Who Is Kevin Fortenberry? New Details On 'The Bachelorette' Contestant's Injury And Whether It Was Luke P's Fault

The drama on 'The Bachelorette' continues.

Who Is Kevin Fortenberry? New Details On 'The Bachelorette' Contestant's Injury And Whether It Was Luke P's Fault Instagram

Every season of The Bachelorette has a standout star, and this season, it's the behavioral health specialist in the Army National Guard with the cheekbones that can cut glass. Who is Kevin Fortenberry? 

At first glance, he looks like the perfect catch. He looks amazing, he’s athletic, and he’s successful in his chosen career. But he seemed to blend into the background until he got injured on a rugby group date. And it was that injury that brought him to the attention of the press — and some of the things that were revealed were not so good.


Here’s what we know about Kevin Fortenberry.

1. He has a criminal record

According to In Touch Weekly, Kevin Fortenberry was arrested back in 2017 for driving under the influence. He was charged with two Class A misdemeanors and one Class B misdemeanor after he was revealed to have a BAC level of .098 (the maximum legal limit is .08) and was going 66 MPH in a 35 MPH zone.


“Driver acted surprised when I told him his speed,” the officer involved wrote in the report. “He began to provide a lengthy explanation as to where he was coming from; however, he had difficulty pronouncing words and continually slurred his speech.” Though Fortenberry claimed “several times that he ‘isn’t a drinker,'” he did admit to consuming alcohol that night. “The Defendant advised he only had ‘one drink’, a ‘cu-tini.’ He also stated he ‘wasn’t a big drinker’ and had not consumed alcohol since he was 19 years of age. The Defendant was adamant that he only had ‘one drink’ and he did not like the taste,” the case report read, according to the outlet.

Kevin Fortenberry has injuries, and criminal records. 


He was ultimately ordered to pay extensive fines and received probation.

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2. He has an obsession with Chipotle

For what it’s worth, Kevin Fortenberry is a man of simple tastes. According to Bustle, his favorite food is Chipotle. He, in fact, loves Chipotle so much that various pictures on his Instagram page feature him snuggling with burritos from the famed Mexican food chain. However, he seems to do all this without a paid sponsorship from the brand, though that could change in the near future.

Kevin Fortenberry is taking the game seriously.


3. Was the fight Luke P.’s fault?

There are a few conflicting reports on the latest Bachelorette drama. According to The Daily Mail, though, the most plausible story is that Kevin’s injury was, in fact, Luke’s fault. The outlet is reporting that Luke was so hell-bent on earning Hannah’s “love,” that the safety of the other contestants — including Kevin Fortenberry — was secondary.

“I felt kinda bad for him. But this is all for Hannah, and Hannah's the true motivation, so I'm gonna fight for her—no matter what,” Luke said, according to the outlet.

Kevin Fortenberry looks like a catch...at least on the surface.


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4. But Kevin Fortenberry is a bit of a hot mess himself

Even though we can’t blame anyone but Luke P. for Kevin’s injury on the football field, that doesn’t mean that Kevin’s not a mess himselfAccording to The Herald-News, Kevin got a little messy with another contestant when he got some one-on-one time with Hannah. “Fortenberry had the opportunity Monday to get some one-on-one time with the bachelorette, but a fellow contestant interrupted them. The altercation ended with Fortenberry throwing chicken nuggets in the other man’s face,” reported the outlet.

It looks like this is just the beginning of the drama with Kevin Fortenberry and the rest of the Bachelorette crew!

Kevin Fortenberry is sure to continue to make headlines.


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