Sandra Bullock's Friends Worried She's Going To Get Heart Broken By Boyfriend Bryan Randall — Here's Why

Red Flag?

Did Sandra Bullock And Bryan Randall Break Up? New Details About The Scandal Rocking Their Relationship And Her Friends Worried About Her Getty

When Sandra Bullock's marriage to steaming trash pile Jesse James ended in a cloud of controversy and embarrassment for the Oscar-winner, she understandbly went underground for a bit. When she reemerged, her focus was on her work and on raising her two children. But five years ago, she met someone new, and it seemed like a second chance at love was born. 

But now rumors are circulating that her solid union might not be as earthquake proof as everyone thought. Her friends are concerned about the future of her relationship and if what the rumors going around are  true, they might have every possible right to be in a panic about their friend's future happiness. Did Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall break up?


1. Rumors

For almost five years, it seemed like Sandra Bullock's notoriously rocky love life was back on track. Before she could be doomed to permanently mournful tabloid headlines (a la Jennifer Aniston) she met her current beau, Bryan Randall, and the couple seemed destined to ride off into the sunset. But sadly, if the rumors are to be believed, it's sounding like they have tough times ahead of them. 


Randall, a 53-year-old photographer, seems to have meet Sandra, who is 54-years-old, about five years ago and never left her side. But now, sources are speaking out about how their relationship might be on the skids, because Randall has had a former lady love sending him all sorts of messages to his social media accounts. Yikes! Talk about a red flag. 


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2. Two Strikes

For any woman, discovering that your partner — who you love and trust — has been exchanging messages with someone they used to be in a relationship with and keeping it a secret, it's a massive problem. If they have a history of being in relationships with men who cheat, it's an even bigger problem and can often spell the relationship's certain end. Given Sandy's past, that goes double! 

As if one former flame reaching out to Randall wasn't bad enough, sources have also mentioned that a second woman has also been reaching out to Randall, and he's been talking to them both. “How are his exes still able to send him messages? They should have been blocked long ago! Her friends are really worried this will send Sandra into an emotional tailspin," said an anonymous source. 

3. Sandy's Baggage 

Everyone who dates carries their own baggage, and Sandra is no different. In 2010 she won one of the industry's highest honor: an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in The Blind Side. But her victory was short lived, as just days later her now-ex husband Jesse James' and his various misdeeds including infedility came to light. He was found to have slept with at least four other women, one of whom was pictured wearing Nazi symbols. Barf. 


“Like anyone who has suffered a trauma, Sandra never really recovered from her bitter breakup with Jesse. When all these women started coming out of the woodwork claiming to have had affairs with Jesse, Sandra was left broken. Now her friends are afraid it’s going to happen again," notes a source close to the couple and their friends. It's a valid concern. Having to go through that again is probably one of her biggest nightmares. 


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4. Randall's Skeletons

When Bullock first revealed that she and Randall were an item, everyone was ecstatic to see that after a long spell of taking time to heal, she had finally found someone to trust her heart to. But Sandra has always had a soft spot for the bad boys, so it's not surprising to learn that Randall's past is far from being squeaky clean. The guy has actually been arrested! 

You see, while he has since reformed (or so it is rumored), Randall hasn't always walked the straight and narrow. In fact, he used to be a serious drug addict and was in trouble with the law for not paying child support. That wasn't his only brush with legal trouble either. Back in 1988 he was actually arrested for a DUI. It took another four day bender and a guilty plea before he got clean, but he's been rumored to be sober for more than a decade. 


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5. Hope For The Future 

While these rumors are out there, it's important to remember one thing if you're worried about Sandy's heart: they are rumors, and while sources are sharing their concerns, the one person not sharing hers is Bullock herself. She's been through the ringer, and if she's decided to make things work with this guy, that's her prerogative. After all, we don't have all the details. 


“Sandra’s crazy in love with Bryan. But her friends fear she’s going to get her heart broken, especially if he walks out on her for another woman. There’s no evidence Bryan has cheated, but it doesn’t look good, and it will bring up Sandra’s old trust issues all over again," says a very wise source. If these two are going to build a future together, trust has got to come first. 


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