a beautiful way to express how you have fought against all of your negativity and have overcome all your mental setbacks. But it's an everyday fight against yourself. Some days you may find it so hard to even just get out of bed. Some days you cannot even imagine how in the world you are going to stop crying or if there is a way to fill this void inside you. The most important thing is that you get up every day and keep going. Don't let your mental health situation bog you down. This tattoo is a great reminder of how strong, brave and courageous you truly are.

So here are the different colors indicated below for which mental health issue it represents and then some awesome combinations with other symbols. Find out which color applies to your mental health situation and whether or not there is a combination of design that resonates with you the most.

1. Red — Self-harm

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2. A combination of colors

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3. Yellow — Depression

Photo Credit: The Ask Idea

4. Green — Anorexia

Photo Credit: MSN

5. Light Blue — Bulimia

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

6. Black — Suicidal

Photo Credit: Small Tattoos 

7. Pink — Anxiety

Photo Credit: Baby Center - Community 

8. Another combination of colors.

Photo Credit: Taranaki Daily News 

9. Purple — OCD

Photo Credit: Media Democracy 

10. Light Green — Dyslexia

Photo Credit: Tattoo Ideas 

11. Orange — Bipolar

Photo Credit: Tattoo DI 

12. Dark Blue — Just Supporting

Photo Credit: Faith It 

13. Gray — Schizophrenia

Photo Credit: Ink Done Right 

14. White — Paranoia

Photo Credit: Stay Glam 

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15. Always keep moving forward, your story isn't over yet.

Photo Credit: Tattoo J 

16. When you suffer from a mix of mental health problems and you are many colors.

Photo Credit: Picsmine 

17. Never give up, keep going.

Photo Credit: Tattoo Easily

18. Continue. Your story isn't over yet.

Photo Credit: Tattoo Easily 

19. You're a survivor and you choose to keep on living.

Photo Credit: Madison 

20. Never giving up or threatening to flat line.

Photo Credit: Tattoo Collections 

21. You have to be strong to push through your sad emotions.

Photo Credit: Tats N Rings  

22. You know in your heart that you will keep on going.

Photo Credit: Cuded Design & Inspiration 

23. Always love yourself even if you are suffering emotionally.

Photo Credit: Tattoo Design 

24. Choose to live.

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25. Keep moving forward, don't give up.

Photo Credit: Pinterest  

26. Keep fighting for a better life always.

Photo Credit: Popbuzz 

27. When your faith and the love of God will always be your anchor.

Photo Credit: Tattoo Vibe 

28. Camouflaging your will to always keep going.

Photo Credit: Ask Ideas 

29. Just keep breathing, breathing, breathing.

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

30. When your will to live is a part of your DNA.

Photo Credit: foap 

31. "The story isn't over. This is just a phase."

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

32. You are resilient.

Photo Credit: PopBuzz 

33. "Turn the page."

Photo Credit: Wild Tattoo Art 

34. You are a fighter against your own mental illness.

Photo Credit: Tattoo Vibe 

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35. When you have wanted to give up, but you chose to still be here.

Photo Credit: Quora 

36. Don't worry, be happy.

Photo Credit: Arch Zine 

37. Hold on to your hope.

Photo Credit: Ask Ideas 

38. A semicolon is something that brings people together and many can relate.

Photo Credit: Tattoo Ideas 

39. Faith forever.

Photo Credit: Tattoo Designs 

40. When you are stuck at a crossroad, you must keep moving forward.

Photo Credit: Art.Tattoo 

41. A teardrop that will always be with you.

Photo Credit: Art.Tattoo 

42. You are the writer of your own story. It's not over yet.

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43. Never close a book, which means that you shouldn't close the book to your life.

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