25 Best Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Every Personality Type

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best wedding bouquet ideas

For the last several years, muted tones have served as the color palette of choice at weddings. But, just like all trends, expect this to change in the near future. And the same goes for choosing a wedding bouquet for you and your bridesmaids.

According to Benjamin Newbold, Creative Director of Floral and Events at Winston Flowers, “We predict the coming year will feature bold and rich hues, with brides favoring saturated blooms to give their wedding a festive feel.” That's great news for brides with this specific taste, especially if it's part of their wedding bouquet ideas they've come up with during the planning.

If you aren't sure where to start, and don't want to use DIY wedding bouquets, these ideas are fun, classy, and speak to each individual bride. The only rule seems to be: there are no rules!

1. Keep things bright.

“Brightly colored peonies and ranunculus will likely be the flowers of choice during warm spring months, while dahlias in dramatic hues are expected to reign from late summer into early fall,” Newbold reveals.

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2. Make a statement.

“Statement flowers like these offer plenty of depth when tucked into textures of foliage. They also require fewer blooms to make an impact,” he says.

3. Remember that foliage is fun.

Another option for elevating a space is adding painted foliage, such as plumose ferns in vivid colors. Says Newbold, “This provides a dramatic effect, especially when dangling from a ceiling or woven through a floral design."

4. Go bold.

“More and more, brides are opting for bouquets that feel unique in both style and flower choice,” said Newbold. And if you're the kind of bride who wants something different, this may be a great option.

5. Use texture.

“This year, we expect to see more texture than ever before with wild seasonal elements that mimic the beauty of the natural world,” Newbold claims. So, play around with your own texture to give the bouquet a unique feel.

6. Keep things loose and abstract.

Newbold adds, “This design style is loose and organic as if the textures were freshly gathered right from the garden.” It's a beautiful bouquet, no doubt.

7. Supplement your florals with more lush greenery.

“Try greenery like seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, and more for a beautiful, lush look!” suggests Josh Bruse, COO of FiftyFlowers.

8. Use succulents.

Says Bruse, “Succulents are long-lasting and make for a great keepsake after the wedding.” And in addition to being in the bouquet, succulents also make great take-home favors for your guests.

9. Add accent touches.

“Try out a fun, bright color palette with flowers like red anemones, orange poppies, and pink peonies,” suggests Bruse. Adding color is sure to make the bouquets stand out.

10. Consider flower preservation.

Couples spend so much time and money on wedding flowers, it's a shame to only enjoy them for one day. But you can actually save and preserve your flowers after your wedding day!

“Framed Florals is a Brooklyn-based business that creatively presses, preserves, and frames flowers. It’s the modern and non-traditional way to preserve flowers. Flower preservation tends to be an overlooked detail in the wedding planning process, and it's amazing to be able to save a beautiful aspect of your special day,” advises Lacie RZ Porta, owner of Framed Florals.

11. Don't stress about neatness.

Says Jamie Chang, owner and Destination Wedding Planner at Mango Muse Events, “This wild bouquet is not just natural, organic and asymmetrical, but it looks different from different angles, and that's the most interesting, surprising and wonderful thing about it.”

12. Use the color blue.

“Blue bouquets usually end up looking fake or are fake, but this blue bouquet is natural and beautiful with its shades of purple, grey and green,” Chang says. And its petite size and uncommon shape make it all the more unique!

13. Play with direction.

Horizontally styled bouquets have gained quite a bit of momentum in the past couple of seasons.

“This bouquet is lush and full of texture, which gives it depth. Incorporating soft blooms such as roses and ranunculus with rougher textures like thistle and seeded eucalyptus, we are able to achieve a hybrid of rustic and lux,” says Bron Hansboro, The Flower Guy Bron.

14. Try a boho style.

Boho styled bouquets are perfect for the non-traditional person.

“This bouquet takes on a life of its own with swooping lines and natural movement. Typically, this look is full of texture and mixes complementing colors. For this purpose, corals, yellows, pinks and purples are blended perfectly to pair with the wide selection of greenery to include magnolia, baby blue eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, and huckleberry,” Hansboro says.

15. A bit of cascade can be romantic.

Cascading bouquets have been revived and are no longer a reminder of what they were 25 years ago!

According to Hansboro, “This lux version is somewhat monochromatic with hints of soft blush blended in. The base of the bouquet is contrived and domed shaped. However, the Phalaenopsis orchids used to create a cascading effect loosens the feel and gives the bouquet fun flirty movement.”

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16. Consider sustaintable options.

Always be considerate of where you get your flowers.

“Sara wanted something very unique, and out of the ordinary. She commissioned a sustainably procured bouquet for her and her bridesmaids that would contrast so well against their gorgeous cobalt blue dresses!” Danae Johnsen, Senior Associate Planner for Perfectly Posh Events, reveals.

17. Stay delicate.

For one bride, her bouquet ended up being a showstopper.

Says Johnsen, “Not only did she get to have peonies in her bouquet, but because they were married in the spring, we had the most perfect shade of soft blush garden roses, and a peekaboo white clematis front and center. Her bouquet was so delicate and elegant, and was just the right amount of wild and unruly to not feel so structured and formal.”

18. When in doubt, stay classic.

“You can never go wrong with a traditional pink and green bouquet filled with peonies and garden roses. [This is] the perfect Southern bouquet that everyone can fall in love with at this Windwood Wedding,” said Arden Upton of Arden Photography.

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19. Be unique.

This look is a definite original, and is a perfect compilation of flowers and vegetables. But remember that a bouquet like this will be quite heavy, so make sure you have the muscles to hold it.

Advises Oleta Collins of Flourishing Art, “Looking closely, you will notice kale, radishes, carrots and green beans. Our lovely bride works in horticulture and so has her whole family. Her bouquet also consists of coordinating flowers such as lush red peonies, Japanese purple sweetpeas, dark blue belladonna delphinium, delicate garden yellow ranunculus, and dramatic hanging amaranthus, bringing in the organic feel to this fabulous bouquet.”

20. Try wine shades.

“This color palette is really hot right now: floral bouquets consisting of burgundy smoke brush, cafe au lait dahlia, blush double florette lisianthus, candy bianca ecuadorian imported roses, wine abundant ranunculus, touches of burgundy scabiosa, and trailing garden foliages such as pepper berry and silver dollar eucalyptus,” Collins suggests.

21. Add whimsy.

Suggests Collins, “These bouquets are designed in more of an organic flow with the color harmony of blush, creams, wined to burgundies. The bridesmaid dresses set the hues, and this color of blush looks good on any skin tone.

This gives this couple an elegant yet whimsy feel throughout the wedding and reception. Make sure you are in the correct season for Dahlias, as they can be temperamental and you want them to be as magnificent as the bride.”

22. Try a touch of sophistication.

“This bouquet takes a bride with style and complete sophistication. It’s designed with dramatic king protea, delicate dutch anthurium, pink Thailand vanda orchids, pink Hawaiian ginger, and touches of fern coils. The florals were truly the focal point when our beautiful bride adored them, as her dress so simple and elegant,” Collins says.

But remember, sometimes flowers are not available in certain seasons, so let your floral profesional help you with substitutions that will give you the same look and feel you want. 

23. Channel old Hollywood.

According to Collins, “Her lush abundant bouquet was created with just two varieties of flowers, hybridized Japanese white ranunculus, and delicate Dutch imported white lilac. The finishing touch on the bouquet was her grandmother's rosary.

The personal touch is exactly what this bouquet needed. This bouquet was sweet, soft and lacey. Her delicate bouquet was created utilizing lush peonies, Dutch imported lilac for texture, fragrant sweet peas, lacey double florette lisianthus, and buttery white hydrangeas.”

24. Have fun with it.

That's part of what celebrating is all about, right? So, incorporate your bridal bouquet into the rest of your look, like how this gorgeous bride worked her bouquet into her hat.

25. Play in the environment.

If possible, considering going organic. It's not just for produce. Keeping your bouquet is kinder to the enviornment, and just as beautiful.

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