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31 Best Wedding Cake Toppers Of All Time

Cake toppers

A whole lot of thought went into choosing that wedding cake. Whether it's a multiple tier cake or just one layer, it's an important symbol (and delicious treat!) in any wedding.

But the most important part of the cake will be the initial reveal. It will appear in all the photos of the big day, and you'll have a slice of it remaining in your freezer for years to come.

You don't want just any wedding cake toppers. Instead, make it even more special in a way that's really personal and customized with a fun (or sweet, or sentimental), unique cake topper.

1. Gold Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Cake Topper

Top off your beautiful wedding cake with a gold Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Cake Topper. This plastic cake decoration is shaped like cursive letters that spell out "Mr. & Mrs." The wedding decoration has a mirror effect and comes in elegant gold to match other gold wedding decorations.

(Party City, $6.99)

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2. Rhinestone Silver Cake Topper

Lend a personal touch to a cake or centerpiece. This Rhinestone Silver Cake Topper can be used alone or be combined with other numbers and letters for a special look or message.

(Party City, $12.99)

3. Leg Puller Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper

You two have the same sense of humor, so a Leg Puller Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper is perfect for the wedding cake. This resin cake topper has the bride pulling the groom's leg as he tries to crawl away. The sturdy oval base keeps this funny wedding cake topper upright.

(Party City, $19.99)

4. Bride & Groom Beach Wedding Cake Topper

Make your beach wedding complete when you top your wedding cake off with a Caucasian Bride and Groom Beach Wedding Cake Topper. This cake topper is designed to look like a groom holding his bride in his arms as they stand on the sand with a "Just Married" headline drawn inside a heart.

(Party City, $29.74)

5. Custom Calligraphy Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake Topper-Gold

Custom Calligraphy Wedding Cake Topper is great to customize your special day with this personalized wedding cake topper. It can also be personalized to have your last name.

(Etsy, $14+)

6. Custom Bobblehead Wedding Cake Topper

How cute is this? This custom-made wedding cake topper is like a bobblehead, with a twist. The doll is with over-sized head and can't bobble, but it doesn't make things any less fun.

(Etsy, $159)

7. Rustic Cake Topper

This great single letter cake topper is beautiful and perfect for your wedding. Plus, you can also use it for any other occasion.

(Etsy, $15.26)

8. Piggy Back Bride and Groom Cake Topper

This Piggy Back Bride and Groom Cake Topper product is the cake topper for you. The fun and light-hearted figurine will bring a smile to everyone's face.

(Wayfair, $44.99)

9. Fiesta Banner Cake Toppers

At the end of the day, a wedding is a party, right? A really exciting party, too! Don't take yourself so seriously and have fun with it.

(Etsy, $6.16)

10. Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper

This silhouette can be customized with a dog or cat, too, because they are a part of your love on your special day.

(Etsy, $17.75+)

11. Double Heart Wedding Cake Topper

This Double Heart Wedding Cake Topper adds an elegant touch to your wedding day. This electroplated plastic wedding cake decoration is shaped like interlocking silver hearts accented with rhinestones for extra glam.

(Party City, $6.99)

12. Love Birds Wedding Cake Toppers

These porcelain decorations are shaped and designed to look like white birds. The sides of the decorations feature an iridescent heart with the words "Mr" and "Mrs" on them. Face them towards each other on the top tier of your beautiful wedding cake.

(Party City, $22.99)

13. Rings Wedding Cake Topper

Ring in your happily ever after with a Rings Wedding Cake Topper. This wedding cake decoration features two rings standing upright on a silver base. An electroplated silver finish and faux gem on one of the rings offers extra glam.

(Party City, $29.99)

14. Catch Of The Day Bride And Groom Cake Topper

This topper includes two highly realistic figurines showing a determined bride reeling in her groom.

(The Knot, $29.99)

15. Western Lasso Wedding Cake Topper

This whimsical bride, in her white cowboy boots and gloves, lassos her cowboy groom with a "real" rope! The perfect cake topper for a western themed wedding!

(The Knot, $29.99)

16. Cell Phone Fanatic Bride And Groom

In our crazy busy world that we live in, it isn't too far off to think that a cell phone may be an added help or necessity on the big day. Heck, you may even need it on your cake.

(The Knot, $29.99)

17. Bride "In Charge" And Groom "Not In Charge"

There is no doubt who "wears the pants" in this couple (figuratively and literally). A fun and just a little cheeky cake topper intended to make you smile.

(The Knot, $9.98)

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18. Pixnor Love Cake Topper

Celebrate becoming bride and groom by adding just the right amount of elegance to your wedding decorations. This could also be used as part of a centerpiece or floral arrangement.


19. Willow Tree Promise Cake Topper by Susan Lordi

Hand-painted resin figure with base of carved flowers for stability and beauty atop cake. Paint and resin are lead-free and tested for food safety. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, MO.


20. Motorcycle Funny Wedding Cake Topper

For the couple that is born to be wild, they’ll appreciate this motorcycle cake topper.


21. Traditional Indian Bride and Groom

For your bollywood themed wedding, the bride on this cake topper wears a beautiful red sari, with a traditional bindi and white hair flower, both modern and traditional. 

(David's Bridal, $34.95)

22. Mr and Mrs Cake Topper in Rhinestone Crystal

Save the rhinestone cake topper as a memento from the special day!


23. Mini Princess Gold Crown Cake Topper

For the royals obsessed, who doesn’t want a crown cake topper that lets them play princess for a day?


24. Bride, Groom and Two Dogs Silhouette Acrylic Cake Topper

Had to leave furry friends at home on a special day? No worries. With this cake topper, you can feel their presence at the reception.

(Wayfair, $14.99)

25. Tender Moment Cake Topper

This beautiful wedding figurine depicts a bride and groom in tender embrace on their wedding day. How sweet!

(Wayfair, $20.99)

26. Love Bride and Groom Cake Topper

Caught sneaking a kiss, this Love Bride and Groom Cake Topper takes a moment for romance. Place the groom atop a layer of the wedding cake and let him embrace his bride and she dangles her legs over the edge.

(Wayfair, $40.99)

27. Photo Heart Cake Topper

The heart-shaped acrylic cake top is perfect for inserting a favorite photo.

(Wayfair, $23.99)

28. Reaching Bride Cake Topper

This Reaching Bride and Groom Cake Topper has a dashing groom that reaches down to lend a hand to his beautiful new bride. It's hand-painted porcelain with incredible detail.

(Wayfair, $27.99)

29. Baseball Cake Topper

For all of those baseball fans, this Baseball Cake Topper truly hits home. Keep to baseball tradition and top an apple pie with this sporty figurine.

(Wayfair, $28.99)

30. Bride and Groom Dancing Music Box Cake Topper

Wedding bells decorate a white gazebo as a beautiful bride extends a graceful hand, ready to join her eager groom for their first dance as “Mr. and Mrs.” plays the tune “wedding march.” This will inspire couples to come up with romantic memories for their first dance.

(Wayfair, $29.99)

31. Kitty Cat and Bear Wedding Cake Topper

This cake topper is custom ordered and ships from Japan, but is incredibly cute! Each topper is made by hand out of clay and is approximately 5cm tall.

(Etsy, $75)

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