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'Bachelor' Runner-Up Tayshia Adams Heads To Mexico For 'Bachelor In Paradise' — What She's Been Up To

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'Bachelor' Runner-Up Tayshia Adams Heads To Mexico For 'Bachelor In Paradise' — What She's Been Up To

Tayshia Adams was born on September 4th, 1990 in Orange County, California. We all know those California girls are gorgeous, and Tayshia Adams is no exception. She was a contestant on the Colton Underwood season of The Bachelor and she came in third place. This surprised a lot of fans due to her maturity, kindness, and beauty. It seemed that they were a match made in heaven. But lucky us, because now that she's single we get to see more of her on Bachelor in Paradise! But before it begins, let's ask ourselves, who is Tayshia Adams? 

1. She is a phlebotomist

What is a Phlebotomist? It is a medical professional trained to draw blood. Tayshia was quoted saying that the first thing she notices about people is usually their veins. As sweet and lovely as she was on The Bachelor lets not forget that when she wants to, she can draw blood!


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2. She was married before

She married her first boyfriend, Joshua Bourelle. They had been together for six years. She really wanted to make it work but unfortunately they just grew apart. In April of 2018, Bourelle filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Adams was nervous to bring this up to Colton Underwood on The Bachelor but in the end he told her that he understood and he was proud of her for doing what was best for her. I think we all want Tayshia to find love again, and we want it to be in Paradise!


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3. She never watched Bachelor in Paradise before!

Before she signed on for the 2019 season of Bachelor in Paradise, she told Extra TV that she had never seen the show before. She told the interviewer that she was wary to join the cast in Mexico because she doesn't know what to expect. The interviewer spent much of their time explaining to Adams what she can expect, and how it is going to be different than The Bachelor. I think we could tell by the end of that exchange that Tayshia was going to be on board. And we couldn't be more psyched about it!


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4. She does a lot of Volunteer work

Tayshia Adams spent 12 years as a girl scout. Can you imagine? That is from first grade to senior year! Shes is also a very active volunteer at her church. Right before she appeared on The Bachelor, she had just returned from a mission trip to Africa. Our girls got brains, beauty and a whole lotta heart.


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5. She requested her goodbyes be off camera

When Colton Underwood told Tayshia that she wasn't going to be the girl for him, she didn't get angry. She didn't yell at him or make a scene. She asked if they could talk somewhere where there were no cameras. She pulled him aside and they talked about why things went the way they did. It is believed that she spent their time alone comforting Underwood about having to make such a tough decision. Empathy all the way.


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