What Is Proverbs 31 Woman, According To The Bible Scripture

As Ari said, God is a (virtuous) woman!

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What is a modern day "virtuous" woman?

Proverbs 31 is the last chapter in the book of wisdom. When it comes to being last, it proves a good woman is worth waiting for. 

It describes the type of woman who has her stuff together.

She's confident. She's a girl boss. She knows her value and doesn't settle for less.

What an encouraging word to females of any age or relationship status!


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The book was written for a man on how to find a good woman to marry. She's got a strong personality and a good head on her shoulder. Her personality is portrayed in an affirming way.

You can cultivate what's modeled in this type of woman within yourself and when you see it in other ladies of good character, see how invaluable these strengths can be.

King Solomon wrote Proverbs and his words of wisdom instructed people of that time on how to solidify a relationship with God.

Then, from the strength of community open yourself to supporting a partner and then have children.

What follows is a series of responsibilities that involve stabilizing the home, having a job, and enjoying pleasurable activities. 


The leader of the home, ironically is the woman described in Proverbs 31.

She's a woman of virtue, not something that is only for ancient times but that can applied to modern day living as a woman.

Why? Because a Proverbs 31 woman is a capable leader, and some might even see that she's a type of feminist that the world needs.

You don't have to be a Christian to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

Being a virtuous woman extends beyond the realm of faith.

Reading Proverbs gives strength and empowerment to all women who come across the scripture. If you aren’t a Christian, you can still strive to accomplish the provisions laid out by Solomon, not for God, but for your own well-being!


Solomon, king of Israel, was known as the wisest person of his time. As the author of his book, he writes a letter to two men named Agur and Lemuel.

There is not much known about these characters, other than that they were under the direction of the King.

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Solomon was not a strong leader on the war-front, but rather, within the realms of the mind. Behind Moses, Solomon wrote more of the Old Testament than any other character. 

Proverbs is the title of this book, but also a known literary style. It is a statement that makes a comparison to a higher meaning or way of being for women and men.


The personality traits of a Proverbs 31 woman is as follows:

1. For her value is far above rubies.

This is a woman who has taken the time to improve herself. She's keen on self care and enjoys doing things by herself that develops her character. 

Today, she might the the person who gets an education or takes classes to learn the arts. She would have confidence and not keep friends with toxic people.

2. The heart of her husband trusts in her.

In the world of Tinder where you can be anything you want to be online, it's hard to find someone who is who they say that they are when you're around and when you are not.

In the Christian world, many Christian males are looking to marry a virtuous woman because she fulfills his idea of a supportive partner in faith who will give him what he lacks in the area of spirituality and leadership. He hopes to turn to her for spiritual leadership, personal affirmation, intimacy, and transparency.


But, even men who aren't of faith want to be with a woman that they can trust. So, for the modern woman, this is a great confirmation that being person with goals and ambition isn't a turn off. It's a god-given trait that you possess, even if you don't believe in the Bible as scripture.

3. He shall have no lack of gain.

Everyone wants to keep more than they spend. A Proverbs 31 woman is good with her finances! She knows how to shop with coupons! She is great with business decisions. 

One of the biggest things married couples complain about involves money and spending habits.

So, a guy who finds this type of woman is thinking to himself that she knows when to hold back, when she can shop on Amazon or Etsy without breaking the bank, and when she has to do something extra to make the budget stretch for herself and the family.


4. She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.


She's the type of woman who took care of herself BEFORE they met. Of course, accidents happen. Bad things happen to good people, but she's the type of person who owns her problems and starts working to solve them without excuse. 

When a woman does this before she meets her husband, she's trying to keep the fort down for both of them, not just herself. She gets the main benefit but he does too.


5. She seeks wool and flax, and works eagerly with her hands.

This verse just means she's resourceful and isn't afraid to get the job done.

6. She is like the merchant ships.

Just like you might go shopping at different grocery stores to find the right item, she also looked for what she needed and wasn't afraid to pick up the ball when dropped. 


7. She brings her bread from afar.

She knows about foreign cultures. She's traveled. She knows where to find the best restaurants and the dives where people make food that you see on Food Network with Guy Fieri.

Maybe she orders off of Shipt so that her husband and she can spend more time together as a couple rather than in grocery aisles after a long day's work. 

8. She rises also while it is yet night.

She might be a nurse or a teacher that wakes up before the dawn to throw in food into a crockpot or works the morning shift. She might enjoy sleeping in like the rest of us, but she is also a person who wants to get a head start in the day - to maybe go to a Cross fit class or get some yoga or mediation in before everyone wakes up.

9. She gives food to her household and portions for her servant girls.

This lady knows how to share food! She's likely a foodie with an Instagram and she likes to tell others how she makes things that are healthy and nutritious. She could have a Youtube channel where she talks about her healthy lifestyle habits. She's not afraid to share what she has. 


But most importantly, 'servant girls'. She may have a maid, a nanny or people that help her. She is someone who isn't afraid to delegate and to pay people for their time and what they are worth. She works hard and appreciates the woman in her life that do so too, so she compensates them well.

10. She considers a field, and buys it.

She is always following the trends and she doesn't necessarily have to ask for permission. Because her husband trusts her financially, she knows when to jump on a deal and tell him about it later. She can think for the two of them, and she knows how to act on his behalf because she is really his BETTER HALF!

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11. With the fruit of her hands, she plants a vineyard.

She loves organic and has her own herb garden. She loves nature and loves a good wine too.


12. She arms her waist with strength, and makes her arms strong.

She is fit and is into taking care of her body so that she is strong and capable when needed. She pays attention to areas of her life when she is weak. She gets help when she needs it and isn't afraid to try even if she fails.

13. She perceives that her merchandise is profitable.

She knows to count losses and to count gains. If she's got a subscription service and isn't using what she is buying, she'll cancel it!

14. Her lamp doesn’t go out by night.

She is someone that might work into the late hours on her side gig. She often is #teamnosleep but it's because she's doing things she loves.

She's also the gal-pal you can text at 3 am if you need a shoulder to cry on. She's there for you and she's not afraid to give up one night's sleep to work hard. 


15. She lays her hands to the distaff, and her hands hold the spindle.

She has a hobby. She might enjoy knitting or sewing. She can put in a button if needed. She's may delegate tasks, but as a manager, she's not afraid to get into the trenches with her coworkers and pitch in.

16. She opens her arms to the poor; yes, she extends her hands to the needy.

She is able to care for herself and others with fierce passion. She is successful in her career, and she remembers where she came from. Maybe she donates money to causes and supports the art. She might buy extra school supplies and donate them for kids, all while maintaining healthy relationships and dutiful community service. 

17. She is not afraid of the snow for her household, for all her household are clothed with scarlet.

18. She makes for herself carpets of tapestry.

19. Her clothing is fine linen and purple.

She wears clothes that compliments her. She doesn't deny herself the right to look her best. 

20. Her husband is respected in the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land.

She knows that if a man isn't worth her time, she's not going to marry him. She's smart about who she decides to bond with.


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21. She makes linen garments and sells them, and delivers sashes to the merchant.

She's got her own business and has many streams of income.

22. Strength and dignity are her clothing.


She knows beauty is on the inside as well as the outside.


23. She laughs at the time to come.

She has a sense of humor and tries not to worry.

24. She opens her mouth with wisdom.

She also doesn't share stuff online that she knows isn't true. She might give advice even if it's hard to hear.

25. Kind instruction is on her tongue.

She's a teacher. She's a great friend who learns from her lessons and doesn't mind sharing her flaws with you without shame.

26. She looks well to the ways of her household, and doesn’t eat the bread of idleness.

She takes care of her own and doesn't waste too much time.

27. Her children rise up and call her blessed.

You can tell that she has a good relationship with her kids.

28. Her husband also praises her.

She has a great relationship with her husband.


Girl, I hear you. That is a lot to unpack.

As with all other things in the Bible, the writing is to be taken with a grain of salt and applied to real life circumstances to truly understand its meaning.

Times have certainly changed since the tenth century BC. But the essence of these suggested ways of living are still applicable, and who doesn't want to be the best version of themselves after all?

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