What Are The 7 Spirits Of God, According To Numerology & The Bible Scriptures

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7 Spirits Of God, According To Numerology & Bible Scriptures

When people think of God, they remember the holy trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The trine nature of God brings up the number 3, in both numerology and the Bible scriptures. Three is the symbol of government and creativity, too.

In the Bible, it is the symbol for the perfect marital love with the husband, wife, and their relationship with God in the center.

In other words, the three strand cord that can't be broken, the structure on which all things are built, and what you need when in preparation to create a living experience.

However, there are other numbers in the biblical scriptures that are used symbolically. As in numerology, life path numbers, and even astrology, studying the essence of these digits can help reveal truths about love and relationships; not just with God, but with other people.

Perhaps you're not sold that numbers mean anything at all. You might not think that numbers hold any significant value in your own life, either.

On the contrary, numbers have a strong source of energy surrounding them.

What does that mean, exactly and how to numbers related to the spirit of God?

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Everything in life is made up of energy – especially our thoughts and the information we process daily.

A lot of the time when we express our happiness, sadness, or even anger, we do so on a numbered scale.

Even the universe that houses us uses numbers to express energy.

The number 7 is powerful. It is known as the number of the spirit.

If you find yourself drawn to the number 7 quite often, you are considered to be a very wise person.

You are someone who is introspective and looks inward for the true meaning of life.

If the number 7 influences you or finds itself creeping into your routine, do not shy away from it. In fact, embrace it.

Those heavily influenced by this number do not care for the materialistic items and find the most meaning through family, friends, God, and love.

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Most people who are influenced by the number 7 work within the realm of spirituality; however, they can also be quite analytical and practical in nature.

Life path number 7 people flow on either end of the religious/spirituality/non-religious spectrum. Curiosity of where you stand can make you attracted to this holy number.

To think of this number in other terms, look at the number 7 as a prime number. Back back into your early education years and try to think of the two numbers that add up to seven.

I hope you're thinking of 4 and 3.

Four represents practicality and realism and three represents freedom within spirituality and creativity. But the two together and you come up with the definition of the spiritual number 7.

Your goal should be to strive towards the 7 life path: You should walk down a path full of introspection, faith, and soul.

When it comes to the number 7 in biblical terms, it does hold a very strong meaning.

There are many passages in the Bible that aren't set in stone.

The 7 Spirits of God are just one example of an ambiguous part of the Bible that holds a lot of meaning and reflects the holy number.

The 7 Spirits are represented throughout the Bible in numerous passages, including Revelation 1:4, 3:1, 4:5, and 5:6. While they are not specifically stated, they are hinted at throughout these parts of the scripture.

While we cannot be sure of the true meaning behind the 7 Spirits of God, we do know that they reflect the Holy Spirit and the workings of God.

According to Isaiah 11:2, there are 7 distinct Spirits. These 7 Spirits represent burning lamps that are before God's throne.

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All 7 of these Spirits are said to hold infinite power within our universe and reflect our relationship with God.

The Spirits act as a symbol of The Holy Spirit and it is no coincidence that there are 7 of them. The number 7, in biblical references, refers to perfection and reflection.

In other words, in order to have a perfect relationship with those around you, including God, you must hold the 7 Spirits close to your heart.

Acting out these 7 Spirits in your daily life will help you become a better person within your platonic and romantic relationships.

There are 7 Spirits as it relates to God within the Bible:

1. Spirit of the lord.

There are 41 Bible verses that talk about having the 'spirit of the lord' and 14 of them are specifically about being a person who practices love as a form of spirituality.

In the Bible, the spirit of the lord is when a person is moved by god's holy spirit to take an action.

Some of these actions are loving and others are actually appear to be creating war on an enemy or forging against strife, often through words.

Similar to numerology, the spirit associates to writing and a form of communication. In numerology, a person with a life path number 7 is the ideal writer.

In the Bible, authors of several sacred books, including the author of John 'the book of love' says that 'the spirit of the lord was upon me' and the impetus of his penning his own letters.

In numerology, a person with a life path 7 is here to learn about wisdom and to share it.

When it comes to the Biblical take on the lord's spirit, the individual who has it is either being gifted with a supreme gift of love, wisdom, and kindness as a form of charity.

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2. Spirit of wisdom.

The Bible is heavily influenced by the concept of wisdom. The number 7 is also drawn to the idea of being wise beyond our years.

In the Bible, wisdom is used to spark curiosity and faith within our lives. The lord draws upon his disciples to work towards obtaining wisdom within their practice of spirituality.

Whether it is leadership principles, parenting tips, A guide on how to be a better pet owner – wisdom is the guiding light. Since wisdom is only just clouded thoughts until spoken aloud, the world cannot be impacted by wisdom until it is thrown out into the universe.

Similar to numerology, wisdom draws upon practicality and realism when it comes to coping with this world and our faith. If a person goes down the life path of number 7, they will hold great wisdom, while also deeply understanding the root of their intelligence.

3. Spirit of understanding.

The spirit of understanding boasts more towards helping people learn to understand each other, rather than ourselves. In the Bible, God wants his followers to understand and help each other throughout their journey on this Earth.

In terms of numerology, it is important to understand how numbers and their energy impact our lives. Every opportunity to learn something about a stranger is one capable of understanding. If a person lets themselves go down the 7th path of life, they will be able to truly see someone for who they are and understand their emotions.

It is not easy to be open to hearing another opinion opposite of your own. It is not easy to believe what you can't see. It is the spirirt of understanding that allows us to be open to spirituality and all the ambiguity it holds.

"By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible," – Hebrews 11:3 (WEB)

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4. Spirit of counsel.

In the Bible, the spirit of counsel relates to the concept of God giving us the rulebook to live by. He then hands us the abilities to perform these duties.

Counsel, in the spiritual sense, is the answer to all of your questions. This spirit acts as a person's one-on-one counselor that helps navigate this crazy world.

The number 7 is powerful within the spirit of counsel, as it allows us to be capable of following these rules with passion, understanding, and widsom. A person can never veer too far off of the course of spirituality if they follow the right path.

In biblical terms, those who follow God's counsel will be rewarded on Earth and on their journey to Heaven.

5. Spirit of power.

Just as the number 7 holds great power, it also reflects the power of God within the Bible. With over 70 versus on power in the Bible, God holds it over us with great intensity. Those who are drawn to the power of number 7 are also fulfilled when they are in positions of power.

These positions are not usually within the workforce or to do with fame – they are within our families, ourselves, and our relationship with the lord. Those attracted to the number seven feel empowered when their love is strong.

This power that holds true within the life path of number 7 makes the journey towards spirituality more fulfilling. In the Bible, God holds the power and enforces his love and grace onto his people on Earth. Those who feel the energy of the number 7 radiate that love more strongly than those who do not.

The number 7 really does hold the power within the universe.

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6. Spirit of knowledge.

The lord is all-knowing. Within the Bible, the spirit of knowledge is recognized as being able to learn from and about God. His people should then take that knowledge and pass it on to others on Earth.

Numerology is a library of knowledge about how numbers influence our lives. The number 7, with its powers leaning mostly on realism, wisdom, and faith, has an easy time retaining knowledge and internalizing it.

"Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge," – Psalm 19:2

This verse from the BIble puts the spirit of knowledge to work – those who speak with wisdom and truth through their day will come home to an infinite amount of knowledge.

Those who are pulled by the number 7 will not fear that knowledge and embrace it.

7. Having a spirit of fear.

Fear is one of the strongest pulls towards failure.

In the Bible, God tells his people to not be fearful, as He has a plan for us all.

In terms of numerology, being fearful of the unknown is set within numbers.

We never truly know the exact time, place, or amount that will occur within our time on Earth. Those with a strong pull of the number 7 make the most of their time, while still retaining the spirits before them.

If the number 7 appears on your journey, that means you have been chosen for a spiritual quest. Do not be fearful of this, as your spirit and faith will guide you.

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