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7-Year-Old 'Avengers: Endgame' Actress Lexi Rabe Asks Fans To Stop Bullying Her

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Who Is Lexi Rabe? New Details On The 7-Year-Old Avengers Endgame Actress Asking Fans To Stop Bullying Her

When people set out to go see Avengers: Endgame, the long-awaited final installment of the smash hit Marvel superhero series, they came in with incredibly high expectations. The movie met them and then heaped on even more surprises that shook some people to their very cores. One of the biggest surprises came in very small packaging.

Child actor Lexi Rabe stole every single scene she was in and the kid's first scene was opposite Robert Downey Jr.! Critics everywhere began to sing the young girl's praises, but no one knew that this sudden fame would transform one part of her life forever in a truly heartbreaking way...Who is Lexi Rabe?

1. Meet Lexi

Movie fans around the world were introduced to Lexi Rabe when she appeared as little Morgan, Robert Downey Jr.'s wee daughter in Avengers: Endgame. The role was one that was just as challenging as it was heartbreaking. Little Lexi had to convey the grief that comes after a tremendous loss, and the way she handled it didn't leave a dry eye in many theatres.

While she might be an international star now, the fact remains that she's also just a little kid. At seven-years-old it takes a special kind of person to survive much less thrive under the rigors of fame. Lexi is one of the lucky ones, but even a rockstar like this little one can have tough days and there's one thing in particular that is currently making her life a little harder than it should be.



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2. Her Bold Stance

Needless to say, being thrust into the spotlight when you haven't even reached double digits yet can be overwhelming (and then some). Luckily, Lexi has a strong support center in her family. That said, life is not all pool parties and pizza for breakfast for the tyke, either. In fact, after the movie was released Lexi started being recognized and it led to some unpleasant and unexpected encounters both online and in real life. 

It was only a week or so after the movie was released that Lexi began to experience bullying. Rather than hiding away however, the brave little lady took her to Instagram (with the help of her mother, Jessica) and recorded a video explaining how because she's just a kid, sometimes she makes mistakes, but that doesn't give fans an excuse to criticize her or to put her down. 



A post shared by Lexi Rabe (@lexi_rabe) on Jun 21, 2019 at 6:45pm PDT

3. In Her Own Words

Believe it or not, people can be just as unforgiving of child stars as they can of adult celebrities and have no compunction about stopping Lexi in public to lecture her. “Hi, I’m Lexi Rabe and I’m only seven years old,” she said in a video posted to the Instagram account her parents help her run. “And I mess up sometimes so my mom and dad give me tons of talking to’s and time outs, believe me.”

She added: “And if I go anywhere and I’m acting a little silly or messed up, I’m just seven years old. Please don’t bully my family or me.” Obviously it's horrific that a kid this age even has to say this stuff, but it's awesome that she is learning when she's young not to allow other people to treat her badly or put her down, and her mom's role in raising her is playing a huge part in that. 



A post shared by Lexi Rabe (@lexi_rabe) on Jun 21, 2019 at 3:31pm PDT

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4. Her Mom 

Lexi's mother, Jessica Rabe, has a lot of experience with the world of show business herself, and she's doing a great job making sure that Lexi feels loved and understands how to separate her professional life from her personal life. Jessica herself has worked as an actress, writer, director, and producer. According to IMDB, she's currently training under James Franco. 

Jessica is just as protective of her daughter as she should be added a caption to Lexi's video saying: "Please keep your opinions to yourself so that Lexi can grow up in the free world. Lexi is a normal human being and a child." 



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5. A Working Family 

Jessica and Lexi aren't the only members of the family who are involved in show business either. Lexi's brother and sister Logan and Elizabeth have also appeared in television shows and commericals, which only goes to show you that sometimes talent does indeed run in the family. While they haven't broken through like their sister, it obviously won't be long before these two are taking over Hollywood themselves. 

While they wait for that to happen, they can look up to their sister as she continues to get plum roles, like appearing opposite another amazing and dynamic young actor, Millie Bobbie Brown in the new movie, Godzilla: King of The Monsters



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