15 Best Wedding Cake Stand Ideas Of All Time

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Cake stands

No one ever forgets the cake at a wedding, and for that reason, the cake stand is an incredibly important part of making the ideal presentation. Cake stands come in all sorts of formats and varieties, making them as easy to personalize and create a theme around the cake itself.

Go unique and custom, standard and sturdy, or play with a more vintage or creative look. You'll want something that showcases the cake and the moment, but doesn't take away from it. Having wedding cake stands that are too involved may make the cake look a bit less interesting.

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1. Play with height and dimension

“Many couples choose an intricate display for a plain wedding cake, but we’re seeing a huge jump towards the opposite, opting for an ornate, bold cake with geometric elements and gold leaf accents, paired with a simple setup of white linens and white cake stands,” says Kylie Carlson of International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning.

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2. Suspend the cake

“If you’re looking to add drama to your celebration, consider suspending the cake as your creative take on a cake stand,” Carlson suggests. All eyes will be on the confection as guests enter the room for the reception. 

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3. Use florals

“Florals are an often-seen addition to wedding cakes, but take it to another level by pairing them with your cake stand for a romantic look,” Carlson says.

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4. Go vintage

Some couples opt for a simple one tier cake, which you can still dress up in a number of ways. Says Paula Ramirez of Historic Mankin Mansion, “We love this vintage-inspired cake stand, which ensured the look was pretty from top to bottom.”

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5. Stack your sweets

“Anytime you can add sweets on top of sweets, I’m on board! This cake’s 'stand' was cupcakes. It was a big hit with the guests too,” Thomas Waters of The Renaissance adds.

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6. Float the cake in flowers

“This floral cake stand is a stunner. The stand itself is just a clear cube, but it's decked out in flowers. So, the cake looks like it's floating in a bed of flowers,” says Jamie Chang, Owner and Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events.

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7. Try a hanging cake

“We custom built this freestanding cake table to showcase this amazing chandelier hanging cake. It was important to frame such an unexpected work of cake art, and it needed its own one of a kind display,” suggests Carrie Darling.

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8. Or a cake hoop

Adds Darling, “This sparkle curtain for the wedding cake was a fun way to highlight the cake and have some added height to the display. The cake hoop is so versatile, and we have since used it with greenery too!”

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9. Use timeless silver

“Great silver never goes out of style. And its the perfect choice for this simple, yet elegant cake,” Oleta Collins of Flourishing Art says.

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10. Have some fun with it

Beautiful, functional, and sturdy, American Heirloom cake stands are made to be the perfect means of proudly displaying your cakes. These FSC certified hardwood created these magnificent cake stands' bases, with a durable top plate and bottom for the base.

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11. Get fruity

Whether you both love fruit or you are just going for some fun spring color, these colorful fruit-inspired cake stands are super fun.

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12. Go upside down

Planning a wedding makes you feel like you don't know what end is up. So, incorporate that into your cake, reflected through a stand that turns your cake upside down.

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13. Turn it into a party

Make sure your cake stand reflects the fact that your wedding is a party! You can do this with words, flashing lights, or anything else that screams happiness and fun.

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14. Go for the gold

You went for the gold with your choice in a mate, so why not have a gold cake stand, too? It's fun and elegant at the same time.

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15. Booze it up

This wedding cake stand is an actual wine barrel. And if you're sticking with these theme, it's absolutely perfect for the wine-loving couple.

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