20 Best Wedding Dessert Table Ideas — For A Delicious Reception

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20 Best Wedding Dessert Table Ideas — For A Delicious Reception

Let them eat cake, indeed! Everyone’s favorite part of every meal is dessert, and your wedding won’t be any different. Wedding cakes are part of most celebrations, but they aren’t the only sweet ending. 

That's right, a wedding dessert table is more than just a trend. They are pretty common and can be taken in many directions — laid back, rustic, fancy, luxe, and more. A dessert table comes with all kinds of options, whether interactive or classic.

Your guests with a sweet tooth will thank you for having wedding desserts that fill their tummies. And to get you started, here are some of our favorite ideas for your dessert table.

1. Use tiered dessert towers


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According to Paula Ramirez or Historic Mankin Mansion, "Tiered dessert towers are always a crowd pleaser, and even more appealing to the eye when they double as decor.” This is also a great way to display a variety of desserts for guests who aren’t necessarily fans of traditional wedding cake.

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2. Let the setting inspire you

“If you’re looking for a way to take your dessert tower to the next level, consider pulling inspiration from your favorite city or landmark with a chic topper,” suggests Ramirez. For example, this Parisian-themed cupcake display is the perfect addition to an existing color palette and introduces more creative flair to your sweets table.

3. Go classic


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Rather than renting an ordinary table to house your desserts, bring a distressed, antique vanity to your reception venue instead.

“This instantly adds a more sophisticated vibe to your celebration, and there’s much more freedom to decorate whimsically,” says Kylie Carlson of International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning. You can add centerpieces, drape linens along the vanity, or even arrange florals to peek out.

4. Make dessert the star


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Go big and bold with your dessert setup, and make it the star of your reception decor.

“Opting for cakes in various shapes, sizes, and designs will bring major dimension to your dessert display, and you can’t go wrong with an overload of romantic candlesticks, complementary succulents, and other botanical elements,” Carlson says.

5. Think outside the box


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“We know that doughnut walls are losing momentum when it comes to out-of-the-box dessert fixtures, but doughnut arrangements atop of cake stands are taking over, bringing class and creativity to an old trend,” suggests Trip Wheeler of SB Value.

6. Celebrate hometown pride


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“Pay homage to your hometown with a completely unexpected arrangement of macarons, cupcakes, or petit fours, using alma mater colors or even organizing them to mirror your state flag,” Wheeler adds.

7. Go camping... sort of


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“If you and your partner aren’t the typical wedding dessert type, spring for an entire array of your favorite sweets instead, like this s’mores setup by Commonplea Catering,” Wheeler says. Stock the table full of chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, and skewers for a warm evening reception outdoors.

8. Make it interactive


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“Rather than stacking your desserts or constructing a huge display, you can get creative with an interactive station, organizing your macarons, cake pops, or candy in various containers and drawers for guests to choose from,” Wheeler advises.

9. Play with color


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“Mix and match your serving ware in different heights and colors to enhance your dessert table,” says Oleta Collins of Flourishing Art Design Studio. And remember that cake pedestals don’t have to be used for just cake; you can stack brownies or cookies on top of a tiered look. 

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10. Use clear labels 


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“Labeling is critical when you are offering multiple options and have dietary restrictions. This will make everyone feel more comfortable diving into the treats,” Collins warns.

And don’t forget to order additional floral arrangements for this table. They are a great way to fill in small spaces as well as add a touch of color to tie everything together. 

11. Make the design part of the dessert


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“This dessert table was created for an incredible wedding at Easton Castle, and as such needed to reflect the opulence of the venue. It’s quite literally edible art!” said Yevnig Davis, owner of Unique Cakes by Yevnig.

12. Play with history


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“This was our beautiful Marie Antoinette inspired wedding cake and dessert table,” Davis revealed. So, it’s all about romantic and feminine design, alongside incredible detail and a pastel colour palette. 

13. Get a bit fancy


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This is the Corinthian Dream Dessert Table, which, according to Davis, is “an offering of all things sweet and decadent including macarons, cupcakes, truffles, and décor inspired by the pillars and architecture of the Corinthia London ballroom.”

14. Pay attention to detail


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“A dessert table is all about an abundance of intricate details such as these little handcrafted floral and 24 carat gold leaf embellished truffles,” Davis suggests. Detail matters, and your guests will appreciate the effort on your part.

15. Embrace florals


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This is another beautiful trend among brides. Says Davis, "These are beautiful pastel florals, miniature cupcakes, with intricate hand-crafted floral sugar-work."

16. Let art imitate life


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Another trend to consider? Roses, ranunculus, peonies and dahlias, all made of edible sugar. Realistic, edible, and delicious, for sure.

17. Add sequins


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Make the dessert table sequin-themed (and the wedding cake to match), and make the whole dessert experience feel like a classic fancy cocktail party.

18. Include crepes


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"It doesn't have to be a basic dessert display for a wedding anymore. Crepes are a simple but elegant way to bring some action to dessert," suggests Chef Garry Larduniat, Regional Executive Pastry Chef for Wolfgang Puck Catering.

19. Incorporate cocktails


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"While we love creating signature cocktails for couples, elevate it a step further and incorporate signature ice, Complete with initials or even infused ingredients like fresh flowers, fruit, or herbs," says Emily Kraus, National Beverage Manager for Wolfgang Puck Catering.

20. Keep it simple


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At the end of the day, dessert tables will be fun, exciting and delicious, no matter how basic you keep it.

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